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Mobile app for Inorbit Malls - Mobile marketing


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Designed & Developed by Phonethics. The Inorbit mall apps on Android & iOS are a perfect mix of Magic & Utility. A bit like the Inorbit Mall experience itself. We pride ourselves on putting our guests first and designing all our experiences around them, real or virtual. Our patrons in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Vadodara can now experience their favorite Inorbit mall at their fingertips.
Use this Inorbit mall app to get Exclusive offers, Latest Updates, Event happenings, Movie listings and bookings & a chance to win exciting prizes.
Utilities -
As a valued guest of Inorbit Malls you can use this App to –
1. Spot an Inorbit mall near you
2. View the latest Offers & News from stores in that mall
3. Browse stores & offers sorted by categories like – Entertainment, Food & Pamper Zone
4. Search for stores & offers
5. Know about the facilities at individual Inorbit malls to help you plan your visit
6. Stay in touch with Inorbit Social channels
7. Movie listings & bookings
8. Latest Food & Dining options
9. Parking assistance
10. Customised offers on special occasion – Shake & Win
11. Mall events information & updates

Special Features –
1. Parking Assist - Use this feature to geo-locate your car in the Inorbit parking. Just drop a pin and take a picture of the parking bay. Our smart parking assist feature will guide you back to the car, while you take care of your shopping bags.
2. Shake & Win – Log in, Fill out your profile, tell us a few things about yourself i.e birthdays, anniversaries & on special occasions at Inorbit you can win loads of prizes. Simply, launch the ‘Shake & Win’ icon and give the app a good shake [take care to not lose grip on your precious phone or hurt somebody standing close]. If it’s your lucky day, you could unlock surprise gifts.

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Mobile app for Inorbit Malls - Mobile marketing

  1. 1. ‘INORBIT IN’ App Process
  2. 2. Index • Customer’s Side • Store manager side – Login – Make a new post – View post – Approval before going live – Enhance your store – Manage gallery of your store
  3. 3. Customer’s Side
  4. 4. Entry Screen
  5. 5. Customer Dashboard
  6. 6. Select city
  7. 7. Tap here to see all the listed stores
  8. 8. All the stores listed in the Mall can be viewed here
  9. 9. An orange band on the store denotes an ongoing offer in the store
  10. 10. Tap here to see all the current offers
  11. 11. Only the stores having offers are listed under this category
  12. 12. The search tab helps in finding the stores
  13. 13. The user can search as per the listed categories
  14. 14. All the stores in the Mall are listed under this tab
  15. 15. Tap here to mark this store as favorite Tap here to call the store
  16. 16. The user can mark the offer as his favorite by tapping here
  17. 17. The user can share the offer by tapping here The user can share the offer using various listed platforms
  18. 18. All the restaurant and eateries in the mall are listed under Dine section
  19. 19. All the play zone stores and theatres are listed under this tab
  20. 20. PAMPER ZONE
  21. 21. All the salons, spas are listed under this tab
  22. 22. Events tab
  23. 23. All the events taking place in the Mall are listed under this tab
  24. 24. Mall Info tab
  25. 25. All the services offered by the mall are listed under this tab
  26. 26. The second screen on the dashboard
  27. 27. The user can select the level he is parking, take a picture of the place he has parked and put a description of the place he has parked the vehicle
  28. 28. All the favorite stores are listed under this tab
  29. 29. Personalized offers created by the mall manger are listed under this tab
  30. 30. The User can access all the social media platforms of the mall by using this tab
  31. 31. The user can sign in using Facebook and also by filling in his details
  32. 32. The App info tab
  33. 33. User can contact the Mall
  34. 34. The user can rate the App
  35. 35. Store Manager’s Side
  36. 36. Dashboard on starting the App Click on App Info tab
  37. 37. To enable the Merchant side check the box
  38. 38. Select the switch which is at the top right corner for login The switch comes up after you have checked the box
  39. 39. Login to the App
  40. 40. Login screen – login from mobile number and password Enter the registered Mobile NumberEnter the password
  41. 41. Dashboard on Successful log in
  42. 42. Making a post
  43. 43. Store Manager dashboard For posting new offer click here on New Post
  44. 44. Type all the details of the offer- take a picture and review it for confirmation Enter the Name of Offer Put a description for the offer Click here to choose a picture saved in your mobile Tap here to take a picture you want to post with the offer Enter till when the offer is valid Tap here to review the details of your offer
  45. 45. Review tab- review all the details
  46. 46. Confirm the offer Review the offer and edit that if any changes has to be made or post it if all details are correct Tap here to make changes in the offer Tap here to post the offer
  47. 47. Approval before going live
  48. 48. All posts are only made live when approved by the Mall Manager. You can see the status of your posts here.
  49. 49. View Select the view post tab –> select the store - > see the offers of shops You can also see the status of your posts by clicking on this tab
  50. 50. Know the details of the posts you have made
  51. 51. Enhance your store presence
  52. 52. Edit Store Select EDIT STORE tab from dashboard – edit the details like Store Name – Store Category – Contact Numbers – Description – Store logo Tap here to edit the store
  53. 53. Tap any of the fields to make changes in it
  54. 54. After selecting EDIT STORE tab from dashboard – edit the details like Store Name – Store Category – Contact Numbers – Description – Store logo
  55. 55. Manage Gallery of your Store
  56. 56. Add images to your store by clicking on this tab
  57. 57. Tap on Add Image to add a Picture Tapping on edit gives you option to change pictures
  58. 58. Tap here to delete the selected picture Tap here to cancel and go back
  59. 59. Learnings 1. Add a detailed description for your store 2. Remember to add validity in case your post is a time bound offer 3. See the status of your posts & check analytics to see how