303 vworlds ben sawyer


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303 vworlds ben sawyer

  1. 1. Virtual Worlds? My Landscape...
  2. 2. My Goals...• Set some overall perspective• Challenge a few things• Provide some possible ideas... Special Thanks : Tim Holt
  3. 3. Multiplayer Taxonomy Massive Massive Multiplayer Multiplayer Multiplayer Multiplayer Opponents Tournament (Shareded) (Grid)No. of Players 1-4 8-64 1000-10,000 Everyone Player Hosted Server? Via Provider or P2P Third Party Hosted Provider Only Provider Only In classroom Most FPS games Most MMPs use Other MMPs group games use fit this approach this approach use this approach Notes this approach Making History America’s Army Lunar Quest Second Life Social Networks Name ARGs Web MMP Play By Email Games File Attached to Social Network API How Played Message Boards, Etc. Turn Based Compliant Application Client SmartyPants Example World Without Oil Sim Country Scrabble EA | Blueprint
  4. 4. Why you should not make a Virtual WorldBecause they are “hot”Because “everyone” is doing itTo be like <Insert Name of Virtual World>
  5. 5. Why you should play with virtual worlds... To experiment and seek out utility To create a space for social interaction To let players act and react to each other and their environment in a big world To create a persistent environment where people can visit and return To create a new avenue to digital simulations and game applications that educate people To reach different audiences
  6. 6. Experimentation & Utility• It’s good to experiment - but set expectations• Utility - Distributed teams, geospatial orientation, visualization...
  7. 7. People & Simulations• Virtual worlds might need to be more then a social atmosphere...• Virtual worlds are attracting people from other media and especially other Web media
  8. 8. Virtual World Systems...•Wonderland/Project •ConduitDarkstar (Sun) •Realworld (Total Immersion•Intel Mirimar Software)•Protosphere •Tixeo•Qwaq •Numedeon•Olive (Forterra) •MetaPlace•Home (Sony) •Multiverse•Kaneva •Croquet•There.com •Hoplon•SecondLife •Microsoft ESP•ActiveWorlds
  9. 9. 2D: Habbo HotelFree, Shockwave/web based virtual community“Fun, social non-violent concepts that inspire creativity”Built by Sulake in Helsinki, Finlandwww.habbo.com
  10. 10. 2D: WhyvilleFree Java/web based virtual community with strong educational contentExtremely simplistic graphics, but highly successfulBuilt by Numedeonwww.whyville.net
  11. 11. 3D: RuneScape Free Java + web based fantasy RPG MMO Hugely popular despite low quality graphics Built by Jagex www.runescape.com
  12. 12. Lessons...• Not all virtual worlds share an approach of real-time 3D and many which don’t are actually very successful• There are MANY vying if not viable solutions and this will stay this way for sometime - expect failures• We’re not sure what the “killer app” is for virtual worlds• It’s not clear that certain 3D spaces are in fact productive spaces as is
  13. 13. Questions...• Do you build your own “world” or do you inhabit other world(s) or both? • Where do people have accounts? • What are they doing in this world?• What will my world offer?
  14. 14. Possible Answers...• World as third “space”... especially for meetings• World as educational simulation of your topic(s) • For your core readers? • For people outside of the readership (e.g. kids)• A totally different sense of world...
  15. 15. A Different Sense of World...• Wikipedia• FaceBook• PMOG• SimCountry• MUDs• Webkinz
  16. 16. Mirror Worlds• Google Maps 5.0• Microsoft ESP• Pictometry...• Mobile Meets Virtual Worlds
  17. 17. Games as Worlds• Animal Crossing• World of Warcraft• Half-Life 2• Maple Story
  18. 18. It’s About Properties First• Socialness• Persistence What of these• World properties• Simulation/Play/Narrative are you interested?• Immersion• Inventiveness
  19. 19. Summary...• Experiment widely• Look at the entire spectrum of activity• Set aside common organization utility• Multi-tiered strategy likely outcome• Re-think “who is your audience”