Visual arts sketchbooks SEMESTER 1: #1-20


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Visual arts sketchbooks SEMESTER 1: #1-20

  1. 1. Visual Arts Mrs. Nelson SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS 2013-14 Directions: Select Assignment and look at examples. See Due Dates Below. Quarter 1: Complete 1-10 by: Thursday, October 3rd (P.1) & Friday, October 4th (P.4) Quarter 2: Complete 11-20 by: Wednesday, December 5th (P.1) & December 6th (P.4) 1. Draw your name and use inspiration from San Francisco artist, Tom Mueske for the background design. Go to for more examples. 2. Draw a cube, cone, sphere, and pyramid. Now shade your objects, choosing a light source. Don’t forget to give your objects a cast shadow.   3. Draw your shoe. Draw from whatever shoe you are wearing the day you attempt this challenge. 4. Design your own color wheel. Look at example on the walls of the classroom.
  2. 2. 5. Illustrate a famous saying/quotation. 6. Draw arrows criss-crossing your sketchbook page. Give them depth. 7. Starting at the corner of your sketchbook page fill it with different layers of line and pattern (Remember your Zentangles!!!) 8. Design an article of clothing (shoes, hat, t-shirt, dress, suit, jacket) that you would like. Be sure to think of color and pattern.
  3. 3. 9. Make a dream like collage using magazine images in one color. Ex: a collage of just blue things. 10. Find an object of interest inside your house or art room. Create an observational drawing of it.   11. Design your own font (letter design) of this year’s theme: Educating Hearts and Minds. Ex. EDUCATING HEARTS AND MINDS 12. Choose any word (Make sure its appropriate!!!) Draw it in a minimum of three different fonts or lettering. EX:       13. The marks of a Holy Cross Education are : Information (a flame), Formation (a hand), and Transformation (a heart), design your own interpretations of these icons. In other words use your sketchbooks design you own flame, hand, and heart icons.
  4. 4. 14. Draw an object melting.   15. Take watercolor paint and dab a little bit on your paper. Blow on it so the paint spreads. Let this dry. Then using a pen create a cartoony monster from it.   16. Cut out and collage part of an image in your sketchbook. Then draw the rest of it.     17. Create a drawing combining two things together. This can be an animal with anther animal, or animal with an object, etc. 18.  "Directional Lines" Unlike the expressive, directional lines are very precise. Lines should all be the same thickness. These lines look as if they are bending and overlapping. This is not "free" like expressive lines) but calculated constant, and even.
  5. 5. • Start anywhere on your paper. Move in a certain direction. stop and begin in a new direction . Keep lines in a group the same distance apart. 19. Illustrate a decorative letter. It can be the first letter of your name or any letter you wish to embellish. Think of contrast and making the letter stand out from your page. Use the entire sketchbook page! Marker, pen or colored pencil. Can be black and white or have color. Look up Illuminated Manuscripts for examples.         20. Using  only letters create the silhouette of any cartoon character, animal, person, or object. It can be one letter repeated, a word(s) repeated, or phrase.