Hello. My name is, Social Business Design.


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A quick introduction to the Dachis Group/Headshift Social Business Design framework, prepositioned with a historical view of organisational design and its relationship to the history of technology. And remember, its just about behaving decently. Note: These slides contain images licensed under CC license and those images are used here under the same conditions. However, other material remains (c)2010 Dachis Group/Headshift.

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Hello. My name is, Social Business Design.

  1. 1. Hello. My name is, Social Business Design.
  2. 2. “the key issue is whether or not you believe software alone is sufficient to engineer fundamental business change. In some cases, perhaps it can; but in general, simply grafting new tools and systems onto existing business culture and practices is unlikely to result in the change we are looking to achieve.” Lee Bryant October 16th, 2009
  3. 3. “We are moving from an evolved system, to an engineered system... Prior to the current era, the principle guarantor of privacy... was inconvenience.” “The inefficiency of information flow wasn't a bug, it was a feature.”
  4. 4. Rule 1: a proper division of responsibilities
  5. 5. @2010 Dachis Group. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. @2010 Dachis Group. All Rights Reserved. Connections How well are your people connected? Where are the obvious holes and blockages? How easily can they find each other to get things done? Communication How do people share signals of their activity? Do you have common formats for information sharing? Culture Is informal knowledge shared where it is needed? How are you harnessing collective wisdom? What role do customers play in your process? Content How easy is it to collaborate? What personal filters and tools do people use? How do you promote findability as well as search? How can users contribute to information management?
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  8. 8. No bunnies images were hurt in the making of this presentation • Bild Maschinenhalle Escher Wyss 1875 http://commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Bild_Maschinenhalle_Escher_Wyss_1875.jpg • IBM System 360 http://www.flickr.com/photos/cote/54408562/ • Expansion Prep http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 14008575@N00/20993484/in/pool-cube_farm • Lego people http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeshlabotnik/305410323/ • All other images ©2010 Dachis Group or Headshift