World of Teachcraft - Playing the Game


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September 21, 2012

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World of Teachcraft - Playing the Game

  1. 1. World of Teachcraft: Playing the Game
  2. 2. Brief History of Games
  3. 3. 1st Person ShooterFPSs are distinguished by a first person perspective, that renders the game world from the visual perspective of the player character.You will typically not see your avatar in an FPS, unless there is a mirror or cinematic transition between levels
  4. 4. Third Person ShooterThird-person shooter (TPS) is a genre of 3D computer and video games in which the player character is seen at a distance from a number of different possible perspective angles.Common angle is looking over character’s right shoulder
  5. 5. MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG) is a genre of 3D computer and video games in which the thousands of players are playing online at the same time. This genre of game typically includes a social interaction requirement to complete certain activities.Common angle is looking over character’s right shoulder
  6. 6. World of Warcraft
  7. 7. MMORPGs #1World of Warcraft (WoW)•41,007 hours of game play on June 14, 2012 by almost 10,925 Xfire players for anaverage of 3.75 hrs / player (•10.2 Million players worldwide (12/31/11)
  8. 8. What is World of Warcraft?• Sword and Board Fantasy• Players Choose Race and Roles for their Characters• Once in world, players progress by accepting and completing quests
  9. 9. Classes• Deathknight• Druid• Hunter• Mage• Paladin• Priest• Rogue• Shaman• Warlock• Warrior
  10. 10. Goal of Each Role• Optimize their specific set of abilities• Tanks – Block, dodge, parry• DPS – DPS (damage per second)• Healer – HPS (heals per second)
  11. 11. Addons• World of Warcraft opens up some of its code to allow creation of addons• & Wow Matrix• Most Addons are dashboards / assessment meters
  12. 12. Recount
  13. 13. Minecraft
  14. 14. Minecraft• Genre: Sandbox• Numbers: – 7 million + users that have purchased 9/18/12 – 41 million + total users
  15. 15. Minecraft• Graphics: – Very basic, 32 bit• Playstyle: – Open – “Emergent Gameplay”
  16. 16. Minecraft Addons• Maps – import terrain• Models – animals, weapons, etc• Skins – character appearance• GUI changes
  17. 17. How are they being used?• World of Warcraft – Arizona State University - Discourses, Community, and Power in Virtual Worlds,” or ENG 654 – ASU - GOVERNANCE OF VIRTUAL WORLDS, LAW 791/EDT 791 – CCCS – Intro to Business Fa 12-Fa 13
  18. 18. World of Warcraft in Business• We received a Faculty Challenge Grant to pilot World of Warcraft for the next three semesters• Implementation will occur in – BUS 115: Introduction to Business – ECO 202: Introduction to MicroEconomics
  19. 19. World of Warcraft in Business• Classes were selected based on high D, W, F grades• Main hypothesis: – By implementing game based learning, student satisfaction, retention and performance will increase
  20. 20. WoW in Business
  21. 21. How are they being used?• Minecraft – UNC Asheville - CSCI 373.002 Programming (Minecraft) Game Extensions – University of Chicago - ENGL/CMST 25945//Fall 2011 – Digital Storytelling – Arizona State University - RDG 440 – Computer Games, Learning and Literacy
  22. 22. Minecraft Edu
  23. 23. Massively Minecraft
  24. 24. Minecraft in Schools
  25. 25. Video ToursMinecraft and World of Warcraft