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State of The Guild February 2015


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Inevitable Betrayal Guild
Google + Community

Hangout Recording

Intro 1
Achievements 2 – 8
Fishing Report 9 – 10
Looking at Data 11 – 14
Differences in Play Since WoD 15
Coaching, mentoring and Meetings 16 – 18
Raid Rankings 19 – 23
Ragequit on the Ally Side and Area 52 Horde 24 – 26
Help Needed 27 – 30
Inevitable Betrayal wins at VEJ Awards 31 – 43
ISTE Awards 44
Games & Sims Nominations 45
Virtual Environments Pioneer of the Year 46
Upcoming Events 47 – 51
PvP Report 52 – 53
Hunting Parties 54 – 55
6.1 Change Slides 56 – 66
Twitter for Selfies 67 – 68
#dontdiealone 69
Flickr 70
“Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel” Achieve 71
Closing Slide 72

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State of The Guild February 2015

  1. 1. State of the Guild February 2015 Inevitable Betrayal
  2. 2. Inevitable Achievements
  3. 3. WoD WoW Achieves ● WoD added a net 10 more achieves! ● All the Heroic Draenor Guild Dungeon runs except: ● Skyreach and Iron Docks
  4. 4. Feb WoW Achieves ● Rukhmar Guild Run- 2/3 ● Goliaths of Gorgrond Guild - 12/13
  5. 5. Upcoming Achieves ● Heroic Dungeons: ○ Skyreach & Iron Docks ● Professions: ○ Glyphs - Need 916 more made ○ Fish - 457 more caught from Pools
  6. 6. Feb Numbers 211 of 262 - Achievements completed 49,543 - Fish caught from pools 55,172 - Dailies completed 95,303 - Honorable Kills from Battlegrounds Crittergeddon Achieved 11/28/14 As of 2/22/2015
  7. 7. Oct Numbers 206 of 252 - Achievements completed 40,444 - Fish caught from pools 46,365 - Dailies completed 73,408 - Honorable Kills from Battlegrounds 91,320 - Critters Killed AS OF 10/4/14
  8. 8. Change in Numbers ● 5 - Achievements completed 9,099 - Fish caught from pools 8,807 - Dailies completed 21,895 - Honorable Kills from Battlegrounds 3,569 - Critters Killed As of 2/22/2015
  9. 9. The Fishing Report
  10. 10. ● That’s a Lot of Bait - Catch 10K fish from pools ○ Completed 8/17/13 ● Pandaren Angler - Catch 25K fish from pools in Pandaria ○ Completed on 7/20/14 ● We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Catch 25K fish from pools ○ Completed 3/9/14 ● Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel - Catch 50K fish from pools ○ At 49,508 (previously 40,394; so +9,114 fish from pools) As of 2/18/2015 Fishing Related Guild Achievements
  11. 11. Keeping up with Jones
  12. 12. Ask Mr. Robot
  13. 13. Differences In WoD ● Enrage Timers are Faster ● Melee has Little Forgiveness on Bosses Moves ● Rezzes on a Timer ● Die during first 50% we are likely to wipe ● Must Master most Mechanics to be successful
  14. 14. Asynchronous Mentor ● Players share what works for them ● Use Google+ Community o Could do a hangout if desired
  15. 15. Coaches ● One on One meetings ● Discuss AMR data, interface, how player does things, improvement over time ● Critiques will be made; need to be open for the learning experience
  16. 16. Meetings ● Film Sessions (?) ● Group Support meetings for o DPS Ranged o DPS Melee o Tanks o Healers
  17. 17. 4 out of 7 Normal 1 out of 7 Heroic R&D Group
  18. 18. Realm Rankings Two Metrics: ● Wow Heroes ● Guildox
  19. 19. 31 Inevitable Betrayal: ● 31st Combined Realm ● 11th SoE only ● 6th Ranked SoE Horde
  20. 20. Inevitable Betrayal: ● 20th Combined Realm ● 9th SoE only ● 6th Ranked SoE Horde ● Does not include our downing of Twins last night
  21. 21. Mergers & Acquisitions Guilds, Realms, Servers
  22. 22. ● Betrayal on the Ally side of Sisters of Elune ● Fill free to stock bank ● We’ll eventually do runs ● Contact Kuwapi or Konishiki if you want to join
  23. 23. ● Horde on Area 52 ● Scouting parties for raiding ● Contact Kuwapi or Konishiki if you want to join
  24. 24. Help Needed G+ Community
  25. 25. Mats Needed ● Black Rock Ore ● Savage Bloods ● Temporal Crystals & other Enchanting Mats ● Savage Hides
  26. 26. Help Needed ● Dungeon Runs ● Challenge Dungeon Runs ● Legendary Ring Quest o Heroic Dungeons  Slag Mines, Everbloom, Grimrail  Apexis crystals 4,986 of them exactly :P
  27. 27. Awards
  28. 28. Virtual Education Journal Reader’s Choice Awards VEJ
  29. 29. Favorite virtual world environment/and or game World of Warcraft
  30. 30. Person who taught, inspired or helped you the most in a virtual world environment/and or game Chris Luchs
  31. 31. Favorite 2014 educational event in a virtual world environment/and or game Inevitable Betrayal Weekend Webinars
  32. 32. Favorite “Go To” place for information about what is happening in virtual worlds Inevitable Betrayal Google + Community
  33. 33. Favorite Fashion Designer Shaomai House of Fashion
  34. 34. Favorite Virtual World Designer Tie: Lowtide “Blue” (Vasili Giannoutsos) and Zinnialuna (Serena Offcourse)
  35. 35. Best Virtual World Blog Grid Jumper
  36. 36. Favorite Educational Gaming Guild Inevitable Betrayal
  37. 37. Most Innovative Use of a Virtual World Inevitable Betrayal
  38. 38. Favorite Professional Development Recording Inevitable Instructors State of the Guild (SOTG)
  39. 39. 10 out of 27 awards
  40. 40. ISTE Nominations
  41. 41. Nominate Yourself or Someone Else 200 word nomination Link to any supporting docs Link to any website, video, etc. March 9 deadline Games & Sims Network
  42. 42. Nominate Yourself or Someone Else 500 word nomination Link to any supporting docs, website, video, etc. March 27 Deadline Virtual Environments Pioneer of the Year
  43. 43. Upcoming Events
  44. 44. Big “G” Games Close Reading February 25
  45. 45. edWeb Webinar March 18 EdWeb Webinar Lee Sheldon author of The Multiplayer Classroom Designing Coursework as a Game
  46. 46. Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) March 19
  47. 47. Track 1: Interactive Fiction Track 2: Multi-player Classroom March 21 - April 10
  48. 48. PvP Report
  49. 49. B Blaze of Glory PvP Runs ● 2 Nights of Some Wins and Some Losses ● 2 Nights of epic wins in gear for participants ● Thanks to Amednable, Hemotao, for coming along and guiding and teaching.
  50. 50. ❖ Right now we only have one scheduled per week. ❖ We need to know when you are available. ❖ Each hunting party should have a tank, heals and dps. ❖ We will try to aim for two per week right now. ❖ Tuesday evenings before big guild run? 5pm Server? The Hemet Nesingwary Weekly Big Game Hunt
  51. 51. What’s happening in 6.1? ● Updated Blood ElF Models ● Twitter and SELFIE Camera ● Heirloom Collections and Chauffeured Chopper Mount reward (from achievement) ● New Darkmoon Faire games and Rewards ● New pets from Raiding with Leashes III achievement ● Garrisons: New iLevel cap for followers, daily Garrison quests, jukebox and music scrolls, Foundry and Profession Missions, and legendary follower. ● Profession Updates (New Recipes and Change Reagents) ● More toys for toy box. ● Better Rewards for Challenge Mode ● “Super-rare” mount
  52. 52. Basic Camera - “Field Photography” mission. Upgrade Kit - “Lens Some Hands” mission. Upgrades camera to epic toy S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera Mkll. WoW Selfies Achievement: Field Photographer. Awards “Field Photographer” title. (Field Photographer yournamehere) Selfies all throughout Azeroth (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Outland, Pandaria, Draenor (All Expansions)
  53. 53. Heirloom tab - Collections button. ● Your heirlooms in this tab are grouped by slot, and can be further filtered by class. ● The heirlooms show their upgrade level and the tooltips include basic source information. ● To add existing heirlooms to the collection tab, simply log onto the character that has them. ● To create a heirloom on an alt, right-click on the icon in the Collections tab and a non-enchanted copy will appear in your bags. Unequippable heirloom items, as well as Bind on Account items that are not heirloom-quality (such as Archaeology solves), do not go into the heirloom tab. Heirlooms that are no longer obtainable, such as Garrosh heirlooms, count towards your collection total but are hidden from the default UI if you do not own them. Heirloom Tab
  54. 54. Heirloom Mount Requirements ● Where's the Mailbox?: Collect one heirloom ● Alt-ernative Lifestyle: Collect five heirlooms ● Ready for Powerleveling: Collect fifteen heirlooms ● Heirloom Hoarder: Collect 35 heirlooms Heirlooms collected before 6.1 count towards this achievement. If you have multiple versions of a Garrosh heirloom, they are merged into your highest level version and only one counts. For collecting 35 heirlooms, you are rewarded with a special mount level 1 players can use. ● The Alliance gets Chauffeured Chopper, which has the flavor text “Transportation is a precise business.” The NPC who drives you around is Franklin Martin. ● The Horde gets Chauffeured Chopper, which has the flavor text “Why drive yourself around when you can hire someone to do it for you?”
  55. 55. Heirlooms purchased in 6.1 scale from 1-60. Most heirlooms are available for gold from Estelle Gendry and Krom Stoutarm, as well as tokens from the Darkmoon Faire and Argent Tournament. These cost less tokens than in the past, as the heirlooms scale from 1-60, not 1-80 as in the past. PvP and guild heirlooms are still available from their existing sources, but at cheaper prices. There are also heirlooms for a new slot, amulets. These come with an on- use effect to restore health: ● Eternal Talisman of Evasion ● Eternal Amulet of the Redeemed ● Eternal Horizon Choker ● Eternal Woven Ivy Necklace ● Eternal Emberfury Talisman ● Eternal Will of the Martyr Upgrading Heirlooms Heirlooms can be upgraded to level 90 ( Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing and Ancient Heirloom Scabbard) and level 100 ( Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard and Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing). These upgrades can be purchased several ways: ● Quests: Loot a Mystery Notebook, which unlocks a quest series Numismatics and Completionism to acquire Misprinted Draenic Coin. These are acquired from rewards tied to 6.1 Garrison dailies. ● Darkmoon Faire: Level 90 armor upgrades are available for 100 tickets, and weapon upgrades for 120 tickets. No lvl 100 upgrades were on the PTR. ● Argent Tournament: Level 90 armor upgrades are available for 55 seals, and weapon upgrades for 65 seals. No lvl 100 upgrades were on the PTR. ● Holidays: The Lunar Festival on the PTR has level 90 armor upgrades for 40 coins and level 100 armor upgrades for 75 coins. ● Gold: Level 90 armor upgrades cost 1,000, level 90 weapon upgrades cost 1,200, level 100 armor upgrades cost 2,000, and level 100 weapon upgrades ost 5,000 You must have your heirloom at Upgrade Level 1 before you can apply a level 100 upgrade to it. Heirlooms Obtained Before 6.1 ● Heirlooms that were 80 or 85 are now level 90 in 6.1. They show up in your collections tab as Upgrade Level 1/2. ● Heirlooms with existing enchants still keep them on the original item in your bag. However, additional copies of the heirloom via the heirlooms tab are not enchanted.
  56. 56. Darkmoon Faire Game, New Pets, Toys ● Toys: Darkmoon Tonk Controller, Darkmoon Ring-Flinger, Fire-Eater's Vial, Attraction Sign, Gaze of the Darkmoon ● Vanity Items: Darkmoon Cannon, Darkmoon Gazer, Checkered Flag, Everlasting Darkmoon Firework Racing Game: Introductory Quest by the Boardwalk to familiarize yourself. Then you can do the real race. Achievement for completing the race on one of four special racing mounts (Everyone has the same mount on a particular day). Darkmoon Tonk Controller is earned by hitting 45 targets during the Tonk Challenge. Darkmoon Ring-Flinger is earned by tossing 10 rings in one try during the Ring Challenge (a perfect run).
  57. 57. Garrison Additions Buildings and Professions There are new profession recipes which are acquired via random NPCs in your Level 3 Town Hall. This profession NPC will give a daily quest for Primal Spirits as well as the option to buy several new recipes for transmutes and Stage 4 crafted upgrades. These can spawn even if you don't have that profession. There are several profession missions. ● These are unlocked with Level 3 Profession buildings. ● Followers with profession traits increase mission success chance when assigned to their profession's mission. ● Completing these missions reward Rush Orders which complete 5 Work Orders at once.
  58. 58. Getting your Garrison Jukebox You'll get your Garrison Jukebox quest from the NPC in your Garrison. Bringing the Bass for the Alliance is collected from Fix "Smallie" Biggswrench, and for the Horde it's Bringing the Bass from Drix Bassbolter. Both of these are found just outside the door of the town hall. In order to complete the relevant quest, you will need to collect the following items. They're all 100% drop rates: ● Phonic Amplifier from Stalwart Warden in Skettis - there are a few around in the uppermost area of Skettis. ● S.P.R.K. Capacitor from Iron Shredders in Talador - these are not hard to find. Any Shredder will do. ● Bass Blaster Bass Blaster is picked up from the ground in Nagrand by the Party Ogres (57,11). ● Cord of Ancient Wood from Lumbering Ancient in Gorgrond - these are found in the greatest number near the Everbloom Wilds flight point. ● Laz-Tron Disc Reader Laz-Tron Disc Reader in a small house in Spires of Arak (55,90). After completing these objectives you will be rewarded with Unlock Garrison Jukebox. This builds your Jukebox in your Garrison. In order to play music in your Garrison, interact with the Jukebox and select a song from the list. Getting Your Music Rolls Music Rolls, the items that add music to your Jukebox, are found in the world, on vendors and out in hidden places. Your NPC will give you clues to obtaining music rolls when you talk to them in your Garrison. Getting Your Music Rolls Music Rolls, the items that add music to your Jukebox, are found in the world, on vendors and out in hidden places. Your NPC will give you clues to obtaining music rolls when you talk to them in your Garrison.
  59. 59. Daily Quests Daily quests are available from your Level 3 Town Hall in 6.1. You must be level 100 to build a Level 3 Town Hall. ● Daily dungeon quests reward Garrison Resource Shipment. Can contain an ilvl 630, 645, or 655 token, just like the ones you can get from missions. ● Bounty quests reward Bounty Payout. These are designed to be done in a group with 3 or more players. The bag contains Apexis Crystal, ilvl 645, or ilvl 655 token. ● Weekly raid quests reward a bag with an ilvl 645 or 655 token. ● Relic Hunter quests are given by Harrison Jones and when they are completed, unlock a similar- sounding ilvl 630 mission for your followers. This rewards a bag with Apexis Crystal, ilvl 645, or ilvl 655 token. Completing all the quests is needed to obtain Harrison Jones as a follower. These reward bags can also contain items to upgrade heirlooms as well as to summon bosses in your Garrison. Followers General Updates ● The follower ilvl cap is now ilvl 675 and you can upgrade inactive followers. ● Bodyguard Miniaturization Device shrinks your Bodyguard followers. ● Patch 6.1 also added two new NPCs in your Garrison, who sell followers you've missed out on through outpost choices and quests. For example, if you chose the Lumber Mill in Gorgrond, you can buy Spirit of Bony Xuk. The followers are sold as contracts, from Nalya Battlehorn (Horde) or Deluwin Whisperfield (Alliance) for 50 gold. New Followers ● Garona Halforcen is the legendary follower of 6.1. She comes with Master Assassin which greatly increases success against all targets. ● Harrison Jones is also a new follower. He comes with the special trait Mentor. He is a reward from Don't Call Me Junior. ● Fen Tao is a new Monk follower. He's outside your city's Town Hall and all you have to do to recruit him is speak to him. This means you do not need to build an Inn in order to recruit a Pandaren follower for Brew Aficionado. Follower Items ● There is a daily quest in your Dwarven Bunker / War Mill to turn in excess scraps for follower upgrades: Scrap Meltdown. ● The World Famous Ring of Blood! rewards an ilvl 615 follower token. ● The Salvage Yard only rewards follower enhancement tokens, not set tokens, in the patch. This means they drop ilvl gains, but not the massive ones.
  60. 60. Garrison Missions Exploration Missions Iin 6.1, there are even more missions that you unlock with level 1 Archaeology. They bring some much-needed depth to the profession as well as many cool rewards for players. ● Scouting Missions: Scouting Draenor missions reward a Scouting Report. These missions are all ilvl 615, take 3 hours, and require 2 followers. ● Archaeology Fragments: Dig site missions reward a combination of fragments and keystones for Arakkoa Archaeology Fragment, Ogre Archaeology Fragment, and Draenor Clans Archaeology Fragment. These do not require followers to be level 100, although the higher-level missions have better rewards. They range from one to three followers and take 4 hours. ● Treasure Maps: Rare exploration missions reward treasure maps that reveal all undiscovered chests on your map. Previously, this was only available if you completed all quests in a zone. If you already have the treasure map, they vendor for 100. The Treasure and Dig Site missions are needed for Exploration Mission Master. This in turn is required for Don't Call Me Junior which rewards the follower Harrison Jones. To complete Master Relic Hunter, the other achievement needed for Don't Call Me Junior, you will need to complete the related 6.1 daily quest from your Garrison, which in turn unlocks an equivalent mission for your followers. Example: Completing Dark Grimoire: Breaching the Barrier unlocks Relic Hunter: Grimoire of Nameless Void. Foundry Missions Item Level Missions ● Item Level 660 missions, new to 6.1, include those for Blackrock Foundry loot, Apexis Crystals, and Primal Spirit. ● Item Level 675 missions, new to 6.1, include the top gold, Apexis Crystal, and Primal Spirit rewards. Profession Missions In Patch 6.1, level 3 profession buildings now unlock special profession missions. These missions reward Rush Orders, which instantly complete 5 active Work Orders. They are: ● Alchemy: A Rare Flower, Herb Infused ● Blacksmithing: Battlefield Scavengers, Flux to Give ● Enchanting: Big Hands, Big Swords, Enchanted Weapons ● Engineering: The Wonder Gears, You're Fired ● Inscription: Spy Games, The Quill is Mighty ● Jewelcrafting: Jewels of Denial, Waste Not, Want Not ● Leatherworking: Kill and Cut, That's Some Bull ● Tailoring: Hunting the Hunters, Nest Raid These missions are ilvl 600, so you need level 100 followers to go on them. A follower with the relevant profession trait has an increased chance of success on these missions.
  61. 61. Profession Updates 6.1 Profession Updates ● You can upgrade your Stage 3 crafted gear to Stage 4 - ilvl 680 armor and ilvl 670 weapons. These take 30 Savage Blood, 40 of a primal, and 200 of your profession's cooldown item. ● New recipes allow you to bypass the daily cooldown for crafting reagents. These recipes, as well as the Stage 4 upgrades, are on randomly-spawning vendors in your Level 3 Town Hall. ● There are new daily quests, available via randomly-spawning NPCs, to turn in basic gathering materials for 25 Primal Spirit. These NPCs also allow you to trade 5 basic materials for 1 Primal Spirit. ● Alchemy, Cooking, Fishing, and Archaeology have received notable updates. ● Items used for rerolling secondary stats have less costly requirements, making them easier to craft.
  62. 62. Twitter for Selfies @BlizzardCS @healiocentric @GmSimNetwork
  63. 63. WoW Hashtags #WoW #WoD #Warlords #Warcraft
  64. 64. Guild Hashtags #metagame - Book Club #dontdiealone - Guild Hashtag
  65. 65. Flickr
  66. 66. 8:09 Server Time