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  1. 1. Opportunities Every project gives you opportunities to create but also constraints to work to. Use this hand out to consider the opportunities this project has to help you improve your skills, knowledge and creativity. Opportunities What creative opportunities can you see in this project? How could you challenge yourself creatively in this project? You can refer to your previous experience here. I can see several creative opportunities that could come out of this specific project including creating an updated house style for ‘Irn-Bru’, which still contains the signature elements posed by the house style, but a different twist will be incorporated into it. I could also manipulate images on Photoshop so that they could be utilised in my campaigns. Photoshop would enable me, (whilst challenging me also) to create an images that need to appear professional so that they can be utilised within my campaign. What technical opportunities for development are available in this project? What technical challenges could you set yourself? You can refer to your previous experience here. I may advance my photography skills, utilising a DSLR camera to take my images if I decide to utilise my own photography, as in previous projects, I have used this piece of electrical equipment and I would like to experiment with the different camera features including altering the depth of field, iOS settings, white balance and aperture, as I enjoyed doing this in the previous task. Also, I would develop my skills on Photoshop by trying out different techniques upon my images so that I could get them to appear as professional as possible so that they would meet the standards that were outlined by the brief. How could the skills you are using and developing here be useful in a professional context? Consider the requirements for different job roles. The transferable skills in which I will obtain from completing this specific project will help me to become more employable and flexible as I’ll improve my skills regarding Photoshop, photography, graphic design, web design and copy writing. If I wanted to work for a magazine institution, I would have to have some knowledge of graphic design (to create the layouts) as well as copy writing practice (for creating the magazine articles). Also, the fact that I am working from a set brief, will enable me to prepare for future employment in the field of media where I will have to work by a ‘real’ brief in order to prosper in my career. What opportunities for designing for different media does this project give you? Which final product type interests you the most and why? This project enables me to manoeuvre the composition of the images in which I am going to utilise for my project on Photoshop, which also incorporate graphic design, as I will be using this programme in conjunction with ‘inDesign’ to create my products in a professional manner. Also, the project allows me to further my copy writing skills, which is appropriate due to the fact that writing is my strong point and I would like to utilise this particular skill as much as possible so that I can be prepared for when I leave education and enter the workplace.