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The Power of Influence in B2B Marketing - MME16

  1. The Power of Influence in B2B Marke5ng Lee Odden Image: Shutterstock!
  2. @leeodden #MME16 B2B Content & Influencer Marketing Consultants! About Lee & TopRank Marke9ng!!
  3. @leeodden #MME16 The State of Content in B2B Marke9ng Image: Shutterstock!
  4. @leeodden #MME16 “82% of senior executives say content is a significant driver in their buying decisions.”!! Demand Gen Report!
  5. @leeodden #MME16 88% Business to Business Content Marketing Content Marketing Institute / MarketingProfs!
  6. @leeodden #MME16 Advertorial & Native Advertising! Blogging ! Case Studies ! Crowdsourced Content! Content Curation ! Digital Newsletters ! Earned Media (PR) ! eBooks ! Email Marketing ! Gamification ! Influencer Content ! Infographics ! Interactive Content & Tools! Microsites ! Mobile Applications ! Mobile Content ! News Releases ! Online Magazines & Apps! Podcasts ! Print Magazines ! Print Newsletters ! Real-Time Video ! Real-World Events ! Research & Surveys ! Social Content ! Traditional Media ! Video Content! Virtual Conferences ! Webinars! White Papers ! Content Marke9ng Tac9cs
  7. @leeodden #MME16 Top Challenges with B2B Content Image: Shutterstock!
  8. @leeodden #MME16
  9. @leeodden #MME16 Engaging Content Consistent Content Variety of Content Standing Out in B2B is Tough
  10. @leeodden #MME16 Source: Banksy via reddit / vancouver! Most B2B Content Isn’t Used or Shared
  11. @leeodden #MME16 41% - Growth in Ad Blocking! 198 Million Ad Block Users Worldwide! 64% never open B2B emails! Adobe PageFair Ad Blocking Report! iris B2B Participation Survey! Photo: Shutterstock! Buyers Are Saying No to Ads
  12. @leeodden #MME16
  13. @leeodden #MME16 The Influencer Content Marke9ng Opportunity Image: Shutterstock!
  14. @leeodden #MME16 Buyers Trust Experts & Influencers! Consumers seek out! trusted expert content! when considering a ! purchase! Expert Over Branded Content:! 88% Lift in Brand Familiarity! 50% Lift in Brand Affinity! 38% Lift in Purchase Intent! 85%
  15. @leeodden #MME16 of the B2B buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer ever reaches out to sales.! 70% Source: Pardot Self Directed Buyers Rely on Peers/Community
  16. @leeodden #MME16 “Influencer Marketing is the practice of engaging internal and industry experts with active networks to help achieve ! measurable business goals.”! ! @TopRank! Photo: Shutterstock! Image: Shutterstock!
  17. @leeodden #MME16 75% of professionals consider their influencer engagement effective for lead generation. Augure ! $6.85 for every $1 spent: The average media value earned by brands implementing influencer marketing. Burst Media aka RhythmOne! 59% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the next year. Tomoson! Photo: Shutterstock!
  18. @leeodden #MME16 Campaigns! 40,000 Views! 413 Downloads! 6,000 Shares! 100’s Referrals! 20 New Influencers! Sequenced Assets! 218,971 Views! 15,000+ Shares! 4,023 Downloads! 1,040 Leads! 100’s Referrals! Cumulative: 10 Projects! 1 Million+ Views! 50+ Influencer Assets! 140 New Influencers! (50 CMO/VPs)! Leads & Revenue++! TopRank Marke9ng Influencer Content Evolu9on
  19. @leeodden #MME16 B2B Influencer Content: Glassdoor Results: 90,000 views 70% click to download
  20. @leeodden #MME16 B2B Influencer Content: Event Farm Results: 1,084 registra9ons 626 leads 257 MQLs
  21. @leeodden #MME16 @IBMCommerce IBM turned to a group of #NewWayToEngage Futurists: Trusted external thought leaders with a record of innova9on. B2B Influencer Content: IBM
  22. @leeodden #MME16 1. Define Goals! 2. Pick Topics, Content! 3. Identify, Qualify & Recruit ! 4. Collect & Co-Create Content! 5. Inspire Promotion! 6. Performance Feedback! 7. Maintain Relationships! B2B Influencer Content Framework
  23. @leeodden #MME16 5 Hot B2B Influencer Marke9ng Tips Image: Shutterstock!
  24. @leeodden #MME16 Social Savvy Influencers! Industry Experts! Brand Executives! Internal SMEs & Employees! Clients / Customers! Industry Media! Partners! Prospect Influencers! “Everyone is influential ! about something.” ! Photo: Shutterstock! Tip 1: Famous is Not Your Only Target
  25. @leeodden #MME16 “A brandividual is popular. ! An influencer is effective at creating popularity.”! ! @leeodden!
  26. @leeodden #MME16 LinkedIn Employees! Tip 1: LinkedIn Marke9ng Solu9ons Industry Influencers!
  27. @leeodden #MME16 Tip 1: LinkedIn Marke9ng Solu9ons
  28. @leeodden #MME16 Reach: Par9cipa9on Inspires Ac9on Authen5city: From “Real People” Quality: Taps Exper9se Variety: Create More Quality Content Engagement: SMEs & Influencers Scale: Distributes Content Crea9on Tip 2: Reach Isn’t Your Only Goal
  29. @leeodden #MME16 Content! Quality! Credibility! Advocacy! Promotion! Brand Content! Earned Media! Advocacy! Collaborate! On Shared Causes! Community! Internal SMEs! FAQs! Career Tips! Testimonials! Photo: Shutterstock! Marketing! PR! Recruiting! Support! CSR! Tip 3: Influencers Are for More than Marke9ng
  30. @leeodden #MME16 Tip 4: Influencer Integra9on FTW!
  31. @leeodden #MME16 Tip 4: Document Level Integra9on
  32. @leeodden #MME16 Tip 4: Mul9-Media, Channel, & Influencer
  33. @leeodden #MME16 Tip 5: Rela9onships Rule Work with an influencer on! a project, they’re your friend! for the day.! ! Help someone become ! influential and they’re a friend for life. !
  34. @leeodden #MME16 Tip 5: Rela9onships Rule
  35. @leeodden #MME16 Listen & Respond to Opportuni9es
  36. @leeodden #MME16 Surprise in a Relevant Way
  37. @leeodden #MME16 Influencer Engagement Lesson Learned 29 Influencers! 46,000 views! Social buzz on/offline! 2 new agency deals! Questions!
  38. @leeodden #MME16 If you want your B2B content to be great, ask influencers to par5cipate! @leeodden Photo: Shutterstock!
  39. @leeodden #MME16 FollowerWonk! Klear! Keyhole! BuzzSumo! Onalytica! Nimble! GroupHigh! Brandwatch! Little Bird! Traackr! ! Identify! Qualify! Recruit! Manage! Engage! Measure! Optimize! Influencer Marke9ng Tools
  40. @leeodden #MME16 Influencer Tool Workflow Topic! BuzzSumo! GroupHigh! Traackr! Results! Influencer 1! Influencer 2! Influencer 3! Results! Influencer 1! Influencer 2! Influencer 3! Results! Influencer 1! Influencer 2! Influencer 3! Results! Influencer 1! Influencer 2! Influencer 3! Goal Topic! Search! Validate! Communicate! Engage! Recruit! Promote! Correlate! Monitor! Analytics! Report! GroupHigh! Traackr! Traackr!
  41. @leeodden #MME16 Takeaways Make something together!1! 2! 3! Make it relevant! Make it easy! Image: Shutterstock!
  42. @leeodden #MME16 Thank You! Lee Odden! @leeodden!!!! 1-877-872-6628! New eBook! Download:!!