Strategies for creating a social workplace with your intranet


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Presented at Intranets2011 on 12th May, 2011. Intranets may not be naturally social, but the people who use them and organisations where they exist certainly are. How do we go about using social solutions to strategically transform how people are able to work together and at the same time overcome the failures of traditional intranets, knowledge management tools and other information systems?
* An exploration of the key aspects of a social workplace.
* A critique of strategies: top-down versus bottom-up, pilots versus “big bang”, centralised versus decentralised.
* An introduction to the role of design thinking as part of your strategy.
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  • @matt yes, the impression I got was that people enjoyed my presentation and the activities that went with it :-) Unfortunately there isn't a recoding of this session and I don't design for my slideshare audience, but for the people who attend my presentations and workshops. However, if you are looking for a bit more information, then I suggest you start here - there are links to further reading etc. Also see
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  • Haha. The classic example of a good powerpoint deck that was almost certainly engaging, interesting and exciting when delivered... but makes no sense at all after the event!
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Strategies for creating a social workplace with your intranet

  1. 1. Strategies for creating a socialworkplace with your intranet!!James Dellow
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  18. 18. Strategic tips – Building social intranets 1.  Define your problem first, select your technology second. 2.  Understand why social software works and focus on those aspects. 3.  Effective enterprise search is still a central pillar of a successful social intranet and is the key to ROI. 4.  Invest in a robust community management capability, it’s the keystone of a social intranet. 5.  Everyone needs a little collaborative literacy, make sure they get it. 6.  Social intranets aren’t like classical enterprise software; actively encourage emergent and unintended consequences. 7.  Pick the right social platforms; social is not a single product. Also, it’s ok to get it wrong, once. 8.  Don’t make it optional. Don’t make it a second class citizen. Provide clear usage policies. 9.  “You can skip the pilot”; or “Your pilot is your rollout”. 10.  Social intranets are a platform, not an app. Leverage the platform.©2011 Headshift | Dachis Group
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