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Wedderburn College Newsletter 28th March 2012


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Wedderburn College Newsletter 28th March 2012

Published in: Education
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Wedderburn College Newsletter 28th March 2012

  1. 1. FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK PO Box 20, 15-29 Hospital Street Wedderburn Victoria 3518 Phone (03) 5494 3011 Fax (03) 5494 3516 Email: Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Members of the Website: Wedderburn Community Volume 12 Issue 08 28th March 2012 Parent Teacher Student Interviews As you are aware Parent Teacher Student Interviews are taking place in Wedderburn on Thursday March 29th The Newsletter is designed to offer an information service to the parents of Wedderburn College students and local people interested in from 1.00pm until 7.30pm at the College and in Education. Staff, parents, students and school groups are invited and will Inglewood today, Wednesday March 28th from 4.30pm be asked to contribute to this information service. to 6.00pm. Every student is expected to attend their interviews with their parent/s. Please note to allow forDATELINE students to participate fully in their learning interviewsMar normal classes will not operate on Thursday March 29th.29th Thurs Student Parent Teacher Interview In the past week students across the College have been Wedderburn 1:00pm-7:30pm involved in a wide range of activities which support their SSV Swimming-Melbourne learning. It was wonderful to have some parents help with30th Fri Casual Day – Gold Coin Donation the kite making and with all the wind that was around the SRC Meeting Yrs 4-12 (1:00-1:30pm) children certainly had the kites flying high. Term 1 ends 2:30pm dismissalApr Friday was a very colourful day with the Grade 6 children16th Mon Term 2 starts dressed as heroes or villains and the decorated bikes for National Ride2 School Day. We were honoured by the Parents Association Meeting, 7:30 PM presence of MP Peter Walsh who presented the College16th-18th M-W Billabong Ranch Camp Yr 6 with an award from the National Ride 2 School20th Fri Year 10 Mock Interview organisation which will allow the College to train two27th Fri Studio Art Yr 11/12 Excursion-NGV teachers in Bike Education. Mr Walsh also presented the SRC students and Sports Captains with their badges. Canteen Duty Roster 29th March-20th April 2012 The term is rapidly coming to an end. Finishing of theDay Date Parent term we have another busy week with the Fairy TalesThurs 29th Pupil Free Day Dress Up Day yesterday and a Casual Day on FridayFri 30th Leanne Holt which will raise funds to continue supporting our WorldMon 16th April Jodie LockTues 17th Lynn Duffield Vision sponsored child, Fedele Fedeya, as well as ourWed 18th Sally Jackson interviews to discuss student learning.Thurs 19th Lillian ChalmersFri 20th Leanne Holt Looking back over the last eight weeks and one day it is hard to believe we have fitted so much into such a shortParent helpers are expected to be at the Canteen from space of time. I hope the two weeks break gives everyone11:30am until 1:30pm. Please make your own swap if you a chance to recharge and relax and return to school readycannot make it on the day you are rostered and let the school to learn for the second term.know. Thank you.Rosie Last, Canteen Manager College Working Bees At our College Council meeting held last Monday the Council made the decision to conduct Working Bees near College Uniform Supplier the start of each term. The purpose of the Working Bees Bendigo Fashion Plus will be to do a general tidy up of buildings and grounds and will assist our cleaner and maintenance worker to 56 Williamson Street, Bendigo, 3550 keep our College looking clean and tidy throughout the Tel No. 5443 0517 / 5441 8094, year. Families will be placed on a roster to assist at these Email: Working Bees and to ensure that all families are able to Proprietors: Cherylynn & Wayne contribute equally they will be placed on the roster according to the alphabetical order of the family name. HedrickNO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 1
  2. 2. Look out for further information in the first week of term2. Ride to School Day last Friday This Tuesday was our P-4 Fairytale Dress up Day. There were certainly some creative outfits getting around! Students paraded around the Library Quadrangle in the morning, followed by participating in some fun fairytale activities. A fairytale movie was then enjoyed by all P-4 students in the afternoon. Another BIG thank you to all the parents who came to help out on the day, along with Miss Martin, Mrs Prevos, Mrs Polkinghorne and Mrs McKenzie for organising the day. It was fantastic to see so many students get into the spirit of dressing up in fairytale costumes on Tuesday! Well done to parents who put in a great effort to come and see our parade and dress up your children in very creative outfits.There could only be a couple of winners for each Emily Van De Wetering and Tahlia Hargreaves after presenting their SRC report to School Council last week with Principal, Mrs Wright and School grade on the day and it was very hard to make a decision Council President, Mr. Alan Holt. but the following students came away with the awards: Finbar CareyMargaret-Anne Wright, Principal Shelley Creely-Connor Mack Matthews Ella Day Jake Murphy P-6 SUB SCHOOL NEWS Daytona Baker Finn Turnbull Annie DuffieldWhat a fun-filled last week of term we have had so far! Chris Giorlando Lindy StephensFirstly, a BIG thank you to all parents and helpers whoassisted the teachers and students on "Harmony Day" lastWednesday. The kites looked fantastic and we certainlyhad a good windy day to fly them!Well done to Rowan Webb and Elliot Reeves who wereawarded the Whole School Award (Rowan) and P-6 StarStudent Award (Elliot). Rowan has been fully dedicatedto improving himself across all aspects of his schooling.Elliot received his award for being an outstanding citizenof the Wedderburn College community.The Ride to School Day last Friday was a success withmany students coming to school with their bikes, scootersand skateboards all decorated. Thank you to MrsMcKenzie for organising this.NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 2
  3. 3. Mrs Polkinghorne’s group decorating gingerbread men The Fairy Godmother flying through the parade Grade 6 Heroes and Villains Day last Friday The winners of the P-4 Fairytale Dress Up DayRebecca and Daytona Baker with their handmade Ariel costume.NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 3
  4. 4. budding artists we have! Thank you to Miss Martin for her great idea, along with all teachers who helped their students. Im sure many of the portraits will go "straight to the pool room". Just a reminder to all parents that there is no school this Thursday. We will have Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews at the College, starting at 1pm-7:30pm. Your child is expected to attend the interview with you. Please contact your childs teacher if you need more information about interview times. This Friday is our last day of term. Students may bring a gold coin donation to school if they wish to dress in casual clothes, with proceeds going to support the schools World Vision child, Fedeyeya. Students we will have an early dismissal at 2:30pm.This Wednesday we celebrated "World Teachers Day"at Wedderburn College. Students have been busy creatingtheir own portraits of teachers. These are on display in thecorridor at school if you wish to have a look at the LIBRARY NEWS A Scholastic book order has been submitted for $22 Busy Bee Wash Your Face In Orange Juice $12 Add Your Bears $10 Please contact Jude in the Library if this belongs to you.NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 4
  5. 5. Gr 4/5/6 students will also be embarking to Hard Hill this Friday for their excursion (which was cancelled previously due to bad weather). Im sure they will have a fantastic time and enjoy the activities that are planned for them. Thank you to Mrs Brett, Ms Tanya and Robyn Vella for helping to organise the day. The Grade 5 and Grade 6 students also venture off to Echuca for their Billabong Ranch Camp at the start of next term (Monday 16th April). It is the first day back, so please be sure to mark it on your calender or on the fridge so you dont forget. I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 5
  6. 6.  Matt  Brandon SPORTING HEROES:  Ella  Taylor  Carly School work revolved around Heroes and Villains for the day! Billabong Ranch Camp notes went home yesterday in the Yr 6 room. Extra information to this letter is that ALL students attending camp must wear their school uniform to camp and home from camp. Students are allowed to take up to $5.00 spending money to spend on the last day at the canteen but it is not compulsory to take any money at all. 7-9 SUB SCHOOL NEWS Homework Year 9 English Text in Action Homework due onMs Rebecca McLean, P-6 Level Coordinator Tuesdays Year 8 English Text in Action Homework due on Wednesdays. Heroes And Villains Day Year 7 English Text in Action Homework due onLast Friday, 23rd March the Wedderburn College Year Thursdays.6‟s had a „Heroes and Villains Dress Up Day‟. Therewere Villains lurking around the school as well as Heroes Richard Dougall, 7-9 Year Level Coordinatorprepared to save the day!It was an amazing day! There were Villains such asCaptain Hook and Cat Woman. There were also Heroessuch as Zorro and Little Red Riding Hood. GENERAL NEWSThat morning there was a P-6 Assembly where the Year6‟s paraded around. Colourful dressups everywhere!There were a variety of Heroes: Who Were: SPORTS NEWS Zorro Dates for the coming months: Little Red Riding Hood SSV Swimming Thursday 29th March Dr. Victor Chang House Cross Country Week of 7th -11th May, exact Mother Mary McKillop day TBC C.E.R.T Member NCD Cross Country Thursday 24th May Batman Super Woman Marcus Smalley, Sports Coordinator Sir Donald Bradman Indiana Jones Sugar Plum Fairy Great Achievements by Jordan andA Variety Of Villains Who were: Nathan First Mate (Pirate) Jordan Hargreaves has been selected in the final squad Catwoman of 45 players for the Bendigo Pioneers Under 18 Team. Captain Hook That team plays in the TAC competition which starts in April.EVERYDAY HEROES: Nat Nath Holt has been appointed Captain of the final squad Charlotte of 25 players for the Bendigo Pioneers Under 16 Team.NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 6
  7. 7. That team plays in a carnival on 13-15 April in Bendigo. bean seeds left from anotherA Victorian Country Team will be selected from players class, so I thought it wouldat the carnival. be fun for the students to plant their own "special"Players in the teams are selected from the North West beans as well. They waitedRegion leagues which include Central Murray, Mallee, patiently in line for beansGolden Rivers, Echuca, North Central, Bendigo, and and name tags to be givenSunraysia. out. It was lovely to see!Robyn Vella On Friday, Mrs McKenzies Grade 3/4 visited for a short time.Garden The students helped by watering garden beds,Gnome collecting eggs, weeding and raking up those leavesGossip and bark that are always appearing. Thanks Grade 3/4 for all your efforts to help make the garden look neat!This week in the garden there were a lot of helpers. On Monday Mrs Polkinghornes Grade P/1 planted their On Thursday very own flower pots. All students chose aplant which afternoon Mrs had their favourite colour flower to put into the "Fairy Chalmers Garden" which has real Fairies and Dragons. Grade 4/5 students were Students had a great time creating a colourful area in the the first to garden and did a terrific job of digging and planting. Each come and help. plant has a tag with the students name on it so the Students had children can keep track of how their plant is going. finished Thats all for this week. shovelling dirt onto the One more thing, would there be anyone willing to bring rockery area manure of any kind to the garden so the garden can get a and so the next bit of a boost. Let me know. I would be very grateful. step was to plant lots of Thanks to everyone for their efforts in keeping the gardennatives. Students were very enthusiastic. All plants have looking neat and tidy, that includes putting rubbish in thenow been put in and looking terrific. bin.There was still a bit of painting to be done, so Cheyenne Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Easter.Reid and Genevieve Tonkin got frocked up ready to Cheerio from Trina Garden the class with some colourful pictures. Well donegirls!Thanks to the group of girls who cleaned out straw from the chook house floor and their nests. You did a fantastic job! Next class to find their way up to the garden was Mrs Prevos Grade 1/2 students. There were still quite a lot ofNO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 7
  8. 8. BASKETBALL REPORTHi everyone,This is another reminder that the finals night for Intermediates will be held on the last day of term – THIS FRIDAY.Please note the change to times of games due to school finishing at 2.30pm: Duty Parent /Time Team 1 Team 2 Umpire 1 Umpire 2 First Aid2:40pm Red Black Jarvis Holt Brad Holt Alex Holt3.15pm Green Yellow Sharyn Lockhart Meg Lockhart Alex Holt3.50pm Winner Winner Jude Holt Susie Lockhart Alex Holt4.40pm PRESENTATIONSPresentations will be held immediately after the grandfinal.Thank You, Thank You, Thank YouAs this is the last newsletter for the term, we need to pass on our thanks to a few people.At the start of the season, we said that for basketball to continue it would need to be a team effort off and on the court,and in the usual can-do Wedderburn style, everyone who was asked to help out did so!So a big thank you to: The Duty Parents – Our biggest challenge was ensuring that we had a first aid trained parent on hand for every game, and we achieved this. Thankfully, we only had a few minor scratches to deal with. The Coaches – Sometimes you had too many players and other times not enough, but your help with subs and keeping everyone on track was very much appreciated. The Scorers - This is an important job, particularly when the games are close, so it‟s good to know that the players can rely on the scorers getting the information onto the score sheet accurately. The Umpires - This can sometimes be a thankless job, but without umpires we have no games. So to the parents and players (most of who had never umpired before) – Well done!!! Next term we will try and increase the number of umpires to reduce the workload of everyone. The Supporters – It means a lot to the players to have parents, grandparents, and friends come and watch, and this creates a great atmosphere during the games. Thank you for taking time out to watch the games.Now to a couple of special mentions: Mrs Wright and the School Council– Without the continued support of Mrs Wright and the School Council, the competition would not continue, and students wouldn‟t have the opportunity to play at the tournaments that the school supports. Mr Fowles – Mr Fowles is the only non-parent adult helper. He supports by coaching and umpiring, and has done this for a number of years. Alex Holt – Although Alex “retired” this year, she was still at the stadium weekly helping with the Intermediates as Duty Parent, and scoring for other games when we were short.Everyone involved should be very proud of what has been achieved. Basketball is a great game, and it‟s fantastic thatour students have the opportunity to play locally.See you all again this Friday, and in Term 4.Susie & JudeNO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 8
  9. 9. be providing an incentive to players and members who make a commitment to umpire. More information soon. COMMUNITY NEWS With thanks, Carlie Turnbull ZUMBA KLC Wedderburn College EXCITING TIMES FOR HOCKEY Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm LOVERS! $8 adults $5 students Jenni Williams, Zumba Instructor -X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X- After school club After school club for this term. When: Every Wednesday Where: Church of Christ Hall Reef Street Wedderburn Time: After school till 5:00pm. The bus is available opposite school in hospital street to take the children to Church of Christ. -X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X- AUSKICK PROGRAM COMMENCES Auskick is starting again in Wedderburn on Thursday April 19th for boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years. All NAB AFL Auskick participants in Victoria thatregister online and pay online before 30th March 2012will be eligible for the NAB AFL Auskick Club Connect program which includes 2 children and 2 adult tickets to an AFL match to see your favourite teams game absolutely free. Please contact Cam Turnbull on 0428 943 418 or Ashley Isaac on 0428 743 844 for any further information. -X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-WEDDERBURN HOCKEY CLUBTraining NightsJunior A and Underage players will have training onWednesday night between 3:30 and 5pm. Rememberyou need to have all you gear on including shin padsand mouth guard. On Wednesday the 21st of March the WedderburnJunior A and Underage will not be training over the College and Hockey Club were fortunate enough to host aholidays so we will need to pick a team for Saturday the Victorian State Hockey Coach because of the ongoing14th of April ( weekend before school starts back) as well support of our local Wedderburn Community House. Theas captains. During the holidays players are more than Wedderburn Community House continues to support andwelcome to train with the Men and Women on Thursday foster the development and love of sport in ournight. community from junior to senior players. We are extremely grateful for their financial support.If you are keen to be a team manger and havent let meknow please do so asap. On Wednesday night Ill handout Marten de Man is a highly credentialed Under 15 and 17a flyer about umpiring. The club is getting Abbie-Lee boys State Coach with Hockey Victoria. As junior playerFerguson up to run an umpiring session. She is excellent Marten was a member of several state representativeat putting the theory and practical together. The club will teams and currently plays for Greensborough HockeyNO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 9
  10. 10. Club. L2P Program Revs Up! In the past 6 months the Buloke and Loddon Shires haveThe day started with an informal chat about game been working together to launch a dynamic programstructures and how we can develop all players and our assisting learner drivers under 21 years of age, who doclub to be competitive through team participation, not have access to a supervising driver or vehicle, to gainenjoyment individual growth and achievement. the driving experience required to apply for a probationary license.Wedderburn College students participated in an This is achieved by matching young people with fullyinformation and skill session that emphasized the licensed volunteer mentors, who meet regularly to use aimportance of ball movement and skill acquisition. sponsored vehicle to gain supervised driving experience.Marten was able to breakdown the skills needed for The Buloke Loddon Program now has 3 young learnerflicks, aerials and tomahawks. All of the students were drivers have commenced driving sessions with theiramazed in his ability to execute such skills so easily. mentors in the L2P Car, which has been generously donated by CVGT; with another 10 learner driversIn the afternoon Wedderburn Hockey Club players had waiting for mentors in their location.two training sessions with Marten. These two sessionsemphasized the importance of teamwork, enjoyment and Over two Sundays, the 29th of April and 6th of May, thepractice! All players thoroughly enjoyed their training program will be running a supervisor driver trainingsession and developed their expertise at hitting, trapping, course for individuals who hope to become mentors.moving the ball forwards and backwards and most If you are a fully licensed driver, who feels they have theimportantly thinking and teamwork. time and driving experience to share with a learner driver, we would love to hear from you.The Wedderburn Hockey Club are planning on getting We also still have a few places available for learnerMarten back to the club shortly so we can continue to drivers who are finding it difficult to log the 120 learnerdevelop and strengthen the skill set of our players and driver practice hours.members. Once again we thank the Wedderburn For more information or to volunteer for either of theseCommunity House for making this day possible and look opportunities, please contact Amanda Parker, on,forward to their support in the future. or 0467 787 328NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 10
  13. 13. Hi everyone,I have decided to write about electroniccigarettes. On 1 January 2009, legislative changes came in to effect to prohibit electronic cigarettes and their cartridgescontaining nicotine in Victoria. The decision was made on the basis that nicotine for human use is a dangerous poisonand electronic cigarettes have not been assessed for safety, quality or efficacy. In Victoria it is illegal to manufacture, sell,supply, purchase or otherwise obtain, possess or use an electronic cigarette or cartridge containing nicotine. Theprohibition applies to electronic cigarettes obtained from anywhere within Australia as well as overseas, whether over theinternet or by other means.The Australian medicines regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration does not support the use of electroniccigarettes: and has not assessed any of these products as therapeuticgoods.There are advocates within the media who suggest that electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are therapeutic goodswhen used as an aid in withdrawal from smoking and can therefore be legally imported for personal use. Thesesuggestions are incorrect and misleading.Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are not regulated as therapeutic goods in Australia and cannot be legallyimported for personal use.Some electronic cigarettes and cartridges may be advertised as “nicotine-free”. Unless such products are tested and foundto be nicotine-free by accredited laboratories, suppliers and potential consumers cannot rely on such marketing claims.Certain smoking cessation aids containing nicotine have been assessed as medicines for therapeutic use by theTherapeutic Goods Administration and can be legally supplied and used in Australia. Products are available fromsupermarkets and pharmacies and include lozenges, gums, transdermal patches, inhalers and tablets. The labels willinclude the AUST R number indicating that the products are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.Smokers wishing to give up smoking are encouraged to seek the support of Quit Victoria by calling the Quitline on 137848 (13 QUIT) or checking the website on Police is responsible for investigating supplies of electronic cigarettes to the public. The local police stationshould be contacted if electronic cigarettes are being offered for sale from retail outlets, irrespective of whether or not thesales are being promoted as “nicotine-free”.If further information on the regulation of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine in Victoria is needed, please contactDrugs and Poisons Regulation phone 1300 364 545. Other recent controls on drugs and drug paraphernalia:Synthetic cannabinoids and their derivates were prohibited in Victoria on 8 July 2011 sale, display and supply of bongs, bong kits and bong components will be banned in Victoria from 1 January 2012 display (for sale) of ornamental water pipes used for smoking tobacco products will be restricted to no more thanthree within a retail outlet from 1 January 2012. For more information go to!Patrice Rickard, School Nurse Have a good and safe school break Everyone! Happy Easter!NO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 13
  14. 14. Wedderburn Kindergarten is collecting Pauls Collect A Cap. Every cap is worth 10c so please keep as many as you can for us. Thanks, Kylie CunninghamNO REWARD WITHOUT EFFORT Page 14