Early National


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NC as a part the formation of an Early Nation

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Early National

  1. 1. Early National (1789-1836) Creating a State The State of Franklin The United States in the 1790s "A capital in the wilderness" Nathaniel Macon Nathaniel Macon on democracy The Walton War An Agricultural State Thomas Jefferson on manufacturing and commerce Midwives and herbal medicine A fathers advice to his sons Eli Whitney and the cotton gin The growth of slavery in North Carolina A slave auction in Wilmington Revival The Second Great Awakening Into the wilderness: Circuit riders take religion to the people A camp meeting scene What a revival is Descriptions of a revival Rock Springs Camp Meeting Be saved from the jaws of an angry hell Preaching obedience to slaves Elizabeth, a Colored Minister of the Gospel, Born in Slavery John Chavis The development of sacred singing The Rip Van Winkle State Searching for greener pastures: Out-migration in the 1800s Migration into & out of North Carolina: Exploring census data North Carolinas leaders speak out on emigration Archibald Murphey A poor, ignorant, squalid population Archibald Murphey proposes a system of public education Archibald Murphey calls for better inland navigation Canovas statue of Washington Education A free school in Beaufort Rules for students and teachers John Chavis opens a school for white and black students Education and literacy in Edgecombe County, 1810 For What Is a Mother Responsible? The University of North Carolina opens Student life at UNC Cherokee mission schools A Bill to Prevent All Persons from Teaching Slaves to Read...(1830) Academies for boys and for girls First Year at New Garden Boarding School A timeline of North Carolina colleges (1766-1861)
  2. 2. Gold Rush The North Carolina Gold Rush The Reed Gold Mine From the North Carolina Gold-Mine Company Minting gold into coins The workings of a gold mineTraveling the State Steamboats The Dismal Swamp Canal How a canal works Elisha Mitchell and his mountain Elisha Mitchell explores the mountains The Buncombe TurnpikeState and National Politics The Stanly-Spaight Duel The Louisiana Purchase The War of 1812 Debating war with Britain: For the war Debating war with Britain: Against the war The burning of Washington Dolley Madison and the White House treasures The expansion of slavery and the Missouri CompromiseNat Turners Rebellion Nat Turners Rebellion Mapping rumors of Nat Turners Rebellion Fear of Insurrection Reporting on Nat Turner: The North Carolina Star, Sept. 1 Reporting on Nat Turner: The Raleigh Register, Sept. 1 Reporting on Nat Turner: The Raleigh Register, Sept. 15 Insurrections in North Carolina? Hysteria in Wilmington A sickening state of things Remembering Nat TurnerCherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears The Cherokee language and syllabary Andrew Jackson calls for Indian removal We have unexpectedly become civilized The Indian Removal Act of 1830 Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia, 1831 Chief John Ross protests the Treaty of New Echota A soldier recalls the Trail of Tears The legend of TsaliReform Whigs and Democrats Reform movements across the United States 1835 amendments to the North Carolina Constitution Ratifying the amendments North Carolinas first public school opens Criminal law and reform Dorothea Dix Hospital Dorothea Dix pleads for a state mental hospital The Raleigh Female Benevolent Society