Kick Arse Collaboration Everywhere (with Confluence)


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"We all know that Confluence is a world-class enterprise wiki, right? So it may be hard to believe but for non-technical users the power of the Confluence platform isn’t always immediately obvious. This means Confluence can be wildly successful with the IT users in your organization but never reaches further than those technical folks who “just get it”. James will share tips and techniques to help create kick-ass collaboration EVERYWHERE in your organization with Confluence." Note: Creative Commons applies to individual slides as marked.

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Kick Arse Collaboration Everywhere (with Confluence)

  1. 1. Kick-Ass CollaborationEverywhereJames Dellow
  2. 2. Adoption of Confluence by business users needs adifferent approach from the ‘early adopters’ in the ITdepartment. #atlassiansummit
  3. 3. Head Heart Hand
  4. 4. 1. What is ‘Kick Ass Collaboration’?2. Understanding Users3. Rules to Collaborate By James Dellow
  5. 5. What is ʻKick AssCollaborationʼ?
  6. 6. Collaboration relies on openness andknowledge sharing but also some levelof focus and accountability on the partof the business organization. AIIM
  7. 7. The basic capabilities of tools like Flickrreverse the old order of group activity,transforming gather, then share intoshare, then gather. Clay Shirky Here Comes Everybody
  8. 8. Image Source: CC BY-NC-ND
  9. 9. Examples: Faster support Increased Productivity 30% processes More satisfied Increased Revenue 30% customers➡Reduced Costs 20% Less on travel & communications More collaboration Increased Revenue 35% between departments and teams Source: Hinchcliffe, D. & Kim, P., Social Business by Design, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 2012.
  10. 10. But what does it LOOK like? Working in Confluence Open by default➡Less time lost in email.
  11. 11. 1 Tools
  12. 12. 2 #workoutloud1 Tools
  13. 13. 3 Network2 #workoutloud1 Tools
  14. 14. 4 Integration3 Network2 #workoutloud1 Tools
  15. 15. James Dellow
  16. 16. Understanding users people
  17. 17. What are Personas?• Personas are user archetypes created to represent a user base. They are a small group of semi-fictional characters created from user research that represent the full extent and natural types of user behaviour.• Each persona has a set of ʻgoalsʼ which specify what they wish to achieve in using a system.
  18. 18. Persona Example: David • David is 31 years old. • He supervises a team of customer service agents. • His goal is to make sure service standards and KPIs are met by the whole team.
  19. 19. Persona Example: Sally • Sally is 46 years old. • She is a qualified accountant and has worked for the company for many years. • The most stressful time for Sally is the end of month reporting.
  20. 20. Persona Example: Brad • Brad is 24 years old. • Brad is a graduate engineer and is currently on rotation through different departments. • He hates using email.
  21. 21. • A user journey maps what a persona does when using a system, from beginning to end.• They give us an understanding of a userʼs needs and how they will achieve these.
  22. 22. Rules to collaborate by
  23. 23. #1 Work with the network effect
  24. 24. #2 Take a walk in their shoesImage Source: CC BY-NC-SA
  25. 25. #3 Dont give people blank workspacesImage Source: CC BY-NC-SA
  26. 26. Resources to get you started:
  27. 27. Head Heart Hand
  28. 28. Thank you!