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Social Media/Business Team


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What skills/attitudes are needed for your social business or social media team?

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media/Business Team

  1. 1. People P6 of P6 Framework
  2. 2. A digression, to begin with Almost all top global luxury brands are European brands. Why? P6 Framework
  3. 3. …European CEOs Attributes of European CEOs •Peasant •Poet •Craftsman Prof Charles De Brabant P6 Framework
  4. 4. Many different titles, jobs, roles, responsibilities…in social P6 Framework
  5. 5. 3 Compontents But, they can be grouped in these three baskets… P6 Framework
  6. 6. C-Level • C-level Executive Nodal • Product Team • Marketing Team Functional • Manufacturing, R&D, CSR • Marketing, Sales, Legal, Human Resources Recommended Structure P6 Framework
  7. 7. A home grown success story in ‘crowdsourcing’ Titan’s success in innovation can be attributed to its dedicated “innovation” team, called: Future Team P6 Framework
  8. 8. The journey begins with a white-board in 2003 P6 Framework
  9. 9. Use of Web 2.0 since 2010 P6 Framework
  10. 10. Presented at CII Workshops at Ernakulam & Trivandrum (July 11-12, 2013) by Sankar, Managing Partner, Younomy Reach: Mobile: +919790276206 Like: Follow: @younomy Newsletter: