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The Ultimate Social Business Process


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Overview of the social business process which starts from sharing ideas and "ends" with co-creation of business value.

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The Ultimate Social Business Process

  1. 1. the process of social business Social Business Strategy series P6 Framework
  2. 2. It starts with sharing “ideas” P6 Framework
  3. 3. P6 Framework
  4. 4. 1. What will I “talk” about? 2. How committed, passionate, and resourceful am I to keep the conversation going? 3. How do I get benefitted? 4. How do I create tangible business value? The questions… P6 Framework
  5. 5. Larger share in the Conversation Pie! Credits: @Brian Solis P6 Framework
  6. 6. What to talk? P6 Framework
  7. 7. 8Only 8 of BSE 100 companies blog! Thanks mainly to content dev challenge P6 Framework
  8. 8. Content or Chatter? Many Indian brands end up simply posting irrelevant content in social channels P6 Framework
  9. 9. Why should I like you? P6 Framework
  10. 10. When you talk only about what you offer to customers, your conversation pie will be very small P6 Framework
  11. 11. Empty Bar Syndrome …and sometimes there will not be enough people to engage with P6 Framework
  12. 12. You can talk about the impact you create in the lives of customer’s customers. P6 Framework
  13. 13. Park Type Conversations …and you can hope to get generate more interest P6 Framework
  14. 14. You can also talk about the impact you create in the lives of your customer’s customer’s customer P6 Framework
  15. 15. Darling of Media …and the appeal of your content/conversation can grow! P6 Framework
  16. 16. Business with a Manifesto P6 Framework
  17. 17. IBM’s Smarter Planet P6 Framework
  18. 18. P6 Framework
  19. 19. P6 Framework
  20. 20. So much to share about! P6 Framework
  21. 21. Just go beyond your product P6 Framework
  22. 22. #burstingwithlife P6 Framework
  23. 23. Your conversation pie …will be as big as your heart! P6 Framework
  24. 24. P6 Framework Presented at CII Workshops at Ernakulam & Trivandrum (July 11-12, 2013) by Sankar, Managing Partner, Younomy Reach: Mobile: +919790276206 Like: Follow: @younomy Newsletter: