Product Owners, Santa and other Goblins


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Challenging the product owner model by encouraging one to study her own system.

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Product Owners, Santa and other Goblins

  1. 1. Product Owners, Santa and other goblins Marko Taipale / Gosei @ AfterWork / Futurice
  2. 2. Mythbusting Product Owner role “Don’t stop; keep challenging”
  3. 3. Pat“the PO”
  4. 4. Bob“the boss” You are now Ok, so what is the PO a PO?
  5. 5. .. eh, I dunno...
  6. 6. Right answer?
  7. 7. So what is theproblem that PO should solve?
  8. 8. Have a (product) vision and business planKnow the cost and value in order to prioritize - be responsible for P/L Listen all stakeholders Support the team Understand the risks Focus on building the right thing It is all about communication!
  9. 9. That is way too much for one to handle..Why do you need a role for all that? the Company should know and manage that anyway..
  10. 10. You want my honestSure opinion?We do not need product owner, weneed product ownership as a way of 1) making decisions 2) understanding ROIand business model 3) managing risks ... etc...
  11. 11. Is PO any good for any situation? It is an abstraction within Scrummethod. But it has its use as Firewall organizational pattern. .. but that’s about it.
  12. 12. Firewall? protect the team from outside world
  13. 13. So how do we find out what to do next? We study our organization and the business as a system .. and then do what we need to do.
  14. 14. System? System is a collection of parts that interact and influence each otherin order to fulfill the purpose of the system An organization is human centered system
  15. 15. Context for Pat• New Product Business Development within existing Product Development Company• We need to figure out what to build• And then we need to figure out how to build it
  16. 16. ... about... Sure the vision “Vision is just an opinion stated passionately” Do you acknowledge that?mmm. . What then?
  17. 17. we need to validate what we need to do in order to have a business Is it ok if I create Customer Development team around that?mmm. . Ok...
  18. 18. That team willOk. understand the value.. And for the cost I will connect theCustomer Development team with the Development team. mmm. . Ok...
  19. 19. One more thing..Yeah?Customer Development team meet (and consist) the stakeholders.Some people in the team will be part ofthe development team. That way there is nice support available for the dev team too...
  20. 20. And... The Customer Development team will understand the risk by studying themarket and being connected to dev team.They will be ensuring we are building the right thing by executing Lean Startup cycle: dev team will feedback user data.
  21. 21. You know what...Yeah? You said that it is all about communication... Of course it is... I have some news for you..
  22. 22. ALL the information in the world PO The Development Team
  23. 23. ALL the information in the world Why to create such a bottleneck? PO The Development Team
  24. 24. InnovationCustomer Development space Team The Development Much better! Team
  25. 25. You know the best What’s part? that? You do not need me! Nor you need to send me to the expensive certification programs..You can actually execute this without any new role or people...So can I start today?
  26. 26. Study your system
  27. 27. Study your systemForget RIGHT or WRONG
  28. 28. Don’t stop;Keep challenging