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Introduction to behaviorism


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Introduction to behaviorism

  1. 1. Introduction to Behaviorism By Derek Antoniazzi
  2. 2. Menu Options What is Behaviorism? Who are key figures in Behaviorism? How it’s used in a classroom? How it’s used in my classroom?
  3. 3. What is Behaviorism? Behavior is caused by…  Physical Stimuli  Responses  Learning Histories  And Behavioral Reinforcements
  4. 4. What is Behaviorism? (cont.)  Behaviorist is not concerned with…  How…or why?  Just concerned with whether answer’s correct  Behavior can be reinforced using  Positive…  …or Negative feedback
  5. 5. Key Figures in Behaviorism  B. F. Skinner  Pleasant experiences for positive reinforcement  Continuous reinforcement increases rate of learning  Intermittent reinforcement contributes to longer retention
  6. 6. Key Figures in Behaviorism (cont.)  Edward Thorndike  Studied learning in animals  Would put cat in a box  A prize of a fish was at the end  Cat needed to pull lever  And would repeat the test leading to faster trials
  7. 7. How it’s used in Classroom  How do teachers use it?  Break down the skills into smaller units  Check students work and provide feedback  Focus is directly on content to be taught  Teacher centered instruction
  8. 8. How it’s used in Classroom (cont.)  What would the students do?  Increase the likelihood of a positive behavior  Decrease the frequency of a particular response
  9. 9. How Theory would apply tomy classroom Could give positive reinforcement  Applaud students after a performance  Commend students for their work  Reinforce their abilities to perform  Informing students’ parents’ of their talents
  10. 10. How Theory would apply tomy classroom Could give negative reinforcement  Attending a school production replacing lowest homework grade  Performing a Monologue or scene replacing an eight page final exam