Mission-e-motion: new co-creation platform on electric mobility (by @boardofinno)


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Mission-e-motion: new co-creation platform on electric mobility (by @boardofinno)

  1. 1. Oil Supplies IndependenceEfficiencyNoise Air PollutionTrafficCongested Roads
  2. 2. There are many good reasons to promote New Mobility. First and foremost: COMMON SENSE
  3. 3. Common Sense suggests that New Mobility will be electric.Common Sense also suggests that New Mobility will be a New System.A new System in which industries that haven‘t intersected in the pastwill have to share brains in the future:In short:FUTURE MOBILITY meets ENERGY meets SPACE
  4. 4. New Mobility still has a long way to go:New technologies will have to substantiate.New concepts will have to prove themselves.PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO GET CONVINCEDTHAT COMMON SENSE MAKES SENSE.
  5. 5. Unfortunately, common sense doesn‘t appeal to everyone. Therefore New Mobility has become a mission.More precisely:A mission-e-motion
  6. 6. WHAT IS mission-e-motion?m-e-m was founded in 2010 to bring companies, institutions & individuals togetherin order to come up with fresh ideas and work on new solutions that would helpelectric mobility come to life. An interdisciplinary network and a hell of an idea.
  7. 7. Over time word got around that networkingwould be the appropriate thing to do when itcame to electric mobility. What a hell of an idea.Companies suddenly started to like each otherand applied common sense.
  8. 8. * rethinking mission-e-motion * * *
  9. 9. QUESTION IS: If common sense suggests that collaborating with others is the right approach, why wouldn‘t you just increase the number of „others“?
  10. 10. mission-e-motion seeks to combinetwo of today‘s most fascinating topicswhen it comes to „what“ and „how“: ELECTRIC MOBILITY & CROWDSOURCED KNOWLEDGE
  11. 11. IMAGINE THIS: An eclectic bunch of experts such as designers, engineers, scientists, economists, architects and artists invest their time, talent & expertise to co-create the new world of mobility.
  12. 12. Recipe:1. Employ the masses to help with ideas, knowledge and know-how.2. Let them come up with new projects or perfect existing ones.3. Reward them. Voilà: Piece of cake.
  13. 13. Obviously it gets more complicated from here on in.
  14. 14. Does this make sense?Can it work?Will it make revenue?How to start?
  15. 15. Let‘s start with the current status of mission-e-motion:
  16. 16. MISSION: memCHARGEIntelligent charging system for electric vehicles.Tested and in use since 2009.CURRENT STATUS: Waiting for a market
  17. 17. MISSION: CleanBeamLimousine service and/or car-sharing project. Both ideas are currentlybeing pursued and will be launched on a small scale in 2011/2012.Yes, this car is only for show. ;-)CURRENT STATUS: Idea in motion
  18. 18. MISSION: eRacaThe mission-e-motion racing- and PR-team.Participation in various driving anddemonstration events in Austria and Germany.CURRENT STATUS: Itching
  19. 19. MISSION: eTVImagine a Top-Gear-Type TV/online Showthat illustrates the opportunities, advantagesand capabilities of New Mobility in a fun andeducating way. Breakneck insanity & commonsense by popular demand.CURRENT STATUS: Brain Fart I
  20. 20. MISSION: eCityFind a small town that is poor, underpopulated anddesperate. Convince them that transformation intoa giant scale test bed would make them rich andfamous. A place where future mobility, renewableenergy and space planning meet, where companiescan test & showcase their technologies & services, andwhere visitors get educated and learn about the future.CURRENT STATUS: Brain Fart II
  21. 21. SO, AGAIN: Does this make sense? Can it work? Will it make revenue? How to start?
  22. 22. To explore all the IF‘s, find out about the WHEN‘s and most importantly discussall the WHAT‘s and HOW‘s in order to find out about the DO‘s and DON‘T‘sso we will be able decide about a YES or NO, a WORKSHOP will be held.
  23. 23. A workshop that will be hosted by mission-e-motion,organized by Board of Innovation and shaped by YOU
  24. 24. ORGANIZED BY BOARD WHAT? Board of Innovation is aninternational office specialized in business model innovation. Theyhelp organizations innovate, and develop new Business Models.Philippe and Nick are the founders and the creative minds that willhelp give mission-e-motion a push. They also both have a „De“between their first- and surname. mission-De-motion if you will.
  25. 25. WHAT‘S IN IT FOR YOU? Seriously, common sense should tell you that anything that‘s for free isn‘t really going to get you anything.
  26. 26. WELL, LET‘S NOT APPLY COMMON SENSEFOR A MOMENT AND IMAGINE THIS: What if you gathered an eclectic bunch of experts such as engineers, scientists, economists, architects and artists that would invest their time, talent & expertise to co-create a community which would then co-create the new world of mobility. What if among that same group of experts were the people that would make it their mission to bring this thing to life? WHAT IF?