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Social media communal leaders (1)


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Are you a communal or lay leader? Are you raising funds for charity? Would you like to promote a cause? Or maybe worried about your organisation's reputation? In this session, I will be going through the various ways you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to raise your profile, grow your audience and ultimately promote your cause.

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Social media communal leaders (1)

  1. 1. Social Media for Communal Leaders (1) Tuesday December 25th 2012@brainstormdsgn
  2. 2. Key Learnings• Understanding the role of social media• Understanding which platforms are relevant to you - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Youtube• How to successfully interact with your audience
  3. 3. Today’s key message:Don’t wait until it’s too late!
  4. 4. Social media is…• “All forms of electronic communication (e.g. blogs, forums) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as video)” Merriam Webster• “Think of social media as a telephone conversation that you can hack into without breaking any laws” Danny Bermant
  5. 5. Are you using the rightplatform for your organisation?
  6. 6. Facebook• Over 950 million users• Mostly B2C oriented• Popular for posting rich media: photo albums, videos etc…posts featuring images generate 53% more likes• Enables you to add “apps” which link to other sub-pages within your Facebook page e.g. photos, videos, competitions etc…• Facebook pages can attract “fans” but you can’t connect with individual Facebook users• 2012 saw introduction of promoted posts - if you have over 400 fans can pay extra to see your updates at the top of a news feed• You can set up pay-per-click ads to attract your target market. Target geo-specific areas, age groups or specific interests
  7. 7. Your Facebook landingpage
  8. 8. Use milestones to promoteyour organisation’s heritage
  9. 9. Visual posts will alwayshave a higher response
  10. 10. Use Facebook tocommunicate your values
  11. 11. Inform…
  12. 12. …educate…
  13. 13. …and engage
  14. 14. Social media is all aboutother people promoting you
  15. 15. Use Facebook apps topromote your cause
  16. 16. Use Facebook events topush offline activity
  17. 17. Don’t be obsessed withlikes. Engagement andvirality far more important
  18. 18. Twitter• Over 500 million users• Strong for both B2C and B2B• Over 340 million updates posted per day. Tweets have a short shelf life• Profiles can be both branded and personal• You can follow and communicate with anyone (provided they don’t have a protected profile)• 2012 saw introduction of promoted tweets - you can pay extra to see your updates at the top of a news feed• Tweets and profiles can be easily searched. The more niche your area, the easier it is to be discovered by your target market
  19. 19. You can have anorganisation and personal profile
  20. 20. Twitter enables to haveconversations with almost anyone!
  21. 21. …but focus on engagingwith influencers
  22. 22. Like Facebook, it’s all aboutinforming….
  23. 23. …educating…
  24. 24. …and engaging
  25. 25. LinkedIn• Over 175 million users• Often described as “Facebook for professionals”• Used mainly for B2B marketing but even B2C companies use it for sourcing staff and finding other businesses to collaborate with• Contains both personal and company profiles• Has groups where you can network with like-minded professionals• Has a high conversion rate. 2.74% of visits convert to leads
  26. 26. Ensure your profileadequately promotes you
  27. 27. Enhance your profile withadd-ons e.g. publications,videos and testimonials
  28. 28. Use groups to network withother professionals
  29. 29. Connect with those you’dlike to work with
  30. 30. Make it easy for supportersto share your message
  31. 31. In summary….• Facebook - public• Twitter - public / professionals• LinkedIn - professionals• Youtube - public / professionals
  32. 32. 5 golden rules1. Target the right audience and the right platform2. Set objectives and make those clear to your audience3. Don’t talk about yourself! Instead educate, inform and engage4. Don’t be narcissist. Social media isn’t a popularity contest. It’s all about engagement5. Social media requires a commitment. If you dabble in it, don’t expect results
  33. 33. Want to find out more?• Next Course: Social Media for Independent Schools• Takes place, Wednesday 30th Janaury 2013, central London• Any questions? - - - Tweet me at @brainstormdsgn - Facebook me at “BrainstormDigital” - Connect with me on LinkedIn