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Newsletter 3rd December 2012

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03 december 2012

  1. 1. 3rd December 2012 TERM 4: Weeks 8The Forest Tide FROM THE PRINCIPAL Looking—both backward and forward! This will be the tone shared with our College community at the upcoming Primary and Secondary End of Year Celebration Service and Presentation sessions. Both occasions on Tuesday 4th December at the Italian Club in Bunbury give promise of being a wonderful showcase of student successes and achievements – our looking backward – and of an indication given towards some of the many new and exciting developments being put in place on campus for next year – our looking forward. But however we look at it, all of the positive outcomes the Ocean Forest Lutheran College community achieves is made possible by our successful OFLC formula of student effort, staff input and parents in partnership. So can I also take this opportunity to thank everyone for a tremendously worthwhile participation towards Ocean Forest Lutheran College during 2012. As our focus shifts towards 2013, please be aware of some of the commencing details for next year. In January 2013 OFLC teaching staff will return to campus in the week prior to students returning to undertake a series of professional development workshops and faculty meetings. *** Continued on page 2 *** 133 Norton Promenade Postal Address: Phone: 9795 2700 DALYELLUP Box 188 Email: office@oceanforest.wa.edu.au WA 6230 GELORUP WA 6230 Fax: 9795 9730 Website: www.oceanforest.wa.edu.au - Page 1-
  2. 2. FROM THE PRINCIPAL (Continued)Also, during January 2013 there will be a mail-out of important information to parents that willfacilitate a smooth start to the 2013 College academic year. Please watch out for this before thefirst student day on Monday 4th February next year. Until then – may you have a blessed festiveseason filled with family, friends and the presence of God’s love and protection.In closing this last newsletter message of 2012 for you, as always and finally, I pray that you staysafe and take care meanwhile.In His ServiceJohn Mason TERM DATES FOR 2012/2013 Term 4 –2012 Term 1—2013 Term 2—2013 Term 3 –2013 Term 4—2013 Tuesday 16 October Monday 4 February Tuesday 7 May Tuesday 23 July Tuesday 15 October to To To To ToThursday 6 December Friday 19 April Friday 5 July Friday 27 September Thursday 5 December CALENDAR OF EVENTS TERM 4: 16th October—6th December 2012DECEMBER 04 • Primary School (1/2 Day) • End of Year Service: Primary School (4.00-6.00pm) Secondary School (7.00-9.00pm) 05 • Carols in the Park 06 • Activity Day (Years 7-9) / END OF TERM 4 CONNECTING PEOPLE WITH JESUS - Page 2-
  3. 3. COLLEGE OPENING HOURS OFFICE HOURS: 8:00am to 4:00pm 9795 2700 STUDENT SERVICES If your child is absent please call or email STUDENT SERVICES on: 9795 2760 after 8.15am OR Email: absence@oceanforest.wa.edu.au OPENING HOURS FOR STUDENT SERVICES: 8-15am to 3.20pm Leanne Fletcher STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER UNIFORM SHOP Opening hours for existing families: Belinda Perkins Wednesday 9th January 12pm - 2pm Uniform Coordinator Friday 25th January 8am - 1pm (perkinsb@oceanforest.wa.edu.au) Thursday 31st January 8am - 1pm Friday 1st February 7am - 12pm 9795 2712 New familiesIf you would like a booking for a uniform fitting for a new student,please contact me on email pkitten5@bigpond.net.au or phone97258688Belinda PerkinsUniform Coordinator OFLC COLLEGE - SCHOOL DAY HOURS MORNING RECESS 10.40am LUNCH 12.45pm Care Group 8.40am Lesson 3 11.05am Lesson 5 1.25pm Lesson 1 9.00am Lesson 4 11.55am Lesson 6 2.15pm Lesson 2 9.50am END OF DAY 3.05pmThursday has Chapel after Care Group - lesson times may vary by 10 minutes - Page 3-
  4. 4. PRIMARY NEWSOne week of our 2012 school year remains! The year has flown by, yet when reflecting on theyear, much has happened; there is so much to celebrate… a highly successful and enjoyableGrandparents and Special Friends Day, Indigenous studies and focus days, Book WeekDress-up Day, Cultural Day, Learning Journey afternoon, the Fun Run, South West SuperScience Spectacular, and stimulating yet learning-focussed camps and excursions, to name justa few. Our NAPLAN results were once again pleasing. Our Year 3’s for example, were above theNational average in all areas, coming well above average in Writing, Grammar and Punctuation,and Reading! We introduced the use of Bug Club; a reading program available on-line; thestudents have loved this and their reading skills have advanced at a pleasing rate. Ourimplementation of the Australian Curriculum has continued in the areas of English, Maths,History and Science; teachers have been receiving ongoing professional development to assistthis, and as a Primary School we have been working towards developing policies and supportingdocuments and assessment tools. We have also introduced restorative practices as part of ourbehavioural approach to help students become confident individuals who assert themselves andcan apply positive strategies to handle conflict. The Student Voice, facilitated by Mr BarryLequaitermaine and led by Year 6’s, with representatives from Years 3-6 was also introducedthis year. Classes held meetings in which students made suggestions to help improve areaswithin our College and the Class Reps took to the Student Voice group. The ideas andsuggestions made by students have been mature and insightful. This initiative will continue togrow and develop in the coming school year.The establishment of our Play Café has been an outstanding success, applauded andappreciated by many. Thank you, Ms Annwen Oliver, for initiating and setting up this highlyvalued program. It has given many of our 2013 Kindy students a wonderful head start,introducing them to our school environment and giving them an opportunity to developfriendships; a comfortable stress-free means of easing their way into Kindy and school!Thank you, too, to Mrs Sue Kirk who volunteered her time out of her love for young children toassist with this program each week.Our Year 6 group have been outstanding and nurturing young role models for the youngerPrimary School students. The Leaders have motivated the students across the Primary School toshow pride in their College, encouraging the correct and neat wearing of uniform by introducingDeportment Badges. They also introduced Class awards to motivate students to take pride in theenvironment and keep their areas tidy. I thank this wonderful group of young people for leadingus in Assembly. Not only did they organise this every week, but they used their initiative andinsightfulness to encourage their peers to have a go too; they shared the roles not only betweenthemselves but with others, recognising it was important for their classmates to be included andto have the opportunity to ‘lead’ too.I have mixed feelings as I prepare for the close of this school year, knowing that the Year 6’s aremoving on – yes, leaving the Primary School. There is a sense of sadness; I have worked closelywith this group of young people over the last three years and shall miss them, butsimultaneously, I know I have been blessed by each of them, as have we all, and know they areready for the challenges and ventures as they enter the next stage of their learning journey –middle school. - Page 4-
  5. 5. PRIMARY NEWS (Cont’d)An exciting time lies ahead of them. These last few weeks are action-packed for them; AdventureWorld visit last week, Year 6 dinner and their concluding Presentation to the Primary School atAssembly this week, final class activities and their Transition Celebration at the End of YearService next week. It was a moving evening watching them, seeing their close friendship as anentire group and speaking with them at their Year 6 dinner. I would like to share with you thepoem Megan Read, one of our Year 6 Leaders shared with her classmates at the dinner. Thesewords have meaning for each of us:May today there be peace within youMay you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.May you not forget your talents and the opportunities you have.May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass the love that has been given to you.May you be content with yourself just the way you are.Let this knowledge settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praiseand love.On behalf of our staff, I wish you all a blessed Christmas and safe holiday period, and lookforward to catching up with you all again at the beginning of the 2013 school year. To those whoare moving, I wish you a safe journey and hope you settle in well in your new home andcommunity.Jan DalyHead of Primary Highlights of Year 6In Term 1 we had camp, my favourite activities were mountain bike riding, canoeing and thePemberton Challenge. The food was sensational. I was in group 1, the first thing we did was gocanoeing. Tanner and I went together in the canoe, at the end we capsized, it was so funny.While group 2 did the Pemberton Challenge, group 1 did mountain biking. First we practised,then we went on to the track. Tanner and I lead out in front the whole way, we had a great time.Joshua BennettIn term 3 we had a Big Breakfast, the High School invited us to join them. The Year 11 studentscooked us our breakfast, we had hash browns, sausages, toast, and tomatoes and much more.It was really good.Sidney Mc AlisterTerm 4 was the best even though we had lots of tests but still pretty awesome because we wentto Adventure World. It was so much fun going on all the rides with my friends. My favourite wasthe Rampage, it flipped upside down and backwards in mid-air so many times. I am lookingforward to going into Yr7 and learning new subjects. I can’t wait :)Paige O’Neil - Page 5-
  6. 6. PRIMARY NEWS (Cont’d) Adventure WorldOn Friday 16th November we went up to Adventure World as our Year 6 Celebration excursion.On the way there it was really long but there was lots of talking and laughter which made it loadsof fun.When we arrived at Adventure World we sat on the lawn area and had morning tea.We then split up into our groups and went off to explore. My group went on the Rampage first, itwas the best ride there. We went on the go-karts next where we saw Mr L’s group racing eachother. When it was finally our turn to race the boys decided to hang back and watch us. Susannaand Emma came first.The next thing we did was go on Bounty’s Revenge which is a big pirate ship. The whole groupgot on together and we threw our hands up in the air as the boat swung backwards and forwards.At lunchtime all the groups got together to spend time sharing their stories about what they haddone so far.After lunch we took off our dry clothes and went on all the water slides, starting with the Tunnel ofTerror which we went on in partners. You go down a waterslide that is pitch black and there areflashing arrows and you can’t see where you are going. It was scary but really, really fun.Another waterslide that was really fun was called the Super Six, it was where you are on a matand your verse 5 other people so our entire group versed each other. You go down a steep slidewhich has heaps of bumps that make a wavy motion.Overall it was an awesome day to remember that we shared with our friends.Sian Pratt - Page 6-
  7. 7. PRIMARY NEWS (Cont’d) Ocean Forest Play Café 2013 We provide a quality educational program, designed to help prepare your child for school, incorporating fine motor devel- opment, literacy and numeracy. 9.00am – 11.00am Thursday $125 for the term Parents must be in attendance Limited positions are now open for enrolment Children enrolled in Kindergarten for the following year will receive priority when booking into the program. There is a limit of 20 places END OF YEAR SERVICE & PRESENTATION EVENINGDATE: Tuesday 4th December 2012WHERE: South West Italian Club, White Street, BunburyTIME: Primary 4.00pm—6.00pm Middle/Secondary 7.00 pm—9.00pmDRESS: Years 6, 9, 12 Full Winter Uniform All other years Full Summer UniformAll uniform are to be worn with strict adherence to all aspects of the Uni-form PolicyThese events are for all student and their families.This is where the College recognises the giftedness, achievements andattitudes in a range of contexts relevant to the life at the College.Attendance by the Years 6, 9, and 12 students is compulsory. - Page 7-
  8. 8. CULTURAL INFUSION DAYOcean Forest Lutheran College imagined a day where: • The students would be immersed in a cultural experience which combined drumming, dance, cultural dress and exotic food. • All students from Years 1 to Year 11 would merge together to experience a cultural infusion. • Parents and students could enjoy sampling foods from different countries during a cultural lunch. • Students had the opportunity to experience games from different countries • Money would be raised for the Australian Lutheran World Service Gifts of Grace Program.Wednesday 21st November was OFLC’s inaugural Cultural Day. The sky was blue, the grass wasgreen and the birds definitely sang in the treetops. An extended Care Group allowed time for acultural quiz, flag making and the cooking and preparation of Care Group cultural dishes. Thenthe programs began. The students, many of them dressed in traditional costumes, rotatedthrough performances where they experienced Middle Eastern Belly dancing, traditional dancingfrom Bali, South American Capoeira dance/martial arts, African and Japanese drumming.At lunch time the tables in both the primary and secondary sectors groaned with a variety offoods from many countries of the world. The students were adventurous and sampled foods likebiltong, curries and paella. Mrs Daly’s reindeer was a huge success in the Primary School withstudents queuing up to toss rings onto its antlers.I would like to extend a big thank you to all the staff, students and parents who contributed to theday. Without you it would not have been the overwhelming success it was.Terry CookSOSE Coordinator and English Teacher LIBRARY NEWSPlease remember to return all library resources. Items not returned by 12th December 2012will be charged to the family account.Keep reading over the holidays to maintain your reading levels.Have a happy and safe Christmas holiday.M TeremoanaLibrary Officer - Page 8-
  9. 9. PHOTOSCultural Infusion Day - Page 9-
  10. 10. PHOTOSPHOTOS Year 6 Adventure World - Page 10-
  11. 11. OTHER NOTICES Book List 2013OfficeMax will be replacing Wooldridges as Ocean Forest Lutheran College’s StationerySupplier for 2013.Booklist will be made available on the College website and also via email. Hard copies will besent home with students before the end of this term. Additional hard copies will be available fromStudent Services.The majority of stationery items on the book lists are either less than or equal to those items soldby Wooldridges in 2012. All orders will be delivered to the family home free of charge.Orders must be placed on or before 11th January 2013 to ensure delivery in time for thecommencement of the 2013 School Year.Nicole JonesBusiness Manager IMMUNISATION PROGRAM School based immunisation program moved to Year 8Please note that the School –Based Immunisation Program, previously offered to Year 7students, will be delivered in Year 8 starting in 2014.In the 2013 School –Based Immunisation Program, all male students in Years 8, 9 and 10 will beoffered the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine series, Gardasil to protect them againstdeveloping a range of cancers and diseases. If your son is eligible for this vaccine, you willreceive information and a consent form via your son’s school bag in 2013.If your child is in Year 7 in 2013, they will receive their school vaccines in 2014 when they are inYear 8.Please be assured that all children will be provided an opportunity to access the school basedvaccines during the program shift.If you require any further information, please contact the Central Immunisation Clinic on9321 1312 during office hours. - Page 11-
  12. 12. OTHER NOTICES (Cont’d) A different perspectiveWhen the school first started we only had limited staff and 59 students.. The picture below is ofall of the staff and all of the students who were here for our opening. The lady with the black hairwas the Kindy teacher, the fellow to the right back is Tom (the kindy teachers husband…he wasonly with us for 6 weeks)… the fellow to the left back was Jamie… he was the sport & highschool teacher..he was here for 2 years..At the front bottom right is Julie Pastega (in orange)& her husband.If you look carefully you may be able to see Rowan Christian in here..but remember he was little!! SPORT NEWS Swimming Squad Swimming squad wind up Monday 3rd December 2012 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm at the pool. Come down to celebrate the end of the swimming year and have some fun. - Page 12-
  13. 13. OTHER NOTICES (Cont’d) OFLC P & F SECONDHAND UNIFORMSThank you to all the parents who have been supporting the secondhand uniforms by donating,purchasing and selling uniforms.Secondhand uniforms are for sale in the Uniform Shop during normal shop hours. Not alluniforms are displayed due to limited space, so if there is something you are after pleasecheck with Belinda.Please remember before purchasing you should check your item/try on to ensure that you arehappy, as some items have been modified e.g. hems cut, seams taken in, and although everycare is taken when they are graded, sometimes things can be missed.No refund is given on secondhand uniforms, so choose carefully.If you want to sell your secondhand uniforms you need to:• Wash uniforms• Complete P & F Secondhand Uniform Sale form which is available from Front Office, Student Services, Uniform Shop and soon to be available on website• Take into Uniform Shop during opening hours, uniforms must have a completed form otherwise they will not be accepted.• Uniforms are graded A (70% RRP), B (50% RRP) or C (30% RRP) with P & F commission 25% of selling price.• Payments for items sold will be made back to families at the end of each term either via school account or bank account. Please note that the P & F have been advised by the College who manage the payments, that payments to bank accounts can only be done if there is no overdue amount owing on school account.A new P & F Uniform Co-ordinator for 2013, so if you are interested in learning moreabout this role before the AGM in December, or would like to help with the second-handuniforms please call Julie Pastega 97959528. P & F - PIZZA & SUBWAY All orders for Pizza & Subway to be placed at Room T22 (next to student services) before school startsThank you to the parents that are volunteers on Tuesday Pizza day and Friday Subway day. New volunteers are welcome and much appreciated. Please contact: PIZZA: Peta Parsons (0419 956 544) Or Tania Mammone (0419 925 489) SUBWAY: Adel Roe (0439 934 723) / adelroe@bigpond.com ***We are needing more Subway volunteers - please contact Adel Roe*** - Page 13-
  14. 14. OTHER NOTICES (Cont’d) P & F COMMITTEE - 2012Chairperson : Penny StarrVice Chairperson: Nicky FultonTreasurer : Vicki GlenSecretary : Amelia HarringtonPizza Coordinator: Peta Parson Tanya MammoneSubway Coordinator: Adel Roe If you are interested in helping out in any way please contact Penny Starr on 9795 9234 / jealakptyltd@bigpond.com or speak to one of the committee members. Thank youYear 12 (2013) January School Holiday Courses at the University of Notre DameThe University of Notre Dame will be running a range of January holiday courses for Year 12students to prepare students for success in their final year, 2013. Courses include preparationfor: · Mathematics (Stage 2 C/D) · Mathematics (Stage 3 A/B) · English (Stage 2 A/B) · English (Stage 3 A/B) · English Literature (Stage 3 A/B) · Human Biology (Stage 3 A/B) · Physical Education Studies (Stage 3 A/B) · Chemistry Calculations · Grammar & Punctuation: improve your writing These are low-cost courses, with limited places. Full details and enrolment forms can be found at: www.nd.edu.au/january . - Page 14-
  15. 15. COMMUNITY NEWS - Page 15-
  16. 16. COMMUNITY NEWS SUMMER GOLF SCHOOLGuildford Grammar School invites your son or daughter to join a two day intensive Golf Programlead by International coach John Ince.Primary School Golf: 7-12 Years of age - 10.00am–1.00pmSecondary School Golf: 13-17 Years of age - 1.30pm–4.30pmDate: Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 DecemberLocation: Guildford Grammar School lower flats.Fee: $200.00All aspects of golf will be covered including; the full swing, the short game, it’s all about putting,bunker work and the rules and how to apply them! Inzone Dolphin KayakingWell it’s almost the end of 2012!! Summer holidays will soon be here!Inzone is kick-starting your holiday with one last trip for 2012!We are going Dolphin Sea Kayaking!!Thursday 20th DecemberAges 12 -17Cost $45Registration will close on 15th December.Registration day at the Dalyellup Community Centre on Sat 15th from 10am til12pm.Any questions contact Jenna Whistler , Community Development Officer, Shire ofCapel. Call 9727 0222 or jwhistler@capel.wa.gov.au - Page 16-
  17. 17. COMMUNITY NEWS (Cont’d) THE ADVENTURE IS YOURS IN VENTURER SCOUTSAre you 13-15 and looking for a do-it-yourself mix of adventure, fun, personal developmentand friendship? You may like to go on a canoe expedition, learn to scuba-dive or fly a glider;perhaps white water kayaking or mountain biking is more your style. Whatever you want todo, Venturers can make it happen.Venturers is not all about the outdoors, after all everyexpedition requires planning and preparation. You will also beinvolved in a well-designed program to develop confidence,independence and teamwork skills. The adult Leaders provideadvice and guidance but you decide what to do. Venturers areserious about having a great time and getting the most theycan out of life. You need no experience whatsoever to becomea Venturer Scout today. Call your local group now to getstarted on 0404 5955 49. There are also age appropriateactivities in Scouting for younger girls and boys from 6 toyoung men and women aged 26 years.Many thanks Viv Campbell Scout Group Leader - 0404 59 55 49 OFLC CLASSIFIEDS SAFE DRIVING SCHOOL BUNBURYCREATING SAFER DRIVERS THROUGH PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTIONAutomatic and Manual lessons with the latest vehicles.Safe Driving School Bunbury teaches a safety conscious attitude to driving.We offer a structured learning program, providing exposure to both urban and ruralexperiences.• Tuition provided for both automatic and manual licenses• Catering for all ages and experience• Upgrades from auto to manual licence• Full 1 hour lesson: $60. Lessons are available from 7:30am to 5.30pm 6 Days a week• Servicing Bunbury, Dalyellup, Capel, Australind and surrounding areas• Friendly, helpful, patient, fully insured and qualified instructor st• Working with Children card, Senior 1 Aid cert, Police Check and Driving Instructor’s Licence• Late model Hyundai i30 dual controlled cars with 5 star safety rating. Contact Jim Daly 0427 959 255 ***Mention this advertisement and receive your first lesson Free*** - Page 17-
  18. 18. OFLC CLASSIFIEDS (Cont’d) PROFESSIONAL PAINTERFully qualified, professional painter available to paint your house inside or out, no job too big or too small.Reasonable Rates - 65 Years of experience Highly recommended Contact Ken Webb: 9721 2175 0419 962 908 - Page 18-
  19. 19. OFLC CLASSIFIEDS (Cont’d) BOYS AND GIRLS BALLROOM CLASSES• Commences: Thursday 26th July• Start time: 4.30 (doors open 4.15pm)• Fees: $100 (10 week term)Due to a positive response Class times for students who have completed two medals 5-6pm Start time: / 5pm fun warm-up & practice / 5.30pm group medal class BOYS & GIRLS BALLROOM MEDAL CLASSES Join any Thursday• Start time: 4.30 (doors open 4.15pm)• Fees: $14 casual / Fees Paid $10 per class CAPEL RSL HALL CLASSES• Commences: 31st October• Start time: K/PP/Yr 1 (3:15pm) / 7yrs -15yrs old (4:00pm )• Fees: $48 (6 week term only) If you have any further questions you can call or email SUZANNE OR KIM: Email: info@bunburydancestudio.com Phone: 0438 913 791 Address: Now located, 34 Lockwood Crescent, USHER ***Bring this Newsletter for free introductory lessons *** during the month of SeptemberTo advertise your business in this Newsletter please contact the College Business Manager, NICOLE JONES - Page 19-
  20. 20. MOTTO, MISSION STATEMENT & VISION MOTTO Living in harmony through Christ “Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; Be sympathetic, love as brothers, Be compassionate and humble.” 1 PETER 3:8 MISSION STATEMENT In a caring environment we offer quality education informed by Jesus Christ, as we prepare young people for a life of service to their community in a spirit of harmony. VISION Ocean Forest Lutheran College will provide a caring Christian environment in which education is seen as a shared partnership between the College, its students and its families. The College will offer a broad range of educational experiences in well-equipped facilities so that students may pursue their own areas of academic or vocational interest to a high level of excellence. At Ocean Forest Lutheran College, people will be valued as individuals each created with unique God given gifts and talents and there will be a spirit of harmony as people work together in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect. Ocean Forest Lutheran College will prepare students to service their communities as self-directed learners, principled leaders and collaborators. - Page 20-