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Games Workshop for the CTU Doctoral Symposium by Calongne 2014


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This games workshop introduces a variety of game genres, game design features and the tools used to play games. It examines live game streaming and a few of the games for change, including FoldIt and Re-Mission, and highlights from Jane McGonigal's research. The session closes with images from CTU student-designed games and notes a few references for additional information.

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Games Workshop for the CTU Doctoral Symposium by Calongne 2014

  1. 1. Games for Change What Can We Learn from Video Games, Online Games and Simulations? Dr. Cynthia Calongne January 16, 2014
  2. 2. Games Workshop Topics • • • • • • • Meaningful Play Video Games MMORPGs Games for Change Gamer Superpowers Game Research CTU Game Designs • References for games, research and game creation resources • Cover photo by Lyr Lobo – Second Life Multiplayer Game Design by AgileBill Firehawk – Hosted during the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2013
  3. 3. Game Beginnings - 3500 BC Nefertari Playing Senet Wikipedia
  4. 4. Design Concepts Game Elements 2D and 3D Games • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rules Objectives Environment Setting Win Conditions Challenges Treasure, Loot or Gold Badges Reputation Story Terrain 2D or 3D Graphics Strategies Conflict Players Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Enemies or Monsters Competition
  5. 5. Evolution of Video Game Controllers
  6. 6. PS 4 and inside the controller
  7. 7. PS 4 Launch November 2013
  8. 8. PS4 Video Games Social The 1st month of the PS4 launch featured over 20 million minutes or 38 years of gameplay recorded and broadcast on Twitch and Ustream
  9. 9. Halo 2 and the Prevent Cancer Foundation
  10. 10. Games on Twitch - Jan 6, 2014
  11. 11. Game Live Streams Intel & Electronic Sports League UK feature the Intel Christmas(ish) Cup
  12. 12. Benefits of Games Games can stimulate • Problem solving • Critical thinking • Digital literacy • Strategy & tactics • Motor skill development • Collaboration • Leadership & courage • Socialization Game-based learning • Vision & creativity • Sustainability • Immersion • Learning retention • Heutagogy • Knowledge networks • Socio-technical skills • Entrepreneurship
  13. 13. MMORPGs The World of Warcraft Strategy and tactics Collaborative play Competitive PvE, PvP, RP, PKer
  14. 14. Games that Make a Difference • FoldIt – Crowdsourcing to Solve Puzzles for Science – Gamers modeled a pre-HIV retroviral protease in ten days – Scientists worked on it for ten years • Re-Mission and Re-Mission 2 – Fight cancer • Find the Future – 500 gamers play an alternate reality game while writing a book in the library in one night
  15. 15. Re-Mission
  16. 16. Re-Mission • Largest randomized, controlled study of a video game’s impact on cancer patients – 375 teens and young adults – 34 medical centers during 3 months of treatment • Research design – Control group received PCs with a popular video game – Test group - PCs with the same game and Re-Mission • Results - Jane McGonigal at ISTE – 20% higher survival rate from patients using chemo and medication to fight cancer
  17. 17. Re-Mission 2 by HopeLab
  18. 18. NYPL Decline in Library Interest
  19. 19. Gamers read to investigate and discover new strategies
  20. 20. 500 Players in One Night to Write 100 Stories
  21. 21. As an Alternate Reality Game
  22. 22. Gamer Powers Mobbability –real-time work & scalable collaboration Cooperation radar – sense the best collaborators Ping quotient – responsive to requests Influency – persuasive in diverse social environments and media Multi-capitalism – natural, intellectual, social, financial Protovation – fearless, rapid innovation Open authorship See the big picture – longbroading Emergensight – prepare and handle surprising results and complexity Signal/noise management – identify meaningful patterns from data stream
  23. 23. Games and Play Styles Types of games Play styles • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Word, trivia or puzzle Scavenger or Treasure Hunt Action or adventure Real Time Strategy (RTS) Roleplay game (RPG) MMORPGs Arcade or Video games First Person Shooter (FPS) Simulations (Sims) Board or card games Individual or social Multiplayer cooperative Multiplayer competitive Everyone is a winner! Last man standing – PvP Player vs Environment Roleplay Capture the flag Team wins High score
  24. 24. Serious Games Design Comparison Strategy Game Design Virtual World Simulations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Treatment & Design Game Strategy & Engine Rules, Content, Behavior Models, Terrain, Characters Game Logic & Programming Artificial Intelligence - NPCs Operational Test Level & Strategy Test Usability & Play Test Documentation – user & design documentation Treatment/Concept Game Design & Objectives Learning Rubrics & Behaviors Modeling & Prototyping Texturing & Scripting Integration – external resources – Multimedia, Bots, Databases • • • • Operational Test Usability & Play Test Learning Assessment User Documentation - informal
  25. 25. Immersive and Mobile Games
  26. 26. Imagination Meaningful play helps to develop our imagination Games test the boundaries of our imagination
  27. 27. SLIPPERY ROCK FALLS Multiplayer Educational Roleplaying Game (MPERPG) A virtual world 3D game for 2-member teams to learn how to improve collaboration and communication skills
  28. 28. SLIPPERY ROCK FALLS Multiplayer Educational Roleplaying Game (MPERPG) T eam Control Board Note: located in the game environment at the activity location, each team has a control board. These color-coded control boards support four teams playing simultaneously.
  29. 29. SLIPPERY ROCK Multiplayer Educational Roleplaying Game (MPERPG) FALLS Rubric and Rating Scale 1 Poor 2 Fair 3 Good 4 Very Good 5 Excellent Definitions - Knows: refers to the recall of facts, principles, and theories. - Knows how: involves the ability to solve problems and describe procedures. - Shows how: involves demonstration of skills in a controlled setting. - Does: can demonstrate the ability to imitate or replicate techniques, apply principles in a familiar situation, adapt principles to new situations, and associate new knowledge with previously learned principles.
  30. 30. Mayan Temple Culture and Games
  31. 31. A Few Design Distinctions Strategy Game Virtual World • Game engine • Modeling • Virtual World Simulator • Rapid Prototyping – 2D diagrams and 3D objects • • • • • • Character Creation Level & Strategy Design System Integration Game Events Win Strategy - Objectives Quality Assurance – Unit & Integration Tests – Play and Usability tests – 3D Game Objects • Bots (NPCs) and Avatars • Linking Object Models – Designing on the z Axis • Multimedia & Animations • Rubrics - Objectives & Outcomes • QA - Change Management – Object Behavior Tests – Integration, Play & Usability Tests
  32. 32. CTU EM Games • EM 840 Virtual World Simulation – Greek Mythology • • • • Pandora’s Garden The Temple The Labyrinth and Daedalus’s Wings Medusa’s Lair – Space • The Spaceship game – Blue Earth • Trading card game
  33. 33. Pandora’s Garden of Imagination
  34. 34. Transforming into the Phoenix
  35. 35. Inside the Labyrinth Game
  36. 36. A CTU Game Designer Demos the Game Badge
  37. 37. Badges and Gamification • Transforming a course into a game – – – – – – Points and grades become gold and rewards Reputation, titles and badges Incentivizes learning Minimizes game development Uses a similar assessment strategy If competitive, requires anonymity, seeding the population with NPCs
  38. 38. The Temple Games and Oracle
  39. 39. Medusa’s Lair A Self-Image Game Perception of Self and Self-Confidence Game
  40. 40. Educational Game Design by Students
  41. 41. Integrating Artificial Intelligence
  42. 42. Game Designs by CTU Students
  43. 43. SickBay in the Space Game
  44. 44. Blue Earth’s Educational Games
  45. 45. Blue Earth’s Trading Card Game
  46. 46. Games for Second Life and Moodle - Sloodle
  47. 47. Learning from Game Simulations
  48. 48. Mapping Games to Learning Assessment
  49. 49. Game Measurement and Support
  50. 50. Educational Tools that Support Assessment
  51. 51. Will Wright and the Game of Life • Bar Karma – a community designed a TV show – Wright designed the Storymaker tool for storyboarding it – Episode One: – Most mysterious bar in the universe; the Twilight Zone meets the Men in Black • Wright’s latest project is the Game of Life – Leveraging social media and gathering facts on the players via mobile devices
  52. 52. Episode One of Bar Karma
  53. 53. Games and Research Wright, W. (2010). Games as Tools for Science and Society. GameTech. Slides: Video: McGonigal (2010). Reality is Broken. McCrea, B. (2012). WoWing Language Arts. The Journal, September 2012. Boyle, A. (2011). Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists Steinkuehler, C. 2010. MMOs, Learning & The New Pop Cosmopolitan NMC Horizon Report Pathways for Learning Anywhere, anytime - a Network for Educators (PLANE)
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  57. 57. A Few Game Creation Resources SL Game Kit – no programming Games in Education - Game Creation Tools Unity3D Game Engine – Multiplatform Class Create Interactive flash games for education ProProfs Brain Games . Create Your Own Games. GameMaker Studio by YoYo Games. Create & Play PurposeGames. Resources: Imagechef – Word Mosaic Hot Potatoes – Puzzle Freeware, interface in 27 languages. Pandorabots –Chatbot Creation
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  62. 62. Games for Change What Can We Learn from Video Games, Online Games and Simulations? Questions? Dr. Cynthia Calongne January 16, 2014