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Displaying Data

  2. “Data slides are not really about the data. They are about the meaning of the data.” Nancy Duarte.
  3. principles to present your data in the clearest possible way.
  4. Tell the Truth.
  5. As a presenter, nothing commands like credibility. This is especially true when it comes to presenting data.
  6. Which graph makes is easier to determine R&D’s travel expense? This 3D chart or the charts below? Expenses by Department in Millions Data and Image Source: Slideology
  7. Get to the Point.
  8. You need to draw some kind of meaning from the data so that you can effectively express that meaning to your audience.
  9. On this chart show sales growth and recovery. This chart was for Management to draw attention to the April.
  10. Image by Frantisek Kusovsky
  11. Image by Andrew Simpkins
  12. Pick the Right Tool.
  13. You’ll need to choose the most appropriate tool for displaying your data.The most frequently used graphs for business communications are pie, bar, and line graphs.
  14. Pie charts work only for showing large differences in proportion, especially percentages. Image by André Oliveira
  15. Image by André Oliveira
  16. Bar charts are visually more precise than pie charts, and can accommodate larger data sets. Image by Alex Pankratov
  17. Image by Jazmine Kohl
  18. Line graphs are used to track changes over short and long periods of time. Image by Kean Richmond
  19. Image by Graphorce
  20. Sometimes though, the best chart is no chart at all. If you only have one key message for your slide or the big message is just a number.
  21. Image by MojoTech
  22. Image by Anton Egorov
  23. Image by Anton Egorov
  24. Image by London Media
  25. Highlight What’s Important.
  26. Keep in mind that the purpose of slides is not to show all the data, but to communicate conclusions and insights.
  27. Think of a data chart in three layers The background layer contains elements like tick marks, scales, legends, and grid lines. The data plotted on the slide is usually pulled from a data table. The emphasis layer exists in the foreground and clearly highlights the key message from the data 1.Background 2.Data 3.Emphasis
  28. Data and Image Source: Slideology
  29. Keep It Simple.
  30. Do your best to avoid all unnecessary visual distractions and the message will come through much clearer.
  31. Data and Image Source: Slideology
  32. Tell the Truth Get to the Point Keep It Simple Highlight What’s Important Pick the Right Tool
  33. Bipul Deb Nath