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The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope '; Global Survey, Study & Report


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2nd-ever fielded Digital & Technology Periscope study, Global in nature, broad in scope. Survey results, breakouts & expert commentary.

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The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope '; Global Survey, Study & Report

  1. 1. NOT THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SURVEY/STUDY ON TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL… JUST THE WORLD’S BEST 2nd-ever fielded Digital Periscope study Global in nature, broad in scope Survey results, breakouts & expert commentary
  2. 2. PURPOSE: MAP OUT WHAT INFLUENCES ARE SHIFTING IN DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY WORLDS Current Practices/Attitudes - What is changing today in technology & digital? Future Trends - What is changing in the near and long-term future?
  3. 3. THE 2018 DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY PERISCOPE FULL COVERAGE OF THE TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSE Strategist/Poli cty Maker Venture Capital/Invest or Entrepreneur/ Tech Founder/Incub ator CDO/Transfor mationist CIO/IT Informed Hobbyist Tester/Regulat or Educator, Trainer, Academia Systems, Software, Apps & Hardware Progammers Engineer/Deve loper/Technol ogists Executives, Leadership & Boards Customer Experience/Se rvice Operations, HR, Finance & Supply Chain Marketing & Sales Media, Creative & Design
  4. 4. OUR MOST AMBITIOUS STUDY YET… Recruiting 400+ of the world’s global and digital experts Over 45 questions about the state of technology and digital So large, we have fielded it in two parts…
  6. 6. How would you characterize yourself? A techno-expert - "I live and breathe technology and/or digital media and have a lot of knowledg A techno-performer - "I am proficient and enthusiastic about technology & digital but wouldn't A techno-advocate - "I'm curious and knowledgable about some aspects of technology & digital A techno-neutral - "although I value technology, I don't spend enough time or energy to unders A techno-laggard - "I am one of the last people to ask about technologyr-related trends and digita Q1. TYPES OF DIGITAL SOPHISTICATION
  7. 7. Q2. TARGET AUDIENCE: WHEN WE SAY TECHNORATI & DIGITERATI, we include 22+ digital audiences: entrepreneur, programmer, CIO, CDO, academic, regulator, thought leader, media, trainer, engineer, student, informed hobbyist, architect, technician, tester, sales & marketing
  8. 8. In terms of technology & digital, how would you characterize your COMPANY: • Tech/Digitally Resistant (1 out of 9 on a digital maturity scale) • A Tactical Beginner • An Interested Experimenter • A Maturing Developer • An Invested Enabler • A Competitive Performer • An Optimized Leader • Advanced, Industry Best in Class • Technology World Best (9 out of 9 on a digital maturity scale) Q3. ORGANIZATIONAL DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY MATURITY & LITERACY
  9. 9. Q4. BASIS FOR TECH. PASSION & CURIOSITY On a personal level, what's the most appealing reason for your interest and involvement in technology/digital?
  11. 11. Q6. OBJECTIVES FOR TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT Over the next 18 months, what will be the most frequently stated objective(s) for technology & digital activities in your company or with your clients/partners?
  12. 12. Q7. TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL LEADERSHIP SKILLSETS An effective technology & digital executive/leader needs to have (choose top skills) What will become the fastest growing need for a technology & digital leader?
  13. 13. Q8. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION LEVERS What are the most important drivers to master in an organization's "digital transformation"?
  14. 14. Q9. INTERNAL BARRIERS TO TECHNOLOGY What are the biggest INTERNAL obstacles to adopting new technologies within your company/client(s)?
  15. 15. Q10. THE POTENTIAL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE A.I. What are the most transformative impacts of Artificial Intelligence/AI technology?
  16. 16. Q11. THE POTENTIAL OF INTERNET OF THINGS IOT What are the most transformative impacts of the Internet of Things/IOT applications?
  17. 17. Q12. THE POTENTIAL OF BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCIES What are the most transformative impacts of Blockchain/cryptocurrency technologies?
  18. 18. Q13. TECHNOLOGY DEBATES AI & Jobs CMO vs. CIO Privacy of Data The role of a website Net Neutrality Fake News Technology for Good Technology Loneliness
  19. 19. Q14-15. TECHNOLOGY ETHICS Geo-engineering Polarization Permission Law Enforcement Privacy Social Credit Scores Genomics Children & tech. Legal Rights Human Rights Military Predicting Crime
  20. 20. Q16. TOP TECHNOLOGY ORGANIZATIONS Are there any organizations/start-ups that are currently really impressing you in the following technology & digital areas? - Innovation - Transformation - Collaboration - Automation
  21. 21. Q17. ON EVERYBODY’S RADAR… In you mind, what had been the biggest headline over the last year about technology and digital?
  22. 22. Q18. BEST ADVICE What advice would you give your 19 year old self about technology and digital?
  23. 23. Which TV show about technology is your favourite? Q19. FUN QUESTION - BEST TECH TV SHOW?
  24. 24. On a personal level, what's your disposition on the future path of technology and technology • Idealist/Utopian • Optimist/Positive • Pragmatist/Realist • Cynicist/Negative • Pessimist/Despair Q20. FUTURE TECHNOLOGY OPTIMISM
  25. 25. Q21. THE FUTURE TECHNOLOGY SURVIVAL KIT In the future, the toughest job within technology and digital will be to ..........: Funding? Scale? Interoperability? Talent? Adoption? Security? Talent?Innovation Speed? Staying Current? Customer Expectations? Data? Leadership? Diversity? Automation?Reporting? Legacy?
  26. 26. Q22. TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL TIME ALLOCATION What are you spending more time on/less time on technology and digital- wise?
  27. 27. Q23. TRAITS OF THE BEST TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES? Complete the phrase,"the most effective technology and digital-driven organizations in the future will be":
  28. 28. Q24. TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM CLOUT If you were to hitch your wagon (e.g. partner your career, business or investments) to a big technology ecosystem, which ones would you most confidently choose?
  29. 29. Q25. MOST DISRUPTED INDUSTRIES Considering everything about the future, which industry will be most disrupted by emerging technology and digital advancement over the next 3-5 years?
  30. 30. Q26. SPECIFIC SUB_INDUSTRY DISRUPTION Is there a specific industry or sub-segment of industry that is underrated for how much disruption it will face over the next three years attributable to technology?
  31. 31. Q27-28. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES ON THE RISE Which of the following 30 technologies will have the biggest impact on industry, society and culture over the next THREE years?
  32. 32. Q29. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES DEEP-DIVE Which specific technology development is underrated and we'll be talking a lot more about three years from now?
  33. 33. Q30-31. LONGER TERM TECHNOLOGY PROMISE & THREATS Which specific technology has got you most EXCITED about the longer term future (5+ years and beyond) and why? Which specific technology has got you most CONCERNED about the longer term future (5+ years and beyond) and why?
  34. 34. Q32. TECHNOLOGY STAKEHOLDER PREPAREDNESS How well do the following group of people understand the future impact of digital and technology? - Leadership - Board - Middle management - Front Line staff - Your Outside Service Firms/Agencies/Vendors
  35. 35. Q33. LOSERS IN THE TECHNOLOGY RACE They say that disruption will drop four (4) companies from the leading rankings of any industry over the next 5 years, which of the largest four technology companies will drop off the "Leading Tech Companies" list before 2023?
  36. 36. Q34. ENERGY FUTURES In your opinion, what form of energy will experience the biggest rise over the next decade globally?
  37. 37. Q35. SOCIAL MEDIA FUTURES The next evolution of social networks/social media will be based on:
  38. 38. Q36. TECHNOLOGY PREDICTIONS - 5-to-10 YEARS AR & VR On-demand Life expectancy Keyboards Cryptocurrencies FacebookDrones
  39. 39. Q37. TECHNOLOGY PREDICTIONS - 15-to-20 YEARS Self-driving Cars 3D Printing Humanoids Employment & Jobs Mars Exploration Digital ElectionsTechnology - Good or Bad?
  40. 40. Q38-42. WHAT IS THE FUTURE DESIRED SCALE OF…: CONTROL - IT vs. Business-led? DEVELOPMENT - Proprietary/insourced vs. partnered/outdsourced? ORIENTATION - People/customer-driven vs. technology/data-driven? PURPOSE - Ethical/society-driven vs. bottom- line/efficiency-driven? ERNANCE -Disintermediated/Distributed vs. Global/Centralized?
  41. 41. Q43. FUTURE COMMENTARY What is your most insightful commentary about the technology & digital future?
  42. 42. Q44. FUTURE SOUNDBYTES Do you have a one-line motto/quotable quote/soundbyte that functions as your technology guide to the future?
  43. 43. Q45. TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL ROLE MODELS Who is your biggest hero of technology & digital?
  45. 45. PLUS: YOU COULD WIN:
  48. 48. futureproofing & Transformation OFFERINGS BESPOKE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION EVALUATION & PLANNING PROJECTS & IMPLEMENTA TION CONTENT & RESEARCH OVERVIEWS & BRIEIFNGS Keynotes Executive Briefings Training Curriculum Transformation Offsites/Immersions Trend Monitor & Research Results + Custom Additions Position Papers/White Papers/Blogs Content Marketing incl. Podcasts & Videos Interviews with Experts & Influencers Transformation Audits Business Team Workshops Defining Strategies/Proof of Concepts Qualifying Ideas, Resourcing Partners, Promoting Efforts Project Stewardship Expert Counsel Ongoing Consulting Outsourced Leader
  49. 49. ire with me about the digital & technology periscope: