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  • Critical to the success of your Social Marketing strategy is the concept of a Community Site with a Hub & Spoke deployment. The key is to create a place where you can aggregate and consolidate UGC and then push and pull it across the web to…Social media sites like Facebook and,Video sites like YouTube and,News and Information sites like Forbes and,Survey sites like Survey Gizmo and,Reputation/Consumer advocate sites like DealeRater, andThe list goes on and on and on.The winning strategy here is to be everywhere at once with so much positive (and probably some negative) content, that you flood the digital world with your story.In this world, being Viral is a good thing!
  • Employee and supplier customer interaction is the Secret Sauce to improved CSI, public appreciation, attitude, processes, productivity, profitability for every department, external and internal communications. Your community site easily makes you the center hub for civic activities, local interests, vehicle discussions and dealership happens. While automatically creating and distributing User Generated Content throughout your massive Social Network.
  • Auto avenuessymposiumsocialmedia paglia

    1. 1. Ralph PagliaAdp Dealer servicesDirector – Digital MarketingSocial Media Reputation ManagementADP/ASU SkySong Operations Center<br />What Sets The Stage For Positive Social Media?<br />
    2. 2. About ADP<br />Automatic Data Processing, Inc. [NASDAQ: ADP]<br />Outsourced Human Resources, payroll, tax and benefits <br />administration <br /><ul><li>$9 billion in revenue
    3. 3. Over 585,000 clients
    4. 4. Fortune 300 company
    5. 5. One of Fortune’s “Most Admired”
    6. 6. 1 of only 3 U.S. companies with AAA-ratings from both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s</li></ul>ADP Dealer Services Division<br />Dealer management systems and layered applications <br />such as Digital Marketing, CRM, and IP Telephony<br /><ul><li>$1.50 billion (F*) in revenue
    7. 7. Over 30 years of experience
    8. 8. 7,600 associates worldwide
    9. 9. 3,100+ dedicated to client services and support</li></ul>ADP Dealer Services <br />Corporate Headquarters<br />Hoffman Estates, IL<br />*FY’10 Forecast<br />
    10. 10. Auto and Light Truck<br />Truck (buses, semi’s)<br />Agriculture and Heavy Equipment<br />Marine, RV (mobile/trailer), Motorcycle<br />North American Dealer Segments<br />Branded: <br />Branded: <br />Currently Branded:<br />Construction Equipment, Farming/<br />Ag. Caterpillar, John Deere etc.<br />Currently Branded:<br />
    11. 11. Other Companies/Brands ADP-DS Markets<br />Improve Marketing Effectiveness<br />Improve Marketing Effectiveness<br />Dealer Office Xpress:Joint Venture with ADP and Standard Register.<br />(Laser, forms, tags etc.)<br />Branded: DOX<br />Digital MotorWorks:<br />Provides data and solutions to OEMs and Third Parties.<br />Branded: DMi<br />Computer Vehicle Registration:Joint Venture with our main DMS competitor, Reynolds: <br />Branded: CVR<br />Open Dealer Exchange:<br />Joint Venture with our main DMS competitor, Reynolds: <br />Branded: ODE<br />20 Groups, Stats<br />Front end Consultants<br />
    12. 12. ADP Dealer Services – Breadth of Solutions<br />Focused on helping dealers and manufacturers use technology to increase efficiency and driving results throughout every area of the dealership<br />Key Solutions<br />Dealer Mgmt Systems<br />Digital Marketing Social Media<br />Mobile<br />IP Telephony<br />Networking<br />Business Intelligence<br />Business Process Outsourcing<br />Segments<br />Heavy Equip<br />Agriculture<br />PowerSports<br />Marine<br />RV<br />Auto<br />Heavy Truck<br />
    13. 13. Desking<br />Credit<br />Menu<br />F&I<br />Digital Contracting<br />Vehicle Mgmt<br />Websites<br />Business Online<br />CRM<br />Campaigns<br />BDC<br />Lead Mgmt<br />Digital Marketing<br />Websites<br />Marketing<br />Lead Mgmt<br />DataFresh<br />Dir Mail<br />Finance Online<br />Service Online<br />Vehicle Online<br />Quotes Online<br />Trade Online<br />Hosted Phone<br />YOU DO IT<br />WE HELP<br />WE DO IT<br />Managed Campaigns<br />Loyalty Solutions<br />Digital Advertising<br />CallTracking<br />eNewsletter<br />Live Chat<br />VirtualMktgRep<br />Sell Cars, Parts and Service Profitably – Front-End Solutions<br />GENERATE TRAFFIC<br />MANAGE CUSTOMERS<br />TRANSACT BUSINESS<br />Social Media / Reputation Management<br />
    14. 14. Total Digital Solution (September 2009)<br />Sales Campaigns<br />Service Campaigns<br />Finance Campaigns<br />SEM, SEO<br />Social Media<br />Attract<br />Digital Advertising<br />Display, Behavioral,<br />SEM, SEO<br />Websites<br />Convert<br />Website Solutions<br />Websites, Mobile Sites, Call Tracking, Chat<br />Mobile Site<br />Transact<br />Business Online<br />Vehicle, Quotes, Trade, Finance, Service<br />Quotes<br />Online<br />Finance<br />Online<br />Trade<br />Online<br />Vehicle<br />Online<br />Service<br />Online<br />Retain<br />Customer Loyalty<br />BuzzTrack, BuzzMail, eNewsletter<br />
    15. 15. Total Digital Solution (September 2010<br />Sales Campaigns<br />Service Campaigns<br />Finance Campaigns<br />SEM, SEO<br />Social Media<br />Social Media<br />Attract<br />Digital Advertising<br />Display, Behavioral,<br />SEM, SEO<br />Websites<br />Convert<br />Website Solutions<br />Websites, Mobile Sites, Call Tracking, Chat<br />Mobile Site<br />Transact<br />Business Online<br />Vehicle, Quotes, Trade, Finance, Service<br />Quotes<br />Online<br />Finance<br />Online<br />Trade<br />Online<br />Vehicle<br />Online<br />Service<br />Online<br />Retain<br />Customer Loyalty<br />BuzzTrack, BuzzMail, eNewsletter<br />
    16. 16. Business Changes Social Media Expectations<br />The only result that exceeded small business owner's expectations is reported as "Staying Engaged With Customers"<br />
    17. 17. Quantifiable Social Media Expectations<br />The measurable objectives that small businesses have been able to achieve through limited social media marketing channels tells a story that look remarkably similar to CRM success stories of the past ten years: Customers are connecting with companies through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, but they are customers who have already done business with the company and relatively few conquest sales leads have been received through this limited approach to using a relatively small number of social media sites.<br />
    18. 18. Social Media / Reputation Management<br />Your brand is already out there<br />IT’S HUGE>> Over 400 million users on Facebook…using it every day<br />INCREASINGLY DIVERSE >> Mothers & English-speaking Hispanic populations are fast growing user segments<br />IT’S RELEVANT >> Google indexes social content Complements eMail & Search Marketing<br />IT’S WHERE BUYERS ARE >> #1 site visited by auto buyers in July ‘09? …was Facebook<br />…whether or not you choose to participate<br />SO… WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY?<br />
    19. 19. 1) Lots of Sites  Keeping up with all the Social Sites<br />Knowledge: New sites always pop up. How many should I use? Which ones?<br />Productivity: How do I effectively participate without affecting productivity?<br />2) Lots of Content  Producing enough quality content in all of the Social Sites<br />Quality: Stale or irrelevant content turns off users. How do I get good content and control quality?<br />Productivity: How do I create good content regularly without an impact on employee productivity?<br />3) Two-Edged Sword  Awareness and managing of negative commentary<br />Awareness: How will I know when negative content is posted?<br />Skill Set: What should I do when negative content appears?<br />The Challenges<br />Companies cite “Lack of Knowledgeable Staff” as #1 impediment to using Social Media more effectively as part of their advertising mixMarketing Sherpa, Dec 2008<br />
    20. 20. Social is Different…<br /><ul><li>Social users turn away from a site in droves if they perceive their just being marketed to
    21. 21. Social users are looking for relevant information and engagement
    22. 22. Simply putting inventory listings on your social site page does little to truly engage social users …and it may turn them off entirely
    23. 23. There’s a whole universe of social sites and more emerging all the time…a single page is hardly enough</li></ul>Comprehensive Social Media Strategy<br />
    24. 24. Social Media / Reputation ManagementComplete Social Marketing Team<br />Social Marketing Representative (SoMAR)<br /><ul><li>Social Marketing Professional
    25. 25. Dedicated to your objectives</li></ul>SoMAR’srole:<br />Execute<br />Report<br />Adjust<br />Plan<br />SoMAR<br />
    26. 26. Social Marketing / Reputation ManagementComplete Social Marketing Skill Sets<br />Social Marketing Skill Sets Needed<br /><ul><li>Content Creation
    27. 27. Placement Execution
    28. 28. Social Marketing skill set
    29. 29. Customer Communications
    30. 30. Concern Resolution Management</li></ul>Execute<br />Report<br />Adjust<br />Plan<br />SoMAR<br />Design<br />Configuration<br />Sales<br />Writing<br />
    31. 31. Business SponsoredSocial Network Site<br />Social Media Marketing Community Strategy<br />The hub of a Hub-&-Spoke SM/RM Strategy<br />
    32. 32. Social Network Account and Profile Management<br />Social Media Related Services That MustBe Actively Managed<br /><ul><li>Brand registration services
    33. 33. Managing social profiles
    34. 34. Brand monitoring
    35. 35. Social relevancy monitoring
    36. 36. Reporting and alerts multiple times per day
    37. 37. 100s of social networks
    38. 38. Driving Customer Reviews</li></li></ul><li>Employee Participation<br />Dealer Message – Dealer Control<br />Civic activities<br />Local interests<br />Vehicle discussions<br />Dealership happenings<br />RSS Feeds <br />Managed Placements<br />OEMs<br />Enthusiast sites<br />Video / photo feeds<br />Positive UGC<br />Systemic process <br />Lots of positive UGC<br />Content analysis & syndication<br />Brand Monitoring<br />Over 200 Ancira Employees participate in community<br />
    39. 39. Amplify The Positive – Consumer Feedback<br /><ul><li>DealerRater Certification
    40. 40. Encourage / solicit consumer feedback at time of delivery
    41. 41. Post positive reviews to Dealer’s Community Site
    42. 42. Amplify the message by publishing to all social sites
    43. 43. Any negative reviews send alert to dealer and your social media pro
    44. 44. 10-day hold on posting enabling dealer to engage and rectify
    45. 45. BZ Social Media Pro provides Brand Monitoring service of dealer brand on all social sites to raise dealer awareness</li></ul>19<br />
    46. 46. Case Study: Ancira Auto Group<br />Birth of a Community<br />ADP Builds Ancira Auto Community Site<br />Dealer personnel set-up profilesGet engaged<br />Dealer Information<br />Ancira Crafts Their Message<br />Syndicated Content<br />Relevant Info From Other Sources<br />User Content<br />Fun Stuff For Customers<br />Local Interest<br />Highlight Ancira’s Civic Leadership<br />Registration / Publication<br />Site Registered in 120 Social Venues<br />Will you be my Facebook friend?<br />3<br />4<br />5<br />6<br />1<br />2<br />
    47. 47. Case Study: Ancira Auto Group – Stellar Results<br />Positive customer feedback<br />“I am absolutely blown away that you not only responded… but that you use social media”<br />“I will be happy to explain to everyone the fantastic service I received…”<br />Returns10 pages of Ancira content<br />ancira dodge san antonio<br />Brand Name Search<br />Search Engine Results<br />Consumer response<br />
    48. 48.
    49. 49.
    50. 50.
    51. 51.
    52. 52.
    53. 53. Automotive Avenues Before Investing in Social Media<br />2,383 <br />Lead Submitted Annually<br />(Above the National Average for metro car dealers of 968)<br />
    54. 54. Automotive Avenues After Investing in Social Media<br />6,340 <br />Lead Submitted Annually<br />166% IncreaseDuring Worst Economic Climate in 30 Years!<br />
    55. 55. Thank<br />