You are what you post


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How brands can come up with ideas for social content. Bonus: a worksheet and a checklist.

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You are what you post

  1. 1. You Are What You Post Process – P6 Framework What You Post Worksheet: How to fill your content bucket?
  2. 2. Publish Produce Connect to Co-create Participate
  3. 3. You are what you post. Remember that anything you put online is a permanent reflection of your
  4. 4. Content development is the primary challenge of social team
  5. 5. Content & curation is the primary role of social team Gartner 2013 Survey
  6. 6. “Content marketing is about continuouscontinuous storytelling.” Jake Sorofman Gartner
  7. 7. “Continuous storytelling implies that there is an operational framework inframework in place to keep the content engine going day in and day out.” Michael Brito
  8. 8. It is not about frivolous chatter
  9. 9. Content Components Image Status Update Message Tags Links lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum # lorem ipsum Go to
  10. 10. Why update my status?
  11. 11. Why update my status?
  12. 12. The bar is always empty!
  13. 13. Likeability matters.
  14. 14. 80% is about What I Stand for?Stand for? Only 20% Is about Who am I? Beingpoliticallycorrect
  15. 15. What What you do? What you think? Be socially correct. Talk what you stand for, not just what you sell. Status Update What you sell?
  16. 16. #TrendingHashtag #SuperHashtag Create message that can be tagged in the following ways… #SuperHashtag #BusinessHashtag
  17. 17. Trending Hashtag
  18. 18. You are not a product/services company, but a trend.
  19. 19. “We talk about more than just private aviation – we talk about the vertical luxury market as a whole.” PrivateFly
  20. 20. Super Hashtag
  21. 21. You are not a product/services company, but a concept.
  22. 22. GivesYouWings#GivesYouWings
  23. 23. You are also a product/services company.
  24. 24. Business Hashtag
  25. 25. 80% • Human Values • Environment 20% Remember the 80-20 rule. Be socially correct 20% • Faster • Cheaper • Better
  26. 26. “Stories that resonate on an emotional level..put a human face on a globalface on a global business, drive engagement and amplification.” Brian Pember, UPS
  27. 27. Product How do you do what you do? Pre- Development Devlopment Post- Development
  28. 28. Humanvalues
  29. 29. Humanvalues
  30. 30. Environment
  31. 31. “Successful social marketing is about authentic interaction that inspires advocacy for yourinspires advocacy for your products, & trusted recommendations.” - Guardian
  32. 32. “Brands are the publishers of the content while marketers are storytellers andstorytellers and consumers are the participants.” Tushar Vyas, GroupM.
  33. 33. Profile and project customers
  34. 34. "Are you providing value and a reason for people to interact with your brand?”brand?” Lewis Howes, Author, LinkedWorking
  35. 35. Inform? Question? Does the status update… Question? Call to action?
  36. 36. Facebook Status Update Checklist Theme Message Product (Faster/Cheaper/Better) Production (Human Values/Environment) Solution (Your’s or Others) Consumer/Customer Message Hashtags Image Links Inform Question Call to action Super Trending Business Photo Audio Video Website Social Online forms Upload link External link
  37. 37. Flagship Product: Faster Cheaper Better Human Values Environment Content Bucket
  38. 38. Darling of earned media!
  39. 39. All the best!All the best!