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Homework 2 silhouette


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Narrative drawing task

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Homework 2 silhouette

  1. 1. Homework: Silhouette Choose a scene from a fairy tale or popular story. Draw the moment you have chosen. All the characters and objects should be silhouettes. You can either colour in the silhouettes or cut them from paper and stick them in your book. Level 4/5: Carefully create at least 3 silhouettes in your scene. They do not all have to be people. The three silhouettes could include animals, furniture or a decorative border. Tip: It is more effective if hands, arms and legs are pointing away from the body. Level 6: Include a background. This could be drawn in pencil or you could find an image. Tip: This works best when the background is pale. Level 7: Create silhouettes within silhouettes. Tip: Using different colours could help pick out the different layers of silhouettes.