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Unit 201 - Lesson 5 - Make a Visualisation


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Published in: Education
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Unit 201 - Lesson 5 - Make a Visualisation

  1. 1. Create a Visualisation Unit 201 – Lesson 5
  2. 2. Lesson Goals Be able to create a visualisation that could be used to help plan a sci-fi movie Understand how to effectively review the visualisation against the client brief #visualisation #purpose #audience #review
  3. 3. Key Words Visualisation  A drawing or sketch of what something will look like Audience  The person or group of people the work will be aimed at Purpose  What the finished document will be used for Review  To evaluate a piece of work against the requirements of the brief
  4. 4. What is the purpose?Think about your research…
  5. 5. Create an effective visualisationDefinition Critically review the work  These are used to show visually what a project will look like.  A visualisation can be hand drawn or made on a computer and give an idea of the layout or the design of the product.  They can be used to plan things such as scenes for a film, costumes or the layout of a webpage. #visualisation #purpose #audience #review
  6. 6. Create an effective visualisationYour Task Critically review the work Use your chosen method to create a visualisation that could be helped in designing a character for the movie:  Sketch a few basic ideas  Show different views of final design  Front, Side, Facial Expression  Design clothing/accessories When finished, critically evaluate the quality of the visualisation and its fitness for purpose. #visualisation #purpose #audience #review
  7. 7. Create an effective visualisationExamples Critically review the work #visualisation #purpose #audience #review