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Mindmapping for Medical Students


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The use of MindMaps for medical students

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Mindmapping for Medical Students

  1. Mind Mapping forMedical Students SohailBajammal March 2012 bajammal
  2. Disclaimer• Mind Map® is a registered trademark of Buzan Organization Limited• I am not a licensed mind mapping instructor :(• I have never attended a mind mapping workshop :( :(• No financial conflicts of interest :)
  3. The Presentation
  4. Concept Map vs Mind Map® Tony Buzan Concept Maps Mind MapsMany “main ideas” One focused ideaMany words in one box Only one word per branchLines are not differentiated Lines go from thick to thinLines not necessarily connected Line must be connectedColors are optional Colors are very importantImages are optional Images are very important
  5. “My” usage of Mind Maps
  6. My First Mind Map (during my PhD) December 3, 2008
  7. Summarizing Information
  8. Summarizing with Hyperlinks
  9. Literature Review with PDF links
  10. Organizing Ideas
  11. My Research Proposal
  12. I ended up with too many maps
  13. This what was written in my proposal
  14. Public Presentations
  15. Research During Residency
  16. Some research ideas
  17. I used MindMaps more heavily at UQUDENT•
  18. Brainstorming forDepartment of Medical Education
  19. According to Buzan….• Apparently, I have been using concept maps so far• Nevertheless, I am very happy
  20. How would you use Mind Maps?• Exercise• Mind Map it
  21. Paper and Pencils
  22. MindMappingSoftwares& Websites Price Features
  23. Features• Cross-platform (PC vs Mac)• Mobile version (iPhone, iPad, or Android)• Online collaboration• Multiple file formats• Multiple export options• Resource Pack: images, designs, templates• Linking & Attachment• Scheduling & Assignment• Presentation View
  24. What have I tried?• Lots of free & paid softwares& websites
  25. > 47,000 Public Mind Map
  26. What do I use now?•• iThoughtsHD (for iPad)
  27. MindMappingSoftwares& Websites I haven’t tried
  28. Medical MindMaps• Local, Regional & International• Mentioned here as examples (not endorsed)• Double check the accuracy of the content
  29. Dr. Ahmad Alam (@DrAalam)
  31. The following maps frommedical mind maps blog
  33. Generic Books
  34. Medical Mind Maps Books
  35. Websites• Tutorials in the aforementioned websites• Facebook, Twitter, Blogs on Mind Mapping• YouTube Channels on Mind Mapping• FREE
  36. Online Workshops
  37. Contact a Licensed Instructor
  38. Become an Instructor! 4-day > $5000 USD
  39. Remember• Mind Mapping is not ONLY for studying• It’s for everything to Map your mind
  40. Conclusion bajammal