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Improving Collaboration in the Dispersed Enterprise


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MediaPlatform and Jostle on how to better engage remote employees by maintaining your culture regardless of company size, leveraging video to increase productivity, utilizing employee generated content (EGC) to uncover hidden employee expertise and preventing your employees from being lost in a sea of files.

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Improving Collaboration in the Dispersed Enterprise

  1. 1. © 2013 Jostle Corporation. Patents Pending. Improving Collaboration in the Dispersed Enterprise People Engagement® platform March 13, 2013
  2. 2. Trouble Communicating? Image credit:
  3. 3. Workplaces Have Become Noisy! Information bombardment Activity streams everywhere
  4. 4. People are busy at work.
  5. 5. Communication & Collaboration are Harder Than Ever Employees are: 1. Busy 2. Blocking noise 3. Dispersed
  6. 6. Globalization Outsourcing Work / life merge – anywhere, anytime Dispersed Enterprises
  7. 7. The 50 Foot Rule People more than 50’ apart don’t collaborate. Tom Allen, MIT, 1977 Probability of communicating weekly Separation (feet)
  8. 8. Connect through your culture Make it easy to find people Use effective communication tools Provide Clarity (despite IT/system chaos) To Collaborate Effeciently
  9. 9. “The average Intel employee dumps one day a week trying to find people with the experience & expertise plus the relevant information to do their job” Clarity is Important Enterprise 2.0 - Efficient Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange, by Acando Consulting on Apr 23, 2009 ~Laurie Buczek, Intel
  10. 10. Unifies your values Captures vibe & provides energy Culture is the Foundation
  11. 11. Create a sense of… An energized team accomplishing things together.
  12. 12. Let’s see these concepts in action using a short video…
  13. 13. Learn more about us at Book a personalized demo Next Steps
  14. 14. What intranets always dreamed of…™ Brad Palmer | | 778 373 9276 Questions?
  15. 15. Leveraging EGV for Collaboration and Engagement
  16. 16. LinkedIn Survey
  17. 17. Leveraging Video for Collaboration and Engagement
  18. 18. Employee Generated Video Works Who Produced the Most Interesting Video Content? EGV CORP. COMMS EXECUTIVE *Business Video Behavior Project April 2012
  19. 19. Employee Generated Video Works *Business Video Behavior Project April 2012 Town Hall 42.4% Management Communication 48.5% How To Videos 75.8%
  20. 20. Employee Generated Video Works
  21. 21. Getting Started With EGV
  22. 22. EGV - Web 2.0 and Mobile: Tech Enablers
  23. 23. “YouTube” for the Enterprise
  24. 24. Social Video + Social Intranet
  25. 25. Q&A
  26. 26. Thank You