Directi Case Study Contest 2010- NMIMS Markitechs


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Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team Markitechs from NMIMS

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    Users who access internet via mobile phones remains a meagre 2 million due to slow download speeds
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  • Directi Case Study Contest 2010- NMIMS Markitechs

    1. 1. Team Members: Ankit Dudhwewala Abhishek Salecha Deepak Middha Shreyas Ravi
    2. 2. Agenda Understanding Challenges for the Product Marketing & Promotion Strategy Monetization Strategies The Product – Features & Benefits Approach adopted to design the product Background information
    3. 3. India is the second- fastest growing economy in the world India’s internet community grew by 42% in 2009 (The Economic Times) Revenue contribution of VAS to increase from current 12% to around 20% by 2013 ( Mobile user base of 626 Mn and expected to double by 2015 (Hindu Business Line) Smartphone penetration out of the total mobile penetration is only 2% but it has the potential to grow exponentially (The Financial Express) VAS segment to garner US $5.98 bn by 2013 from current US $ 2.07 bn ( Web traffic from mobile phones touched the 1.2-billion mark in March 2010, making India’s mobile-web traffic the second highest globally next to the US ( Industry Analysis Background
    4. 4. Smart Phone Usage In India More than 145 min spent other than communication Share of time spent on phone Background
    5. 5. 2005- HI5- First social media in India 2006-The rise of Orkut 2007- Facebook Vs Orkut 2008- The Facebook Revolution 2010- Facebook & twitter co exist Evolution of Social Network in India Birth of Indian social Network Location Based Social Network ONLY FOURSQUARE- WEAK PRESENCE Mobile Social Networking Website Background
    6. 6. Social Networking on Mobile Phone in India Both user base and reach is increasing every month for Social network sites and Apps Background
    7. 7. Checks In Loopt, Brightkite, Flook,etc. Gowalla • Social utility • City guide • Awards+ Badges • Special deals • Applications • Both paid & free apps • Mostly for food or friend spotting • Basic games • Gaming roots • Collect digital goodies • Trips • Top 10 user list at venues • Badges • Find friends • Find places & Events • Share location tips • Share photos • Near by strangers Foursquare Major International Player in the - “Location Based Social Network” Background
    8. 8. Key Decisions Compete Collaborate We compete with the other Indian players like ibibo, big adda, etc. We make a platform where other players can be partners. Compete Collaborate Adopt Innovate We adopt the best practices of the world and Indianise it We make a completely new platform from scratch for India High Return Low Risk Adopt Innovate Example: Example: Approach
    9. 9. Ease of use & good looks are important Talking to strangers esp. opposite sex is important Games & apps help in engaging customer Create not only a social network but a framework Celebrities do influence Create more partner than competitors Built initial trust between users and their service Checks In are not enough 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Learning From Secondary Research 9 Real -time info is important Every 10% easier interface means 50% larger audience. 10 Approach
    10. 10. Introducing The Location Based Social Networking Platform Approach
    11. 11. 54321 © 2008
    12. 12. What is PLACED-AT? Product Check-in and other basic services Real time information on Road Traffic Location based 3rd party applications Location based Games & Entertainment And Yes it works on both JAVA enabled and Smart Phones. An India specific Location based social networking portal providing users with
    13. 13. Status update Features:-  Manual status update by the User  Push notification system – enables the App to update user location continuously in the background  Updates about Friends Location  Auto Status update on 3rd party Apps  Share location update by strangers Sharing Features:-  Share location tips / directions  Share views and reviews  Share photos, videos of a location Other Features:-  Offers  Real time search  Event update of near by location  Option of calling, msg & PLACED- AT reply- on the PLACED-At interface itself Privacy:-  Invisible mode  Users categorized in 4 different labels for status updates or any information sharing – • members (all users of PLACED-AT) • contacts (of phonebook) • Favs (best friends) • Select (select users for a particular update)  Our Product is well synchronized with websites like ( to save users from any kind of trouble which can arise from their status updates Basic Features Product
    14. 14. Real time info on( Road Traffic[1/2] GPS location of phone @ 11.30 P.M. Latitude, Longitude 19.030497,72.846265 PLACED-AT enabled mobile phone used as the tracking device Calculate distance traveled , time taken, route, et al Other real-time information like- traffic situation, time spent @ a spot et al can be calculated GPS location of phone @ 11.00 P.M. Latitude, Longitude 19.03145,72.842209 PLACED-AT enabled mobile phone can be used as the tracking device Increased accuracy by averaging out data from all users using that route @ that time Uses GPS based mobile phone tracking technology Product
    15. 15. You Expected route Traffic Jam But you are a member of PLACED-AT So you Get Real Time update about traffic situation Prior learning about Traffic Jam PLACED-AT checks for alternative routes PLACED-AT suggests the best route The source of this real-time information is our users Real time info on( Road Traffic[2/2] Product
    16. 16. Meru App - The one click cab call service User – Needs a cab Opens Meru app on PLACED- AT Meru will dispatch a taxi to given location BMS App - The one click ticket booking service User – Wants to book tickets Opens BMS app on PLACED- AT Displays Movies in the vicinity, location can be changed Sends User’s location to Meru’s system Sends User’s location to BMS’s system Location Based 3rd Party Application[1/2] Product Auto-tweets the name of theater, movie and time
    17. 17. Burrp App - The one click cab call service User – Hungry / wants to go out Opens Burrp app on PLACED- AT Many such 3rd party Application can be installed Sends User’s location to BMS’s system Auto-status update the name of place, location and time Displays review of restaurants in the vicinity, location can be changed Location Based 3rd Party Application[2/2] Product
    18. 18. View Your Day ATM Locator Calendar Phone Tracker Weather Update Invite Tracker 0800 hrs 0900 hrs 1400 hrs 1300 hrs 1800 hrs Friend 1 Friend 2 Real time tracking of friends location – where are they and how much time they will take to reach. User invites friends for a movie or diner HDFC Bank, Parsi Colony. Distance: 2Km Will be Placed at Colaba on Flagged days. Update goes to friends. Going to Delhi Live weather updates Track your Lost Phone Use 'locate' to see the approximate location of your mobile on a map. Few Other Application Product
    19. 19. Games will be created by both PLACED-AT and 3rd party Will be played in the friends group Sample game(created by PLACED-AT)- Location based Monopoly Players visiting any plot earn virtual money Movie hall, Malls, amusement park are plots Players buy the plot to become virtual owner If friends of owner visit the plot they pay rent Owner can upgrade plot at a price to earn more rent Virtual money so earned can be used to buy real world goods + Visits cinema - = Owner of cinema Rent - = = Extra rent There can be more than 1 owner to a single plot. In such a case the two owner don’t pay rent to each other. Plots for sale by PLACED- AT @ particular price and has rent attached Location Based Games Product
    20. 20. Revenue Method Location Based Ticker Ad Transaction Fee Selling Virtual Goods Monetization
    21. 21. Location Based Ticker Ad User visits Inorbit mall Logs -in to PLACED-AT Clickable Ticker Advertisements Sample specimen on browser by clicking advertisement ticker PLACED-AT charges its advertisers a fixed price per impression for the ticker ads ATM Locator USER BENEFITS • Allows subscribers to avail Spot Offers • Doesn’t have to pay for using application- as the Ads subsidizes the use of application ADVERTISER BENEFITS • Highly targeted • High efficiency and effectiveness • Facilitates last minute sales • Effective medium to roll out teasers • Inexpensive!! Gets ad listed from the shops in Inorbit mall Monetization
    22. 22. Pay the rental Decide the number of weekly/monthly impression Select the demographics of the target audience Select the location to advertize Log in and upload picture advertisement Go to advertising page on PLACED-AT • Two ads are uploaded •First which appears at the bottom of the our page • Another which appears on clicking the first ticker ad and gives more info. Like Inorbit mall, Infinity mall, etc. Multiple location can be selected. The advertisers has the option of selecting- age, gender & profession of the target audience. Benefits of this method • Ease of listing • Both small and big players can list ad • Budget can be controlled Cost = No. of impression* Price per impression How to list ticker ads Monetization
    23. 23. Transaction Fee Transaction charges from 3rd party application having monitory transactions Sells tickets through PLACED-AT app Pays PLACED-AT a transaction fee. Other Revenue Methods Selling Virtual Goods For games on PLACED-AT, virtual goods or virtual money can be brought from real money. A percentage of the transaction amount is retained by PLACED-AT for 3rd party games. Monopoly sells Rs 10000 of virtual money for real money Rs 10 PLACED-AT earns real money Rs 10 Monetization
    24. 24. Marketing “PLACED-AT”
    25. 25. Profile of a PLACED-AT User • 16 years & above • Middle Class & Above • Working Professionals Demography • Primarily concentrated in Urban India • Tier I & Tier II CitiesGeography • Socially Active • Require frequent Stress Busters • Active on Social Networking Sites Psychology • Propensity to spend • Value Added Services UsersBehavior Marketing
    26. 26. 3 BASIC Rules for Marketing PLACED-AT RULE 1: Think engagement not Promotion RULE 2: Listen to your customer RULE 3: Offer content that matters - Build conversation around it Marketing
    27. 27. Marketing Mission Launching a Location Based Social Network, a service unknown in India. Encourage customers to use PLACED-AT by effective communication. In the near future, make the phrase PLACED-AT synonymous with LOCATION. Marketing
    28. 28. Message PLACED-AT will – Indianise the Message” FACT Strategy Promote the deals on PLACED-AT Organize contests with prizes We ask them why NOT? For “PLACED-AT”, Message will be developed to suit the Indian Psychology. Indians like offers Indians like free gifts Many Indians buy Smartphone for status but don’t use its features . Marketing
    29. 29. BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Besides promoting itself, PLACED-AT will also aim at educating the customer. Benefits 1. We increase the market size 2. And we catch them early Message will be directed to educate the users of smart phone We will make users understand the benefits of Mobile Apps We tell users about the convenience of using smart phones We aim at solving users problems with a 24/7 help line MicroMax Smart phone now @ Rs 7000 Why need a note pad. Use your smart phone. Dont waste money on a secy. Use Mobile apps. Have a Problem ?Call us. Marketing
    30. 30. Promotion strategy Strategy Time Line Stage 0: Stage 1: Design to market Throughout the life time • Charity begins at home • Publicity/ PR • Social Media Stage 2: • Online Advertisements • PLACED-AT near target audience • Publicity/ PR • Contests • Partnership • Celebrity promotion Stage 3: Launch to 3 months 3 months to 9 months Post 9 months Marketing
    31. 31. Design to market The products should be so designed that it creates opportunities to market itself Placed-At installation A Prompt Window after completion of PLACED-AT installation on Phone. Ease of sending invitation to users friends. Marketing-Stage 0
    32. 32. Advantages: • Helps in generating positive WOM • Practical demonstration of use of various Application •Better Pilot Study Charity Begins @ Home Breed PLACED-AT as a part of Directi culture Amongst the Consultants Amongst the Suppliers Not to forget the Top Management Amongst the Customers Amongst the Employees Marketing-Stage 1
    33. 33. Create Facebook , Twitter, Orkut, Myspace Applications Status updates on Other Social Network every time the application is used Creating a Community page on social portals Consumer Engagements through topics for discussion- Need not only be Business Social Media Marketing Marketing-Stage 1
    34. 34. Public Relations / Publicity Decide on the Face of the Company Partner with a Publicity Firm Partner with Ad “Blast” Firms Meet Journalists in person- Every time!! Be active on all technology blogs, discussions Attract media- Build on anything & everything!! Top 3 Indian Technology Blogs Marketing-Stage 1
    35. 35. Online Advertising Search Engine Optimization Advertising on Inexpensive yet effective sites – PAGALGUY, Video Forum Sending Viral emails to potential customers Video Advertising on streaming websites like Youtube, Metacafe Marketing-Stage 2
    36. 36. PLACED-AT near Target Audience Kiosks in Colleges & Companies Sponsoring College Festivals & Company Events Festivals Freebies for Students Organizing & Participating in Conferences Marketing-Stage 2
    37. 37. Contest Contests - designing Applications for PLACED-AT for Students & Young Working Professionals Gifts for owning places Shreyas is the Owner of Inorbit mall on Personalized Gift for being PLACED-AT more than 50 placed Manish Singh has been PLACED-AT Invite a friend and get 1000 points on PLACED-At apps Time sensitive offers- integrates with the PLACED-AT idea of NOW!! Visit today & Marketing-Stage 2
    38. 38. Partnerships Smart Phone Manufacturers Social Touch Points Media Partners Pre-installed PLACED-AT application on Smart Phones Marketing-Stage 3
    39. 39. Celebrity Promotions Advantages: • Celebrities are heavily followed by general public as well as media • When celebrities comment, it is noticed • This benefits Pizza Hut which is getting advertised along with PLACED-AT How to do it: • Target celebrities who need publicity • Get them on PLACED-AT and steadily expand the celebrity network as well • Sign up agreements, if necessary-PAY THEM • Celebrity privacy could still be maintained Marketing-Stage 3
    40. 40. Challenges Fear - among users that online check-ins leave them and their homes vulnerable to robberies, muggings and sexual assaults Lack of technological penetration and infrastructure development - GPS technology, penetration of smart phones and mobile banking Metropolitan/urban design - The challenge for location platform developers is to give the networks value to a geographically diverse audience Constant innovation to maintain competitive advantage Keeping costs low for both users as well as advertisers
    41. 41. Thank You By the way – The domain name “” is still available for registration!!! 