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How to: a Sexy Innovation Team! (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)


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A template to create the perfect mix in your innovation team

Published in: Business, Technology

How to: a Sexy Innovation Team! (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)

  1. How to:Sexyinnovation teams Feedback? Comments? Twitter: @nickdemey
  2. t not like this... Nopeby nopantsday
  3. Your team needs to beEffective!Your team needs to beAwesome!Let me show you how we buildSexy innovation teams!
  4. You need smart pitogohin
  5. And some men... Pick 3 of each!by miikka_skaffari
  6. But, be careful!Don’t just pick anybody...
  7. try to use our“mix of minds” - matrix as a powerful rule of thumb
  8. 1. Mix age groupsby yooperann
  9. “mix of minds”20y 30y 40y 50y
  10. 2. Mix disciplinesby drbeachvacation
  11. “mix of minds”Economic profilesHumanistic mindsTechnology geeks 20y 30y 40y 50y
  12. Yes, that bright finance dudeis just perfect!by russeljsmith
  13. Of course you can invite someone from HR!by papazimouris
  14. Yep, him as fengschwing
  15. but don’t be to pickyIt’s the mix that counts!You’re finally there, just add 3 more...
  16. What abouttwo clients?
  17. and add yourself, or one of us ;) Someone will give structure in your innovation process, right?by brookebocast
  18. So go forward & get yourself a kick-ass team! Extra: download here your mix of minds-template (pdf)by claremont colleges
  19. Made by Board of Innovationinternational office for business model innovation Consulting & Speaking? learn more Feedback? Comments? Twitter: @nickdemey 08/05/2011