Join our Team at Board of Innovation? Amaze us! - @boardofinno


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We're always looking for talented people that have the perfect mix of skills to join our innovation team.

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Join our Team at Board of Innovation? Amaze us! - @boardofinno

  1. 1. Join our team to become our This couldBusiness Innovation Rockstar be
  2. 2. What we do: Mix business models to find new profit We run innovation projects with our clients to find better ways to make money in the future via new products & services. What we need: People better than us! To level up our innovation team we are looking for talented people who can run projects with us and shake up industries!
  3. 3. But! Perfect mix? You’ll need a mixture of skills to join us. Let me give you 10 profiles* with a mix of skills that are needed in our team. Are you the human cocktail that we’re looking for? * I crawled through my contacts and hand picked 10 amazing people that personify a set of the skills we’re looking for! I hope they don’t mind... :)
  4. 4. pic by Sara Van de Velde Tijs Vrolix Strategic Lead Boondoggle Bright (Leuven) @tijs - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? An entrepreneurial mindset mixed with a creative hands-on approach to make ideas happen!
  5. 5. pic by Mathys van Abbe Tom Hulme Design Director IDEO (London) @thulme - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? Shows perfectly how to apply design thinking in a strategic business context.
  6. 6. Elena Del Toro Funding Manager Made in Social (Guadalajara) @elenadeltoroi Mix of Awesomeness? Studied at different business schools world wide combined with real life start-up experience.
  7. 7. Edial Dekker CEO & founder Gidsy (Berlin) @Edial - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? Going all in to achieve his entrepreneurial dream + able to inspire others to follow his vision.
  8. 8. Nicolas Moerman Senior Planner Proximity (London) @Moerman - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? A Next-Gen talent who understands how to mix technology with brands to bring in extra revenue.
  9. 9. Allison Mc Greal Founder & Managing Director The Fabric Sales (Brussels) @La_Grail - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? Multilingual sales & branding talent with experience in different creative industries.
  10. 10. Polle De Maagt Design Director Ministry of World Domination (Gent) @polledemaagt - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? Networked guru and inspiring speaker who can lead big brands to #worlddomination
  11. 11. Marieke de Kort Owner/Speaker/Blogger O+ Adviesbureau (Tilburg) @Mariekedekort - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? Passionated blogger on Trends, New Media + Strong network + Amazing Entrepreneurial spirit
  12. 12. pic by Design The New Business Arne Van Oosterom Founder Design Thinking Network (Amsterdam) @designthinkers - linkedin Mix of Awesomeness? Years of experience in service & business innovation + storyteller who knows how to pitch ideas.
  13. 13. Martijn Joris Business Development Manager (Leuven) @martijnj - linkedinMix of Awesomeness?Launched an innovative onlinebusiness within an emergingindustry (3D printing)
  14. 14. pic by pietplaat 50% match! Recognize yourself somewhere? If you consider yourself the perfect cocktail of previous profiles... stop reading and send your CV to 20% match. As an intern you can grow with us! Amaze us with your portfolio and view on the world! Got feedback? @nickdemey