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Mobile travel masterclass nyc slides


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Mobile travel masterclass nyc slides

  1. 1. 10 rules for leveraging the mobilechannel
  2. 2. About Golden GekkoWho we are and what we do. 3
  3. 3. About UsCross platform specialists since 2005Team of 130+ people across 5 countries+400 apps in the past 12 months + + +Your business is here… And Here And also here… too… here. 4
  4. 4. About UsMore than 200 brands and agencies have put their trust in us. 5
  5. 5. PortfolioBAA HeathrowAirport GuideEverything you needfor an easy journeyto and throughHeathrow. Live flight tracking. Notifications of flight status updates. Interactive terminal maps. Travel planning tools, security guide. Shop and restaurant listings and more. 6
  6. 6. PortfolioEuropean DirectoriesYellow Pages in 8 countries. 7
  7. 7. PortfolioBudgetplaces.comOngoing project in HTML5 forhotel booking service 8
  8. 8. 10 rules for leveragingthe mobile channel 9
  9. 9. 10 rules for leveragingthe mobile channel1. What do you want to achieve?2. Get the whole picture3. Be relevant4. Be yourself5. Pick the right platforms6. Usability7. Ubiquity8. Uniquely Personal9. Mocial10. Don‟t hide the app 10
  10. 10. 1. What do youwant to achieve?Examples... Mobile app as part of a branding strategy to help position the make A tool to raise awareness of an upcoming release or the launch of a new brand Create a new sales channel to reach customers and drive sales Mobile app as an extension for an existing service Drive footfall to a brick and mortar store Engage customers at the POS and enhance the in-store shopping experience 11
  11. 11. 2. Get the wholepictureMobile isn‟t standalone Interlink between channels. Let channels “play” with each other, the more interaction, the more engaged the customer Cross-promote throughout all channels. Use NFC, QR Codes or links to connect mobile with OOH Media, Print or TV and vice versa. Create and benefit from synergies 12
  12. 12. 3. Be relevantFollow the user‟s journey anddetect potential touchpoints. Fit the audience Provide a reason to download your app Exclusive content Discounts An app needs to be maintained Take advantage of updates 13
  13. 13. 4. Be yourselfDon‟t chase the latest buzzjust to be cool Work from your values, your positioning and your message Create a logical connection between the app and its functionalities. 14
  14. 14. 5. Pick the rightplatformsNot everyone has an iPhone or anAndroid. Not even a smartphone. The audience will tell you everything you need to know Get the basics right (so yes to a mobile site) 15
  15. 15. 6. UsabilityMake people love your mobilepresence. Mobile is not Online. It‟s not just another digital screen Smaller screen. Longer loading times User journey needs to be well thought out Transaction need to be simple, yet secure Navigation through voice- recognition should be taken into account 16
  16. 16. 7. UbiquityMobile goes everywhere Take advantage of “anytime, anywhere” The bridge between the individual and everything around them, virtual or real Create time pressure to boost mobile sales 17
  17. 17. 8. Uniquely PersonalRespect the user‟s choice Never assume that the user wants to be open with you Users are willing to share information, but on their terms Ask permission. Always take the opt-in route Reward them for joining in 18
  18. 18. 9. MocialMobile is inherently social Most users are logged into Facebook Create fast login/ sign up through social networks Enable and encourage sharing Provide content that encourages sharing Let your fans do the publicity 19
  19. 19. 10. Make your mobileservices easy to findMobile apps and websites don‟tmarket themselves If no one knows you have a mobile presence, no one will download your app or access your mobile web Promote mobile through other channels Make mobile part of „The Marketing Plan‟ Give incentives for downloading your app and promote them 20
  20. 20. Miguel BanuelosDirector of Accountsemail mb@goldengekko.commobile +1 917 972 1985
  21. 21. Every product has a story.Let ScanLife tell it.
  22. 22. 20 MillionMobile barcodes Estimated to have scanned a QR Code in the is seeing month of September, 2011explosive growth comScore MobiLens June 2011 ScanLife saw31 million scans in 2011
  23. 23. Marketing adoption is also rapidly increasing 50% of Businesses are already activating 2D Codes for marketing purposes Usamp Online Survey November 2011
  24. 24. Representative Demographics of Users: Age & GenderBoth Male and Female Ages 25-44 is our core audience are Active Users26
  25. 25. Codes can do much more than launch a static website ScanLife Exclusive Codes Go to website Lotto/Sweepstakes Save a contact Multi-action menu Initiate a call Send a tweet Send an SMS OS detection Send an email Custom Menu Code Premium Code28
  26. 26. Mobile Content Improves Engagement ExampleAdd background colorInsert a custom imageInclude body textCustom Menu Options
  27. 27. Track Metrics to Learn from Activity What was scanned When Where Demographics Phone type30
  28. 28. Custom CodesGet creative, but make surethe codes work!
  29. 29. SeaWorld The code produced 20,000 app downloads in a six week period33
  30. 30. Ford Treasure Hunt Users scanned codes to collect different “badges” and receive prizes.34
  31. 31. Scan for more info. Go to to download for free.10 East 39th Street | New York, NY | 10016 | | 212.278.0178 | Scanbuy, ScanLife, the Scanbuy and ScanLife logos are trademarks of Scanbuy Inc. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, service markers or registered service marks are the property of their respective owner(s). ©2011 Scanbuy Inc. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. Mobile strategies Revenue Brand Strategies Strategies Retention Differentiation Experience Acquisition Monetisation Accessibility Expectations Immediacy Lower CPAs McommerceGreater usage Comp advantage Better service Greater returns New rev streams
  33. 33. Once you’ve invested in creating your mobile properties and presence,how do you maximize their success?
  34. 34. Mobile activity process How could Mobile How can we bestBusiness and be used to help engage with our Marketing achieve these audience in Objectives objectives? mobile? The Role of Mobile strategy mobile What is the most What is the How can we effective way ofmobile activity maximize delivering the achieving? Mobile‟s strategy? effectiveness? Campaign Mobile Mobile delivery evaluation development
  35. 35. Maximising Mobile SuccessMobilizing existing activities Activate Mobile Marketing ATL advertising Mobile Search Fixedline search Display Advertising activity Instore/promo material SMS/MMS marketing Existing CRM HTML5 mobile Activity Email marketing Mobile video/prerole Fixedline Display/Behavioral Appstore/marketplace presence Sponsorships Mobile SEO TV Advertising Carrier partnerships Website Mobile email marketing Partnerships VOD
  36. 36. Key tools for maximising success EffectiveTracking Creativity Planning and Buying
  37. 37. Effective tracking
  38. 38. The Right Tracking MsitePublishers (CPM) Optimization Banner/ Tracking Banners HTML Ad Unit Networks Bannerclick Time of day Network Day of weekNetworks (CPC) Publishers Publisher Coded Publisher groups publishers Application App downloads Events Section Virtual CPA Carriers searched Behavioral groups (CPC/CPM) Actions taken Usage Location H/M/L Usgae Activity Usage Retargeting
  39. 39. The advantages of YSDK Fully trackable Plan on through to virtual costconversions per iOS and acquisition Android In app event Conversion reporting attribution of web to app and app to web
  40. 40. Mobile Creative
  41. 41. Rich Media Advertising Effectiveness Smartphone Users are 50% Ad awareness more likely to Increased By recall an 25% For expandable expandable banner bannersSource: IAB UK
  42. 42. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  43. 43. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  44. 44. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  45. 45. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  46. 46. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  47. 47. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  48. 48. Rich Media Capabilities SHAKE & TILT ANIMATION FACEBOOK Accelerometer control for Fluid automation engine with Post to wall on Facebook engaging experience / games high performance sequencing TWITTER 360 DegreesPost status update to Twitter Product Rotations & Panoramas DRAG & DROP IMAGE GALLERY UI for puzzles, builders and Tactile galleries with more thumbnails & downloads SMART DAYPARTING SOUND BOARD Creative or offer varies byTap to play sound immediately time of day COMPLEX ANIMATIONS Mapping FORM CAPTURESlide, fade, object paths and Link through to Google maps Text, pull down, checkbox & more 56 form validation for lead gen with option for branded pins
  49. 49. What can Yodelmobile provide?The most cutting edge HTML5 Ad CreationserviceBuild Once, Run Everywhere Ads run Across iOS & Android devices ( others to come Q2 2012 ) All Ads we create can be served through all major mobile ad networks and 100+ premium publishers 57
  50. 50. Creative Banner delivery - HTC
  51. 51. Planning Mobile activity
  52. 52. Branding Works on MobileAverage Brand Lift of Mobile Display Campaigns +13% +16% +24% +76% +58% +44% 1) Sample includes hundreds of mobile display campaigns Source: Goole: Insight Express Online & Mobile Norms, Nov‟07 to Dec‟09
  53. 53. Mobile Drives ResponseConversions Click Through Rate Cost Per Acquisition +80% -15% +43% Separating out mobile campaigns from desktop drives significant performance gains Source: Google internal data, 61
  54. 54. The P&B Rule book1. Make sure your activity is trackable2. Use the right solutions for the objectives ie clicks, impressions, video, data capture, click to call etc3. Mobile is not just search, its also Networks, Publishers and carriers4. Test, learn and implement5. Mobile advertising doesn‟t have to be simply banners6. Buy effective prices not the cheapest
  55. 55. Thank
  57. 57. 2010: 6 Devices/ Person Tablet Smartphone Gaming Desktop Console Connected TV Blu-Ray
  58. 58. 1 Trillion Connected Devices by 2014 ? 2000 2010 Year
  59. 59. 147 Connected Devices per PersonToys Air Conditioner Washing Machine eReaders Subway Map Blood pressure monitor Railway Schedule Alarm Clocks Car Radio TabletSubway Map Smartphone Remote Control Product Sensor POS DisplaySupply Chain Desktop Gaming Inventory Systems Console Cameras Cash Register Bus Stop Car GPS Connected TV Baby Monitor Blu-Ray Store Kisok Dressing Room Watches Scale Dog Collars Postal Trucks Mall Directory RadiosPower Outlet Bus Stop Concert Turnstile Trains Biometric Devices Running Shoes Toll Booth Delivery Vehicle Treadmill
  60. 60. Consumers Control the Context Tablet Remote Control Smartphone Product Sensor POS DisplaySupply Chain Desktop Gaming Console Inventory Systems Car GPS Cash Register Product Scanners Blu-Ray Store Kisok Dressing Room Mall Directory
  61. 61. Consumers Control the Context Tablet Smartphone POS DisplayInventory Systems Cash Register Product Scanners Store Kisok Dressing Room Mall Directory
  62. 62. Consumers Control the Context Tablet Smartphone POS Display Bus StopCar RadioInventory Systems Airline Cash Register Entertainment Refrigerator Product Scanners eReader Store Kisok Dressing Room Running Shoes Mall Directory
  63. 63. IT Team Project Plan and Release Schedule Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2013+iPad AppAffiliate #1Integration UpdateKindle StoreAffiliate #2 IntegrationUpdate (Postponed)Xbox PortingAffiliate #3Integration Update
  64. 64. The world wants your digital resources…
  65. 65. …but making the world happy can require long, costlyintegration projects.
  66. 66. Mashery is a secure, flexible platform for granting access to digital resources through an API. • Affiliates & resellers • Distributors • Co-branded mobile apps & products• Mobile apps• Web features• Enterprise apps • Long tail partner apps • Proofs of concept • New ideas
  67. 67. APIs in Action
  68. 68. Best Buy‟s Mashery API saves millions of dollars in development and powers hundreds of affiliates New web features & 100s of affiliatemobile apps partners product info commerce store info store inventory reviews timely offers mobile upgrade “The API save us over $1.5 million and many months when deploying new features and partnerships.” Kumar Kandaswamy, Director, Best Buy
  69. 69. APIs in Action
  70. 70. Expedia‟s Mashery API drives $1.5 billion in affiliate revenuefrom 3,600+ strategic partners. 3,600+ affiliates travel inventory bookings photos search user reviews 20 languages “Platforms are the new products.” Benoit Jolin, VP Product Management, Expedia
  71. 71. Mashery helped USA TODAY deploy #1 iPad, Kindle Fire news apps and get on millions of devices with partners.Mobile apps on millions 700+ distributors of devices new articles census data photos movie reviews book lists Hackathons & app sports salaries contests “Our Mashery-powered API is a platform for being wherever customers want our content.” Erik Bursch, Director of Operations, Content Systems, USA TODAY
  72. 72. APIs for Channel Integration
  73. 73. At Comcast, it used to take 6 to 8 months to share resources between internal groups. Now? 30 minutes. New apps with CodeBig 3,600+ affiliatesadvanced viewing integration platform features TV programs movies subscriber info channel info listings cable box info “With Mashery, we can scale.” Agustin Schapira, Principal Architect, Comcast
  74. 74. Mashery has successfully launched internal, partner (B2B), and public APIs for over 150 enterprises. Channel 483
  75. 75. Parting Thoughts“ Don’t think APIs. Think billions of dollars of money sloshing through obscure programming methods. Whats Fueling The API Gold Rush -Dan Woods, Forbes “
  76. 76. Thank YouMashery Confidential