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M-DCPS Professional Learning Support Teams


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M-DCPS Professional Learning Support Teams

  1. 1. Please Do Now… Select one of the words that speaks to you and write a few sentences that describe how you help promote a school culture of collaboration and collective responsibility for student learning.
  2. 2. Professional Learning Support Teams Office of Professional Development & Evaluation
  3. 3. • Go to • Enter the Nearpod code provided by the presenter oNearpod Code: ___________________ • Enter your name when prompted • Your device should now be connected to this Live Session! • Notice that as we advance to the next slide on our device, your device follows along • When we get ready to watch a video, please do not press play on your device
  4. 4. Norms of Collaboration Be Present Learn together Share best practices Trust the process
  5. 5. Today’s Game Plan • Address common challenges and support for success • Identify core elements of M-DCPS’ Professional Learning Support Teams • Develop strategies for transforming and refining current structures in support of a high quality professional learning culture • Identify steps for strengthening school-site professional learning
  6. 6. Did you know… 465 Schools 40,000 Employees 21,000 Graduates 2,000 Sq. M. 356,000 Students 160 + Countries 56 + Languages 4th largest school district in the United States
  7. 7. #M-DCPS Inspires
  8. 8. Our Vision 20/20 We provide a world class education for every student. M-DCPS’ mission is to provide the highest quality education that empowers all students to be productive lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. Pilar III: Highly Effective Teachers, Leaders, and Staff Priority 2: Recruit and hire the most qualified people, develop them deliberately and retain them strategically
  9. 9. Paradox of change without results Teacher isolation Lack of communication Individual rather than shared goals Private practiceTrait theory of good teachers Messaging failures Barriers to Building a Collaborative Culture
  10. 10. It’s a shift… What if players were not conditioned to perform as a team?
  11. 11. Get Ready to Watch As you watch the video, think about the statement below: Paradigm shifts on expectations for student achievement, instructional and leadership practices, and professional learning require recurring reflection and adjusting. What does the video have to do with professional learning?
  12. 12. Knowledge & Skills Collaborative Culture Continuous Improvement Collective Responsibility Results Oriented Shared Leadership Promoting a Culture of Professional Learning
  13. 13. Creating a collaborative culture is a journey...
  14. 14. • New and Early Career Teacher Support Lead Mentor • Digital Innovation Leader • Instructional Coach Leader Professional Learning & Growth Leader Assistant Principal PLST Composition
  15. 15. • Promotes a school culture of collaboration and collective responsibility for student learning • Enhances educator's professional growth and effectiveness through deliberate practice • Positively impacts student achievement • Empowers teacher leaders to lead from the classroom and build capacity for other teachers to emerge as teacher leaders PLSTs support the school's development and implementation of a high quality professional development plan that:
  16. 16. Transition from “training events” to collaborative processes. Institution of PLSTs. Development of a professional learning culture in every school 2015-20162014-20152013-2014 Emphasis on school- based professional development. Alignment of professional learning and evaluation through deliberate practice Intentional, intensive support for collegial learning teams Focus on deep understanding of teacher-driven observations. Our Journey 2016-2017 2017-2018 Mutual accountability to professional learning and student achievement Refining current structures in support of a high quality professional learning culture 2018-2019 Emphasis on school culture of teaching and learning for all Opportunities for effective teachers to lead through new career opportunities and advancement initiatives that promote professional growth and emphasize multiple career paths Restructure PLSTs to include formal roles within the Teacher LEADership Academy Collaborate with schools, district, and regions to align the work and secure support
  17. 17. 2017-2018 PLST Statistical Highlights •11,353 educators •1095 school- based professional learning •69,071 hours
  18. 18. Get Ready to Watch As you watch the video, ponder on the following: • How do leaders in your district support professional learning? • What structures do you have in place to create collaborative cultures of professional learning?
  19. 19. Four As Text Protocol • What Assumptions does the author of the text hold? • What do you Agree with in the text? • What do you want to Argue with the text? • What parts of the text to you Aspire to?
  20. 20. Teacher-Driven Observations
  21. 21. What resources do M-DCPS teachers have available to support their professional learning needs? How can access to online, 24/7 professional learning assist teachers in meeting deliberate practice growth targets? ASCD PD In Focus
  22. 22. ASCD PD In Focus • 2707.3 hours viewed • Top 10 Channels • Differentiated Instruction • Giving Effective Feedback to Your Students • The Whole Child • Literacy Practices • Vocabulary in Action • STEM • English Language Learners • Formative Assessment • Disrupting Poverty in the Elementary School • The Brain and Learning
  23. 23. Contact Carmen S. Concepcion Dr. Isela Rodriguez