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Upworthy: 10 Ways To Win The Internets


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You are dumb at the internet. You don't know what will go viral. We don't either. But we are slighter less dumber. So here's a bunch of stuff we learned that will help you be less dumb too.

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Upworthy: 10 Ways To Win The Internets

  1. s ‘10 WAYS TO WIN THE INTERWEBS Through Sexier Shares and Epic Visuals*
  3.  and
  4.  buckets
  5.  o f
  6.  testing tons!
  7.  with
  8.  links
  9.  to
  10.  hits! optimized
  11.  but l
  29.   with
  30.  specia Click
  31.  to
  32.  see
  33.  @ Sara Critchfield Adam Mordecai
  34.   @saracritchfield @advodude Netroots Nation 2012 @ #NNUPFTW @upworthy if you are inclined to tweet 1
  35. ? Click
  36.  to
  37.  see
  38.  our story
  39.  @
  47.  .2
  48. Our FoundersEli Pariser Chris Hughes Peter Koechley 3
  49. Blend It All Together ches
  50.  March
  51.  26th,
  52.  2012 Laun = As
  53.  of
  54.  June
  55.  11th,
  56.  2012,
  57.  77
  58.  days
  59.  later:35,000
  60.  Facebook
  61.  fans
  62.  and
  63.  7,300
  64.  Twitter
  65.  followers 4
  66. What Makes Us Fancy Experts? @ @ Sara Adam Critchfield Mordecai Upworthy Editor Upworthy Curator BA in Visual Communications Worked on the Dean campaign from Drexel and maybe caused the scream? MA in Non-Profit Management Used to build websites for Non-Profits From U of Pennsylvania and stuff Did time at Move-On as their Been screwing around on the Community Director internet for decadesHelped build their Social Sharing platform Can imitate muppets Is a *shudder* socialist Is a shrill progressive 5
  67. Definition of Upworthy Mitt Romney Rumor that Mitt Getting Tied Romney To His Roof* joked about tying the middle class to his roof.* A video of a middle class person catching Romney saying the Mitt Romney roof thing.*Tied His Dog On The Roof *as far as we know this HAS NOT HAPPENED. Yet. 6
  68. POP QUIZ - Pick A Headline! The West Wing learns that the map they’ve known for centuries is a lie and that Africa is way bigger. A. We Have Been Mislead By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years B. You Know That Map Of The World You First Saw As A Kid? Thats Wrong. Which headline wins? Answers at the end. 7
  69. POP QUIZ - Pick A Headline! The West Wing learns that the map they’ve known for centuries is a lie and that Africa is way bigger. Click
  70.  to
  71.  see
  72.  @
  73.   8
  74. So Finally 10 InterwebzThings To KnowFor The Winning 9
  75. 1. Nobody Knows Anything.You do not know how to makeyour video go totally viral.Also, we do not know how tomake your video go totally viral.Unless you harness the magicalpowers of a unicorn horn, youwill never know how to make allyour stuff go totally viral. 10
  76. 2. Virality Can Be Complex 11
  77. Math Is Hard Shares Clicks x View Share =viralityShares per View Clicks per Share Viral? LOW LOW nope HIGH LOW kinda LOW HIGH so-so HIGH HIGH Hell Yeah! To
  78.  get
  79.  clicks,
  80.  you
  81.  MUST
  82.  focus
  83.  on
  84.  Headlines
  85.   12
  86. 3. This Headline Is More Important Than This Talk Obama Blasts Obamas Evasive Stance On Gay Marriage Great
  87.  joke,
  88.  but
  89.  now
  90.  I
  91.  know what
  92.  it
  93.  is
  94.  and
  95.  don’t
  96.  need
  97.  to
  98.  click Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal BOOORING.
  99.  Already
  100.  done. Now THIS Is Why I Voted For Barack ObamaWhat’s
  101.  THIS
  102.  mean?
  103.  I
  104.  MUST
  105.  KNOW!
  106.  Click...
  107.  click...
  108.  click.... 13
  109. Upworthy’s Editorial Process 1. You HAVE to crap out 25 headlines for every piece of content 2.You WILL write some really stinky headlines. 3. Once you start getting desperate, you start thinking outside the box. 4.So you HAVE TO WRITE 25 HEADLINES. 5. #24 will suck. Then #25 will be a gift from the headline gods and will make you a legend. 6.Accept that not every headline will be perfect. 7.Then write 25 headlines. 8. With practice, you’ll be writing 25 in 15 minutes. Then I will give you permission to lower your limit. SO PLEASE WRITE 25 HEADLINES 14
  110. YOU WILL WRITE 25 HEADLINES!1!!!1Otherwise, people won’t click your links. so I’d write 25 headlines. 15
  111. POP QUIZ - Pick A Headline! One of our biggest hits was an infographic on media consolidation. Guess which headline won? A. Who Controls 90% Of Everything Americans Watch, Hear, And Read?  B. The Real Reason They Still Play Mrs. Robinson On The Radio  Which headline wins? 16
  112. POP QUIZ - Pick A Headline! One of our biggest hits was an infographic on media consolidation. Guess which headline won? Click
  113.  to
  114.  see
  115.  @
  116.   17
  117. Also...Not sure if we mentioned this yet but you should write 25 headlines unless you want the terrorists to win. 18
  118. Guess The Winning HeadlineCALL TO ACTION: Show Your Support For The Very First Gay Fathers Day AdWhat Heroic Thing Did JC Penney Do After Being Targeted by An Anti-Gay Group? This might seems hilarious, but think deeper Top 10 reasons why men shouldnt be ordained  One Of The Greatest Love Stories Ive Ever Seen In 1 Minute And 41 SecondsOne Of The Greatest Military Homecomings Ive Ever Seen In 1 Minute And 41 Seconds 19
  119. Guess The Winning Headline 3X
  120.  clicks @ 3X
  121.  clicks @ 2X
  122.  clicks @ 20
  123. When People Share Anger The Sweet SpotRelaxation Happiness Don’t share “just chill, we’re all gonna die anyways.” Sadness Click
  124.  to
  125.  see
  126.  fancy
  127.   NY
  128.  TIMES
  129.  Study 21
  130. 4. Make It Easy To Share Click
  131.  to
  132.  see
  133.  @
  134.   22
  135. We Write Many Thingers 23
  136. We Write Many Thingers 24
  137. Click
  138.  an
  139.  image The Share Image Is to
  140.  see
  141.  it’s
  142.  page Kind Of A Big Deal Secrets...
  154.  Secrets...
  167.  Secrets... close
  168.  up
  169.  humansImprovise
  170.  when Curiousity?
  171.  WTF? Hero/villain Photoshopped?
  172.  nope. Curiousity?
  173.  WTF?image
  174.  is
  175.  hard... 25
  176. Then we kick our curators- er- tires... Does it leave them wanting more? Is it framed to share? Is it ready to go? Do we need an A/B test? 26
  177. Case Study: Zach Wahls written
  178.  by Zach Wahls Speaks About Family (youtube title) (~1M views) Text Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got (moveon title) (~17 million views) Click
  179.  to
  180.  see
  181.  @
  182.   27
  183. Case Study: It’s Time The PERFECT Argument For Gay Marriage Click
  184.  to
  185.  see
  186.  @ Watching This Video Is Like 10
  187.   Years In Therapy They Fight. They Love. They Live. Also, They’re Gay. If This Makes You Uncomfortable, You Make Me Uncomfortableshare
  188.  image
  189.  takes
  190.  it
  191.  to
  192.  11 28
  193. Case Study: Get The Facts Click
  194.  to
  195.  see
  196.  @Original:  Stephanie Cutter: Get the factson Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch
  197.  BrothersIts About Time: Obama CampaignCalls Out Right Wing LiesTruth In A Campaign Ad? Im AsSurprised As You Are.  300,000 ViewsThis Is How You Kill An Attack Ad 23x
  198.  the
  199.  clicks 29
  200. 5. I Know Your Boss Thinks It’s A Waste Of Time but, I have an idea. You should write 25 headlines and make it easier to share. Then people will want to “click”on your “stuff” and bring “traffic” back to your“website.” Then your boss will “finally get it.” 30
  201. 6. Optimize Prime Your website is the gateway drug to sharing. Make sure it shares properly. You should always be testing, always adapting, always challenging what works @
  202.  artists
  203.  siteArt by Tim Doyle of Nakatomi Inc 31
  204. If you don’t this will happen... 32
  205. Design Case Study: Share Floating Original Link 1 Floating FB Link 2 Floating Overlay Links + Links Above 33
  206. Design Case Study: Share Floating 2 Overlay 142% Links + Links Above Increase in sharing Click
  207.  to
  208.  see
  209.  @
  210.   34
  211. Design Case Study: Share Floating Original Link Floating Hover Overlay Links + Links Above 35
  212. Design Case Study: Share Floating Hover Overlay Click
  213.  to
  214.  see
  215.  @ Links
  216.   + Links Above 398% Increase in WINNING! 36
  217. 7. Prioritize For Where The People Live good
  218.  luck,
  219.  if
  220.   hey
  221.  ladies! not
  222.  that
  223.  impressiveyou
  224.  crack
  225.  it
  226.  you Pix
  227.  please! but
  228.  they
  229.  like
  230.  facts are
  231.  a
  232.  god. 37
  233. 8. Facebook:If You Aren’t There, You Lose Photo posts Links on photo posts Making an ask have 3-4 x to your content get increases interactionthe engagement. 10-30% increase in (DO NOT FEEL clicks GUILT IF YOUR CAUSE IS RIGHTEOUS!) 38
  234. Links on Photo Posts...1. Post a link to your content on 2. Make a photo post related to your your site. Wait a bit... content and link it back to the site. Click
  235.  to
  236.  see
  237.  @
  238.   39
  239. 9. Always. Be. TESTING. Google Twitter Analytics A/B Test constantly + Facebook + Delete Button Intuition 40
  240. 10A. SERIOUSLY, YOU ARE DUMBWe are slightly less dumb than you.Our 2 biggest hits were written up by interns.You will be wrong 90% of the time. Accept it, move on.If you find any unicorn horns let me know.No, we can’t make your thinger go viral. 41
  241. 10B. Always Make An Ask. Also, can I ask a favor? see
  242.  @ Clic k
  243.  to
  245.   Like us on Facebook follow @upworthy, @saracritchfield, @advodude on Twittter Share our stuff Ask us some questions... make sure to test things... and always write 25 headlines. and if you downloaded this as a PDF, you can find the internets version here .Upworthys 10 Ways To Win The Internets by Upworthy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at 42