Social media for communal leaders (2)


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Are you on the lookout for talent? Would you like to get in front of donors? Or simply need to recruit more volunteers? In this session we'll be seeing how to use Twitter and LinkedIn as a networking tool: to search for, identify, and connect with the people you'd most like to meet.

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Social media for communal leaders (2)

  1. 1. Social Media for Communal Leaders (2) Tuesday December 25th 2012@brainstormdsgn
  2. 2. Key learningsHow to use social media for….• Recruiting talent• Getting in front of donors• Recruiting more volunteers• How to use Twitter and LinkedIn as a networking tool• How to search for, identify, and connect with the people youd most like to meet.
  3. 3. Recruit talent throughFacebook
  4. 4. Use apps to advertise it
  5. 5. These can easily be shared
  6. 6. Use LinkedIn advancedsearch to find people youwant to work with
  7. 7. Or you can search bycompany
  8. 8. Once you’ve foundsomeone, there are severalways to connect with them
  9. 9. The LinkedIn App replacesthe need for business cards
  10. 10. LinkedIn groups enable youto network with otherprofessionals
  11. 11. See which groups yourcolleagues are at and join them
  12. 12. You can even set up yourown LinkedIn group…
  13. 13. Group discussions helpgenerate ideas & new contacts
  14. 14. On Twitter, you can connectdirectly with anyone… thought leaders…
  15. 15. …organisations…
  16. 16. …and influencers
  17. 17. Twitter enables you tosearch profiles…
  18. 18. Lists enable you to trackdiscussions by topic
  19. 19. Use Twitter’s search engineto track relevant conversations
  20. 20. Twitter is a great place toannounce you’re hiring
  21. 21. The more influential yourfollowers, the more helpfulthey’ll be
  22. 22. …or use LinkedIn’ssearch engine
  23. 23. In summary….• Facebook - Use apps to advertise for talent• Twitter - Great for tracking relevant profiles and conversations• LinkedIn - Networking for professionals. Use advanced search and LinkedIn groups to find talent
  24. 24. Want to find out more?• Next Course: Social Media for Independent Schools• Takes place, Wednesday 30th Janaury 2013, central London• Any questions? - - - Tweet me at @brainstormdsgn - Facebook me at “BrainstormDigital” - Connect with me on LinkedIn