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SXSW Trend Deck Preview: Brands, Tech Startups, Tacos, and More

Here is a draft deck to be used for a South by Southwest recap report once the Austin, TX conference wraps. It is especially designed for marketers who want to know what's going on with brands, startups, speakers, and other activity. It covers info for marketers and brands, hot technology startups (mainly Meerkat), and some stuff about tacos, drones, and whatever else is happening.

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SXSW Trend Deck Preview: Brands, Tech Startups, Tacos, and More

  1. 1. SXSW Interactive 2015 Recap draft Needs catchy name – maybe some kind of Austin/TX pun? - Keep Austin Virtual - Too Many Brands, Missed all the Bands - The Year of the Taco Drone - Meerkats in Boots - I was promised Salt Lick and Franklin’s, I got McNuggets out of a food truck
  2. 2. Insert outline here • Overview • Brands • Tech • Whatever
  3. 3. Overview
  4. 4. Some kind of inspirational quote (tech) • Ideally someone good, like Elon Musk or whoever they could get Settle for Nick Bilton if they couldn’t get Musk
  5. 5. Some kind of political quote (Rand Paul) Probably something on net neutrality, like how the government just killed the internet, or whatever other funny things he has to say. Note: Google the quote to see if it’s some Atlas Shrugged reference
  6. 6. Stats on top things people talked about • Meaning trends at SXSW, not just people bitching about lack of hotels, terrible weather, never having fully charged batteries, etc
  7. 7. Some kind of meme stuff • Look for left shark somewhere – people still remember that one, right? • Is Tay Zonday still a thing? See if there have been any other memes since then
  8. 8. A few high-minded quotes from other sessions • Get at least one quote from a coworker • Plug your own panel • Reference a few others and make it look like you went to them, even when you got all the quotes from TechCrunch
  9. 9. Gratuitous selfies with celebrities • Try to get someone A-list • If not, just look for MC Hammer or Ashton Kutcher or whoever’s investing in a ton of stuff right now
  10. 10. GIF of someone using a selfie stick on a mechanical bull • Maybe make the image the cover?
  11. 11. Brands
  12. 12. Something about McDonald’s here Use some kind of pun: • McDonald’s Hamburgles SXSW’ • ‘Where transmedia meets trans fat’ • ‘McSelloutization of SXSW Complete!’ • ‘4 McNuggets of Info about what brands should learn from McD’s’
  13. 13. Something about the Simpsons squishie truck • Careful with Indian puns – maybe something like ‘SXSW: Where Techies Meet Tikka” • Put in selfie of drinking squishie (not worth waiting in line for more than an hour for that shot)
  14. 14. Show images of brands doing startup competitions • Because that’s what brands do at SXSW these days
  15. 15. Compilation of images of brands doing something with Oculus • Virtual reality whatever • Any food trucks putting their menus in Oculus headsets?
  16. 16. And the best brand of SXSW is… • Mention a client here
  17. 17. Another great SXSW branded execution is… • Mention another client here
  18. 18. And really, the other great branded play… • Mention a client of a sister agency
  19. 19. 3 brands that screwed the pooch at SXSW • Use clients from top competitors
  20. 20. Tech
  21. 21. Something about meerkat • Pretend it’s some SXSW breakthrough even though it has nothing to do with SXSW
  22. 22. Best tech launches at SXSW • Skip if there aren’t any
  23. 23. A few other cool apps • Just list a few things run by people you happened to run into at SXSW, pretend like that was everything that mattered at the show
  24. 24. Something about messaging apps + virtual reality as a trend • Virtual messaging? • Messaging reality?
  25. 25. Hottest apps everyone’s using • Might just have to reference meerkat again
  26. 26. Something about “Glide is the new GroupMe” • Not sure if it’s the case at all – but when my friend Chaim pitches me this video messaging app, how can I not give him some quotes? Some others he can use on Glide’s Wikipedia page: – “Glide is the new Meerkat.” – David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY – “Glide is the new Snapchat.” – David Berkowitz, philanthropist to the stars – “Glide is the new Tinder.” – David Berkowitz, innovator of the century – “Glide is the new ICQ.” – David Berkowitz, a guy older than 30 who can actually get that reference
  27. 27. Something about smartwatches • See if people are really wearing them or just waiting for Apple Watch to come out
  28. 28. Wearables are probably a thing • So, um, wear them, or something • Note on how battery life is so precious at SXSW that a lot of people aren’t bothering with them
  29. 29. Cool drone image • No reason, just seems fun
  30. 30. Wrapping up
  31. 31. Contact • @dberkowitz / @MRY • • Add some other GIF or something • If nothing else, just mention meerkat again