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Social media for business


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How to use Twitter and LinkedIn to attract new business. Presentation given at TrainE-Traide 13th September 2012

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Social media for business

  1. 1. The Power of Social Media for Business Thursday September 13th 2012@brainstormdsgn
  2. 2. Social media is…..“All forms of electronic communication (e.g. blogs, forums)through which users create online communities to shareinformation, ideas, personal messages, and other content(such as video)”“Think of social media as a telephone conversation that youcan hack into without breaking any laws”
  3. 3. How to use Twitter for Business
  4. 4. Your Twitter profile is your first opportunity to make an impression
  5. 5. Twitter gives you a number of ways to find people to follow. Make sure you follow people for the right reasons
  6. 6. By using lists, you can track the most relevant Twitter profiles
  7. 7. Twitter makes it easy for you to search relevant conversations in real time
  8. 8. Hashtags are a great way to create and track topical discussions
  9. 9. To build relationships on Twitter, you need to inform….
  10. 10. ….You need to educate…..
  11. 11. And most importantly, you need to engage…..
  12. 12. Use Twitter to let people know what you’re up to
  13. 13. Sometimes it’s ok to blow your own trumpet
  14. 14. And occasionally, it’s ok to be personal
  15. 15. How to use LinkedIn for business
  16. 16. LinkedIn is 277% more successful than Facebook or Twitter in generating new leads
  17. 17. LinkedIn profile should include a professional headshot and subheading should explain how you add value
  18. 18. Personalise your LinkedIn recommendation requests
  19. 19. LinkedIn makes it easy to add new connections
  20. 20. Avoid connecting to people you don’t know
  21. 21. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (1)
  22. 22. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (2)
  23. 23. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (3)
  24. 24. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (4)
  25. 25. Group discussions are a great way to engage with other LinkedIn users (and great for sharing blog posts!)
  26. 26. By managing your own LinkedIn group, you have another avenue to promote your business to your connections
  27. 27. Many LinkedIn groups give you an opportunity to introduce your business:
  28. 28. Use advanced searches to find the people you’d like to do business with
  29. 29. LinkedIn also enables you to search by company
  30. 30. Once you have found someone, there are a number of ways you can connect with them
  31. 31. Any questions?• Follow us on Twitter @brainstormdsgn• Join our LinkedIn group: “Social Media for Business to Business Sales”• Follow our blog