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Mobile Application Development India [iOs, Android]


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iOs, android Mobile application portfolio. Phonethics is a digital Agency based in Mumbai [] our Mobile app

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Mobile Application Development India [iOs, Android]

  1. 1. Phonethics Mobile Media (P) Ltd MOBILE APPS.
  2. 2. INDEX APPCATEGORIES 1. Retail • Inorbit Malls • Shoplocal 2. Entertainment • Madhuri Dixit • DancewithMadhuri 3. Auto • Nissan Neon • Nissan Micra • Nissan SFL • Nissan e-QRG [WIP] 4. Real Estate • Ariisto 5. Medical • Mobile Medical Record App • Oncology App 6. Others • GIA • Safe City • Sachin Tendulkar
  3. 3. INORBIT • The Inorbit mall app is a perfect mix of Magic & Utility. A bit like the Inorbit Mall experience itself. We pride ourselves on putting the guests first and designing the app experience around them. • Inorbit patrons in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Vadodara can now experience their favorite Inorbit mall at their fingertips. • Key Features: Log on to Inorbit App, Shake you phone and Win exclusive offers from Inorbit Malls. Special offers for Visitors here on their birthdays, anniversaries & more. Retail SHAKE & WIN
  4. 4. Welcome Screen 1. Mall Branding 2. Highlighting special offers
  5. 5. . App Menu Android Style Navigation to Locate stores, Offers, Events, etc, from the Mall.
  6. 6. App Menu Screen 2 with Mall info, Social connect, Park assist, Shake & Win
  7. 7. List of Stores Browse through the list of all stores & their details like location, contacts, offers, new stock & more… Store Directory
  8. 8. User Management User Management Users need to log in to the app to explore the full potential of the app. User data is then transferred to actionable insights for the mall.
  9. 9. Shake & Win Shake & Win Users Give the app a good shake & If it’s their lucky day, they unlock surprise gifts from Inorbit.
  10. 10. Park Your Car Parking Assist Geo-locate your car in the Inorbit parking. Just drop a pin and take a picture of the parking bay. The smart parking assist feature will guide the user back to the car, while they take care of the shopping bags.
  11. 11. Social Connect Social Connect Users can details like offers, new stock on their social media & also connect with Inorbit owned Social Media Properties.
  12. 12. Search Users Search for any information on the app from Offers to Services. User Friendly Search
  13. 13. Social Connect Mall Information A handy tool to locate essential mall services like child care, ATM, Wheel chair, etc..
  14. 14. Retail Inorbit App Training to retailers Training to all retailers from Inorbit Malls on how to enhance their presence on the app
  15. 15. Retail Inorbit App Promotion at the Mall Offline App promotion at the Mall Parking, podium, food court, etc.
  16. 16. Retail SHOPLOCAL  Shoplocal is a Mobile App that connects Local Business & Shoppers.  The Shoplocal Mobile App is a micromarketing tool for local business. It gives them instant access to thousands of affluent, smartphone using consumers living in their catchment.  Shoplocal serves as a local noticeboard that connects merchants and local consumers through an easy to use mobile app.  The Business dashboard includes analytics showing the number of people who visited their mobile store, favourited or shared their offers and the total number of customers they have reached.
  17. 17. Retail SHOPLOCAL  Shoplocal is being piloted in Mumbai currently. Over 525 merchants in Lokhandwala & Versova [Andheri West] & Bandra have signed up to use the product.  The pilot is being expanded to Khar, Santacruz and other areas in Mumbai. The app is free to use for both the business owner and the consumer. To Know More Visit: now
  18. 18. Retail Shoplocal Users Select / Change their location To view Merchant details in their area
  19. 19. Retail Shoplocal Andriod Drawer Navigation for Easy discovery of Area Market, Offers Stream & Favorite stores
  20. 20. Retail Shoplocal List of all stores in your area. The app also highlights any offers Currently active in the store. The user Just taps on the store he Needs more information. User side
  21. 21. Retail Shoplocal Offers stream gives the User a list of All the offers in the near by shops He can share, favourite the offer from the same screen. Merchants use the shoplocal app to post these offers, which are featured in the offers Stream User side
  22. 22. Retail Shoplocal Once into the offer, the user can - Favorite the store for preferred updates - Call the store directly to place order - Share offers on Social Media including Whatsapp. User side
  23. 23. Retail Shoplocal Its easy to Set up & edit a store on Shoplocal. The Merchant can: - Add store with details like Store description, Geo location, Gallery, Phone numbers, - Edit Store details - Manage Photo Gallery - Social Connect with Shoplocal team Merchant Side
  24. 24. Retail Shoplocal ‘Talk to Shoppers’ feature allows any merchant to make a post announcing new stock, offers, etc. Merchant Side
  25. 25. Retail Shoplocal Once into the offer, the user can - Favorite the store for preferred updates - Call the store directly to place order - Share offers on Social Media including Whatsapp. Merchant Side
  26. 26. Retail Shoplocal Shoplocal offers a detailed report of the activities on any post made by the store with - Reach of the post - Visits to the store - No of favorites for the post - Shares for the post Merchant Side
  27. 27. MADHURI DIXIT NENE ENTERTAINMENT For Android Users : For I-Phone users : This app was commissioned by the client to enable the Hindi Cinema Superstar, Madhuri Dixit to connect with her fans around the world and return all the love and support they have given her. Fans across the world got to know the Superstar better and see some exclusive and rare footage and pictures through this Official App.
  29. 29. MADHURI DIXIT NENE ENTERTAINMENT This is the Official App for Madhuri Dixit-Nene. Phonethics was awarded the silver at IDMA (Indian Digital Media Awards) for this App.
  30. 30. ENTERTAINMENT MADHURI DIXIT NENE Home Page Custom slider based navigation
  31. 31. ENTERTAINMENT Welcome Screen MADHURI DIXIT NENE Optional Master Navigation
  34. 34. Entertainment Dance With Madhuri The idea behind the academy is to make dance accessible to everyone across the globe; to be able to learn from Madhuri Dixit and other top choreographers. Registered dancers gets to compete with each other for special prizes and win badges as they advance their learning. Their are various Dance Styles to learn from. Each Dance Style has multiple Lessons / Songs and each song has been subdivided into lessons. The lessons unlock in a sequence i.e. to view lesson two, you have to see lesson one and so on. The application will automatically remember your progress . Developed on: iPhone, iPad, Andriod Phones, Andriod Tablets
  35. 35. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Dance Floor FlashScreen
  36. 36. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Login Prompt
  37. 37. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Users Can choose to create Their profile on DWM or Choose to log in using FB, the System Automatically
  38. 38. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri A Warm Welcome by the Diva herself on the Welcome Screen to the Dance academy
  39. 39. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Menu
  40. 40. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri User Profile Management, the user profile gives the users: 1) Stats 2) Their personal Rank in the academy 3) Total Points earned 4) Badges earned 5) Any Special Badges given by Madhuri Dixit 6) Total Number of Students
  41. 41. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Exhaustive Leaderboard giving the user a clear view of his/her standing in the academy amongst other students.
  42. 42. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Learn Dance Section: All Video Dance lessons are listed under this section User can choose the type of style he wants to learn, song & take the lessons.
  43. 43. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Video Dance Lessons
  44. 44. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Video Testimonials from renowned celebrities on DWM
  45. 45. Entertainment Dance with Madhuri Feedback Mechanism: Users can give their feedback on the dance school & the app to the DWM Team
  46. 46. ARIISTO REALESTATE A catalogue app for a Mumbai based construction company that lets a user view latest projects, details like amenities and special facilities and even book a priority appointment with Ariisto’s dedicated sales team. The app Facilitates Two Way Communication between the client CRM team & Customer. Keeping the customer informed about the progress of the development of his dream home. . For Android Users : For I-Phone users :
  47. 47. ARIISTO CLOUD REALESTATE In Section Home Page
  48. 48. ARIISTO CLOUD REALESTATE Iconized Swipe navigation
  49. 49. ARIISTO CLOUD REALESTATE Contact page
  50. 50. ARIISTO SAPPHIRE REALESTATE iPad Amenties page
  51. 51. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN NEON NEON by Nissan, is a feature packed mobile app for the smart car owner. In here you’ll find nifty tools like Mileage & Expense Calculators, A Navigator to help find your car and a handy Guide to Traffic Signs. The Reminder tool quickly sets up alerts for Servicing, Oil changes & anything else you might want to do for your car. . For Android Users : For I-Phone users :
  52. 52. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN NEON Home Page Touch the Nissan Logo in the app to experience Brand Nissan and unlock the Nissan Garage to view some of the roaring beauties from the Nissan stable.
  53. 53. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN Brand information Home Page
  54. 54. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN Product Integration
  55. 55. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN Tools Access Page
  56. 56. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN My Car Page
  58. 58. AUTOMOBILE Home Screen NISSAN The home screen is divided into section enabling the user to choose the Nissan Car for Gallery & More infromation
  59. 59. AUTOMOBILE Menu NISSAN In here you’ll find nifty tools like Mileage & Expense Calculators, A Navigator to help find your car and a handy Guide to Traffic Signs. The Reminder tool quickly sets up alerts for Servicing, Oil changes & anything else you might want to do for your car.
  60. 60. AUTOMOBILE My Car NISSAN Enter details of your car so the app can serve you better: • Registration number • Chasis number • Servicing schedule, etc.
  61. 61. AUTOMOBILE Tips Section NISSAN The Tips section is regularly updated and carries pictures and useful information on maintenance and driving.
  62. 62. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN MICRA This app was designed to help the user know everything about Nissan Micra. May it be the car features or the pricing, which served as a very effective prelaunch campaign. Nissan Micra App had over 7000 user sessions within the first week of the app launch, which has helped create strong awareness in the target market. For Android Users : For I-Phone users :
  64. 64. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN MICRA Sectioned Gallery
  65. 65. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN MICRA Features Compare different models at the press of a button
  66. 66. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN MICRA Technical Features
  67. 67. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN MICRA Price List – dynamically retrieved For each city from the server
  68. 68. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN MICRA Book a Test Drive
  69. 69. Entertainment NISSAN SFL In IPL-2013, NISSAN was The Official Car Partner for 4 IPL teams- Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Pune Warriors India & Rajasthan Royals. Nissan Super Fan League App was created in conjunction with the digital campaign to offer users a branded and rich cricket experience. In addition to having complete IPL info - teams/ players, match results, detailed match summary - through the app users could also share their moments from IPL matches, their comments, opinions, pictures etc. and participate in contest to win match tickets/ prizes. IPL Contest for Nissan For Android Users :
  70. 70. Entertainment NISSAN SFL
  71. 71. Entertainment NISSAN SFL Match Schedule and Results
  72. 72. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN SFL Teams and Points
  73. 73. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN SFL Team Details
  74. 74. AUTOMOBILE NISSAN E-QRG Home Screen Work in Progress
  75. 75. GEMOLOGY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA Education For circulation during fairs on iPad only iPad app for Showcase of Course Information & collect leads during trade fairs in which the client participates. The app hosts content like, Course Calendar, fee structure, lab services, etc. The app can also be used to order GIA POS inventory.
  76. 76. Education Purchase window
  77. 77. Education Media presentation
  78. 78. Education Courses Schedule
  79. 79. Sports SACHIN'S TOP 100 MOMENTS This is a fan application developed to celebrate the career of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.The app consists of videos of some of his best knocks and match winning spells. Users can also stay connected with Sachin either via Facebook or Twitter. Keep abreast with his stats and for ready reference is the match calander all ready to use and at the touch of a finger. For Android Users :
  80. 80. Sports Sachin Tendulkar Home Screen
  81. 81. Sports Sachin Tendulkar Access everywhere : Drawer navigation gives access To the user to Gallery, Career Stats Live Score, Qutoes & Social connect With the legend
  82. 82. Sports Sachin Tendulkar Select HD wallpapers of the Master blaster in action
  83. 83. Sports Sachin Tendulkar Match Calendar for Team India
  84. 84. • This app serves as an encyclopedia for the Oncologists. • The app facilitates Oncologists with medical calculators like – Body Surface Area – Hemoglobin Iron deficit • Updated Oncology Journals, Chemo Order, and much more. For doctors ONCOLOGY Medical Under production
  85. 85. Medical Chemotherapy Section ONCOLOGY Under production
  86. 86. Medical Calendar for Key Industry Meetings ONCOLOGY Under production
  87. 87. Medical Oncology Journals with the ratings ONCOLOGY Under production
  88. 88. Medical Medical Calculators to identify ANC ONCOLOGY Under production
  89. 89. MOBILE MEDICAL RECORD • It is an app for keeping a record of medical history of your near and dear ones. • It helps in keeping images of the prescriptions organized and assign it to a group (family members), so it becomes easier to track the patients history. Medical Download here Download here Under production
  90. 90. Medical Menu & Homescreen MOBILE MEDICAL RECORD Under production
  91. 91. Medical User can store photos of Prescriptions, Reports, etc to maintain health records for himself & whole family MOBILE MEDICAL RECORD Under production
  92. 92. Medical MOBILE MEDICAL RECORD Under production Groups Helps the user to group medical records by way of family member, illness, duration etc.
  93. 93. SAFE CITY PHONETHICS . • Safe City is a handy tool to geographically mark and report safety issues faced by women and children. • User can quickly locate, identify and pin the issue on the map of your city. • It is aimed at creating a social response system where this information is actively pursued in reaching out to the person in need and bring to the notice the issues and their causes so they can be addressed and monitored. For Android Users : For I-Phone users :
  94. 94. SAFE CITY LifeStyle Drop a pin and add tags
  95. 95. SAFE CITY LifeStyle In Section Home Page
  96. 96. SAFE CITY LifeStyle Incident map based on area
  97. 97. THANK YOU