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  • Largest library of characters and original content
    Distribution agreements with all major telcos
  • Largest library of characters and original content
    Distribution agreements with all major telcos
  • Interesting part of meeting Zee is that it’s a super brand with monetisation potential on SFC – if that’s part of your long term plans
    Augmentation can be simple from a facebook contest that creates an offline expereince to a prescient location aware app
  • Interesting part of meeting Zee is that it’s a super brand with monetisation potential on SFC – if that’s part of your long term plans
  • Why should you hire us?
    We’d been ambling along, happy with lots of creative work, till these experiences happened to us
    We’d like to share two case studies, they encompass, social, mobile, media buying & monetisation, design & cloud based technology. They also represent the paradigm our team has travelled in the last two years, and therefore our understanding of digital tactics.
  • And barter ‘exclusives’ for coverage

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  • Deep integration with a dance show on a tv channel, bound by contract, so that’s all we can say
  • Supporting slides with bars and graphs
  • Phonethics Digital Media Agency

    1. 1. Phonethics Copyright © 2013 Phonethics
    2. 2. Copyright © 2013 Phonethics Hi, We’re Phonethics
    3. 3. I’m Saurabh, Chief Storyteller Copyright © 2013 Phonethics
    4. 4. Here’s the Phonethics story –
    5. 5. Started in 2006
    6. 6. Focus on IP Character based Original short form content
    7. 7. Focus on IP Character based, Original short form content
    8. 8. Mungle – Animated Series Billoo decides to chuck his life as a cable guy in the heartless city and move to the jungle for some peace and quiet.. amongst his own ‘people’.. …but ends up bringing a little bit of the city with him! In the form of the Mobile Phone, making it The Mobile Jungle or ‘MUNGLE’ The story traces Billoo’s journey as he brings the mobile phone to the jungle, Becomes an ‘internationally wanted’ Mobile Expert and goes from being an outsider to Hero to Villain..
    9. 9. 2008 creative content for brands
    10. 10. 2008 - 2009
    11. 11. 2013 • 24 Member Team • Rapidly emerging as a premiere ‘Mobile First’ Digital Consultancy • Changed client & service mix to reflect our focus & vision
    12. 12. What we love doing • Short form Content • Branded property creation • Digitally Augmented real world experiences • Monetisation mechanisms
    13. 13. Skills & resources • Analytics driven Media buying • Widgets library – Track everything from media to social interactions – Facebook apps • Image submission • Graffiti • Twitter + Android App • Applying game mechanics to processes – Badges engine – Rewards engine & Coins system • Mobile delivery of content
    14. 14. Key Services • Manage complete Digital footprint – 50000 + minutes of active engagement & interaction everyday • video, website, social, mobile – 50Mn + impressions • Media Planning & Purchase • Content production • AWS / VPS deployment LAMP framework development
    15. 15. 2 Case studies • Star Of India (shortlisted at Cannes 2012 for best use of Integrated media) • India’s First Gamified Dance School
    16. 16. Shortlisted @Cannes 2012 Best Use of Integrated Media
    17. 17. Worlds First Bollywood Movie Auditioned on Facebook *Actual Images from the sets of New Star of India
    18. 18. How to build organic buzz around the campaign and engage a rapidly growing community? Challenge
    19. 19. Identify influencers with >100k viewers And barter ‘Exclusives’ for Coverage Strategy:
    20. 20. Campaign covered by more than 100 bloggers Over 1 million views on the day of launch. *Actual Images from the sets of New Star of India
    21. 21. - Typically fan-pages are slow and sporadic in responding to queries and posts - Our super responsive community management team interacted with every single fan post. Promoting key fan posts as well as unique content using FB media. Sponsored stories used to create a viral effect Community Management Facebook Media Buying Campaign Cornerstones
    22. 22. Outcome -> 500,000 fans Over 10,000 test drives ordered
    23. 23. Gamified dance school
    24. 24. *Pre-launch Website
    25. 25. DWM App
    26. 26. Content based social properties • Cadbury • DSP • Jetking • Axis • Skoda • NSFL
    27. 27. Cadbury - Bournville
    28. 28. Comic Series Based on ‘Legend of Bournville’
    29. 29. Old Hound on Dark Truth’s FB wall
    30. 30. Old Hound - Twitter
    31. 31. Viral video for Jetking’s YT channel
    32. 32. Skoda
    33. 33. Nissan Super Fans League
    34. 34. Nissan Super Fans League Facebook app Twitter Mobile app
    35. 35. Tech Solutions
    36. 36. Jetking Branding Franchisee Branding & info Franchisee Alumini Highlights Registration form on HPFranchisee Course Info
    37. 37. Jetking • Solution – LMS: • A robust Lead Management system, with capability of collecting Student information (Leads) from various sources – Landing pages, 100 microsites, call centers, walkins, PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc irrespective of the technology being used at the sources. – Microsites: • While the headquarter controlled section ensured that the communication on all the micro sites is synergetic to brand communication, the section controlled by franchisee provided them with enough real estate and features to leverage their skills, experienced faculty & alumini at large.
    38. 38. GIA
    39. 39. Media buying
    40. 40. Index Client Product genre Nissan Europe New Star of India Bollywood / Youth Centric Jetking IT Training Courses Education Nissan India Nissan Sunny Automobile Goodwyn Tea FMCG MET Management Courses Education
    41. 41. De code the brief Note limitations of Creative Identify platforms with the right audience Cross Check traffic & Audience insights using radian 6, google ad planner, etc Checklist the best platforms interms of audience Shortlist platfroms based on previous performance Allocate Budgets to platforms Connect with platforms & get pricing Devise an Optimised Media Plan Approval by client Go Live The process
    42. 42. The brief: NewStarofIndia Nissan wanted to reach out to the Youth of India, the Car buyers of tomorrow. The main objective was to familiarize the youth of India with brand Nissan. And hence we were all set to mash up Bollywood, Cars & Facebook to create the ‘World’s First Bollywood Movie Auditioned on Facebook’ Co-staring Ranbir Kapoor called ‘New Star of India’
    43. 43. The Strategy: NewStarofIndia Since the campaign was targeted to the youth of India To reach out the audience we narrowed down on the following variables. Psychographics: Get-going adopter, Progressive, Flamboyant Flamingoes (loves to Dance), value oriented. Demographics: Of age 15 – 24, living in metros, tier-2 cities, access to digital medium (PC and/or Mobile).
    44. 44. The Strategy: NewStarofIndia Platforms used: Times of India Bollywood hungama Daily motion Facebook
    45. 45. Facebook NewStarofIndia
    46. 46. TOI : Expandable bannersTOI : video Pre-rollsDaily Motion : Mast head BannerBollywood Hungama : HP Spotlight NewStarofIndia
    47. 47. Outcome NewStarofIndia Reached more than 40 Mn people online Impression used : over 300 Mn, CTR of 0.3% Over 5.5 lac fans on Facebook fan page Over 1.5 Lac views on Youtube. 40 Mn People reached
    48. 48. BRIEF JETKING Jetking wanted a campaign with high ROI from Apr’12 to Jul’12 when maximum admissions in the education sector takes place. One of the challenges was high decibel online marketing by its competitors The objective was to market courses & get interested students to fill up the enquiry form. Jetking Infotrain ltd
    49. 49. STRATEGY JETKING Purchase Funnel - User Experience - Alumini - Reinstate 'Kuch ban kar niklo‘ Highlight testimonials from Jetking Alumini who have made a mark in the society. Target students who are preferably at the Preference stage or Purchase stage for High ROI.
    50. 50. EXECUTION JETKING PlatformsUsed: Google search A Separate Landing page Prominent banners of Jetking Alumini with their Designation & Salary Package and one liners from them saying how Jetking made this possible for them. Minimal fields in the enquiry form UX: Clutter free Course information, Drop downs in forms, pop ups, no click access Contd…
    51. 51. JETKING
    52. 52. OUTCOME JETKING Jetking Infotrain ltd Over 10% conversion rate. CPA reduced from Rs. 280 in 2011 to Rs. 210 in 2012. More than 21,000 Leads collected. 10% Coversion Rate
    53. 53. Nissan Sunny Launch – MET Mumbai, one of the top 10 management colleges in Maharashtra wanted to reach out to their audience via the digital medium & inform them about the Post graduation courses available. – Generate interest and drive registrations The Brief: MET
    54. 54. Nissan Sunny Launch – Hyper geo targeting for age group between 20 – 24 within – Interest – Marketing, Brand Building, Finance and more – City - Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane – Platforms used: • Youtube • Orkut • Facebook The Strategy MET
    55. 55. Nissan Sunny LaunchThe Creative MET
    56. 56. Nissan Sunny LaunchScreenshots MET
    57. 57. Nissan Sunny LaunchScreenshots MET
    58. 58. Nissan Sunny LaunchScreenshots MET
    59. 59. Nissan Sunny Launch – Campaign served more than 60 Mn impressions – Campaign Avg CPC less than Rs. 13 – Over 2500 registrations in two months The Outcome MET Over 2.5K registrations in 2 months
    60. 60. Nissan Sunny Launch Nissan Sunny to be launched in India. One of the top three models ever sold world wide. Highlight the trust that millions of customers across the world have put in the brand NISSAN SUNNY. Create a distinct voice in a cluttered segment The TG: Aged 24 to 40, living in metros, tier 2 & 3cities. Either the family already has a car, or is looking to own one The Brief: NISSANSUNNY
    61. 61. Nissan Sunny Launch Leave Foot prints on as many web properties as possible Websites from the following genres were used: News, Lifestyle, Finance, E-commerce, Ticketing, Travel, Gateway portals, Video, Search. The Strategy NISSANSUNNY
    62. 62. TOI : Homepage Interstitial NISSANSUNNY
    63. 63. IBNlive : Homepage Take overRediff : Interactive banner Screenshots TOI : Homepage Interstitial NISSANSUNNY
    64. 64. Rediff : Interactive banner NISSANSUNNY
    65. 65. IBNlive : Homepage Take over NISSANSUNNY
    66. 66. : Homepage Take over NISSANSUNNY
    67. 67. Screenshots : Homepage Take over NISSANSUNNY
    68. 68. Firstpost : Homepage Take over NISSANSUNNY
    69. 69. Zigwheels : Homepage Take over NISSANSUNNY
    70. 70. NISSANSUNNY Nissan Sunny Ranked No. 1 on Search Trends for 1 Whole Week Over 120 Mn impressions booked More than 7,000 test drive leads collected in a month. Conversion of more than 2.5% 0.7% ctr
    71. 71. Search Engine Marketing
    72. 72. SOTC • Ask : Inform prospective customers about SOTCs new tour packages and offers • Our Opportunity: – Holiday Season. Spike in holiday related search • Insight: – Should reach out to specific audience with related communication – Vernacular ads to run in 2 tier cities – A simple clutter free landing page for taking enquiries • Result: – A high Click to Lead ratio of 20% – Seamless movement of quality leads from search to Click to Lead – Leads at a much lower cost than initial expectation
    73. 73. SOTC Landing Page
    74. 74. Digital Partners
    75. 75. Our Creative Director, Vishal Kashyap, designed a brand identity that is full of hope and youthful keeping with the brand ambassador Yuvraj Singh
    76. 76. An interactive multimedia piece outlining Yuvraj’s journey as a superstar sportsperson upto his fight with Cancer.
    77. 77. To build in virality we designed a virtual t shirt that allows people to be a part of team YouWeCan and share the virtual t shirt on their FB walls, Twitter etc
    78. 78. Jagori – Safe Delhi Campaign Click to watch –
    79. 79. Reporting Systems Measuring Tools 1. Impressions 2. Geography 3. Interactions (Clicks /likes) 4. CTRs 5. Avg CPC (For PPC campaigns)
    80. 80. Analytics Visitor Analysis
    81. 81. Analytics Audience Analysis
    82. 82. Social Bakers – Facebook Reporting
    83. 83. Social Bakers – Facebook Reporting
    84. 84. Measurement of Campaigns 1. Impressions 2. Geography 3. Interactions (Clicks /likes) 4. CTRs 5. Avg CPC (For PPC campaigns) Sr. No Platform Name Booked Delivered Budget Consumed Amt (Rs.)Impression s Clicks/Interaction s Impression s Clicks/Interaction s CTR (%) 1 Facebook xxxxx xx xxxxx xx x xxxx 2 Search xxxxx xx xxxxx xx x xxxx 3 Google Display N/W xxxxx xx xxxxx xx x xxxx 4 Youtube xxxxx xx xxxxx xx x xxxx
    85. 85. Flurry
    86. 86. Flurry
    87. 87.