Obscure ways to make money - #cwf11 by @nickdemey @boardofinno


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When looking for new business models it's always interesting to take a look at more obscure ways to make money.

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Obscure ways to make money - #cwf11 by @nickdemey @boardofinno

  1. 1. @NickDeMeyco-founder consulting office #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  2. 2. The problem we solve for our clients How to find new ways to make money ?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  3. 3. How we find new revenue for our clients Copy business model patternsbetween industries!@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  4. 4. Example
  5. 5. Look at other industries! Innovate in Automotive? Free Cars?
  6. 6. Look at other industries! Learn from Innovate in Telecom! Automotive? Free Cars! With a contract on electricity
  7. 7. When looking for inspiring casesfor our benchmark studies,I regularly stumble upon moreobscure ways to make money.Let me give you a few examples...
  8. 8. Promise the moon. Some companies just Text sell acres on the moon. nobody owns the moon of course.@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  9. 9. Promise the moon. Text $40@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  10. 10. cc rodrigoquinones TextSell houses The same conceptthat aren’t yours but with houses E.g. Igglo in Helsinki @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  11. 11. 1. What is the easiest way to make money?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  12. 12. cc shandilee Fear! Scare people... @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  13. 13. Bush man@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  14. 14. This is Bush Man@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  15. 15. The Bush Man Scares people Then asks for a gift@nickdemey #cwf11 ... with success! Boardofinnovation.com
  16. 16. Text Fear is@nickdemey #cwf11 Big Business Boardofinnovation.com
  17. 17. Remember the Mexican Flu? a.k.a joint venture between Text news industry & pharma Fear is to boost sales?@nickdemey #cwf11 Big Business Boardofinnovation.com
  18. 18. Chicken pox infected $50 Text Some parents even set up chicken pox parties to infect their kids. @nickdemey #cwf11cc scoutownsredbank Boardofinnovation.com
  19. 19. 2. What is the best opportunity to find new revenue?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  20. 20. New laws & Regulations Text@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  21. 21. - Jakarta - TextTime forCarpool lanes! @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  22. 22. Text Poor people rent $2 out their presence in cars to drive Traffic on the fast lane. jockeycc MSNBC @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  23. 23. Ban on your product?Opportunity! Text @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  24. 24. Text@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  25. 25. 3. Most desperate way to make some bucks?@nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  26. 26. $10.000 to hunt & kill Text @nickdemey #cwf11 Boardofinnovation.com
  27. 27. Workshop 17/11 15u05@nickdemey #cwf11Boardofinnovation.com