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Winning with Authority - 15 Experts on Integrated Online Marketing

  1. Welcome to Authority! Winning in online marketing involves many moving parts -- design, content, traffic, conversion, email, social, search, landing pages, and more. Those who lose in marketing often treat each of the parts as if they are somehow separate from the whole. Our conference, Authority Rainmaker, teaches you the parts, but within an integrated framework that gives you the forest and the trees, the strategy and the tactics. I invite you to take the winning advice and inspiration of the experts in this eBook for a true integrated marketing perspective. Then see these experts in action at Authority Rainmaker. You will: 1. Learn a clear framework to develop your own online marketing strategy. 2. Bring home cutting-edge tactics as well as a grasp of the fundamentals. 3. Develop real-world relationships that will accelerate your businesses. Brian Clark CEO, Copyblogger Media
  2. Our Expert Contributors! Daniel Pink Chris Brogan Sally Hogshead Henry Rollins Scott Brinker Pamela Wilson Sonia Simone Ann Handley Bernadette Jiwa Jerod Morris Joe Pulizzi Danny Sullivan Michael King Sean D’Souza Brian Clark
  4. “Today we’re in the era of “servant selling” — where it’s vital to serve before you even try to sell.”" @DanielPink! Inspire!
  5. On Authority:! Serve Before You Sell Marketing is a conversation, not an attempt to hoodwink. If you provide knowledge, information, and other sorts of value that help people or organizations improve their condition, you’ve done a spectacular job of marketing. On the more pointed issue of sales, I think we’re at a moment analogous to the one that gave rise to “servant leadership.” Today we’re in the era of “servant selling” — where it’s vital to serve before you even try to sell. Daniel Pink! “Authority is the capacity to use one’s expertise and understanding to help others learn more, work smarter & live better.” @DanielPink @DanielPink Bestselling Author, Producer & TV Host of Crowd Control on the National Geographic Channel Keynote: The ABC’s of Selling Your Product, Your Service, Your Idea, or Yourself
  6. On Authority:! We know three certainties as it relates to digital marketers: •! Some people are great bloggers. •! Some people are great at engaging people online •! Some people have something great to sell others. What’s a lot more rare are people who have all three working in harmony such that their stories and speeches and ideas elicit great community interaction and response such that the person earns the right to sell and serve that community. Chris Brogan! “Authority is about earning the right to add value and provide opportunities to a particular community.” @ChrisBrogan @ChrisBrogan Bestselling author and CEO of Owner Media Group Keynote: The Business of Belonging: Use Content and Community to Earn More Customers Working in Harmony: Content, Engagement and Sales
  7. On Authority:! In a sense, most of us were schooled to avoid being too fascinating. Standing out is labeled as misbehaving. The problem is, the real world isn’t like that. At least, not anymore. In today’s world—the one with distracted clients, bigger competitors, and people who are willing to work for less than you—the old model is deeply flawed. Today, you win by being seen and remembered. Stand out, or don’t bother. Sally Hogshead! “Your authority as a professional will be measured according to your ability to get others to listen and take action.” @SallyHogshead @SallyHogshead Speaker, Author, Creative Director at Hogshead Media Keynote: The Fascination Advantage Don’t Underestimate Your Ability to Fascinate
  8. On Authority:! All of my DIY pursuits come from one place, recognizing that I WANT to pursue an idea. You have to wrap your ideas in steel and take them into the battleground of the world. Because you’re not the only one thinking of things. There are other innovative people that wake up early just like you. In a way you’re competing for a certain bandwidth. People only have so much time, money and attention that can be paid to one idea, so you’d better be prepared. Henry Rollins! “Punk rock allowed me to question authority. To say, you can say no, to everything…to anything else.” @HenryRollins @HenryRollins Musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist. Closing Conference Keynote Be Prepared, Be Competitive!"#$#%&'%()*+*%,-'%
  9. “Design your marketing with the customer experience at the forefront.”" @PamelaWilson! Design!
  10. On Authority:! When we design our marketing with the customer experience at the forefront and make meeting their needs our top priority — we can have a profound impact. This isn't just marketing. It's a deep and lasting human connection. It enriches the lives of both the customer and the people behind the business. “Authority isn't bestowed, it's earned. You earn it when you stand out, engage, and lead in new directions.” @PamelaIWilson @PamelaIWilson Vice President of Educational Content at Copyblogger Media Presentation: Designing a Warm Customer Experience in a Cold Online World Deepen Your Connection with Better Design Pamela Wilson!
  11. On Authority:! A new wave of content marketing is emerging; interactive content marketing. Most content is passively consumed — our audience reads, watches, or listens. Interactive content, in contrast, invites them to participate, in quizzes, calculators, assessment tools, configurators, games and workbooks. As marketers you must have the courage to experiment, the confidence to fail and the determination to win. “As marketers, we challenge authority yet also crave it. We strive mightily to earn it.” @chiefmartec Design Content That Encourages Active Consumers @chiefmartec Co-founder and CTO of ion interactive Presentation: How to Design Interactive Content — Moving Beyond Button Clicks and Form Fills Scott Brinker!
  12. On Authority:! I’m a big believer in the idea that your marketing goes beyond your web page copy or the ads you create. It’s everything you communicate to prospects and customers. Every interaction with your company is marketing, every little piece of the customer or prospect experience, from your support team to fulfillment to your supply chain. It really benefits marketers to put their nose into every corner of the business. Ask questions about everything and be curious. When something isn’t awesome, roll up your sleeves and find a way to help make it better. “Authority is about being more skillful and effective at helping people solve problems they care about.” @SoniaSimone @SoniaSimone Chief Content Officer at Copyblogger Media Presentation: Dr. Evil’s Guide to Landing Page Design Avoid Marketing Tunnel VisionSonia Simone!
  13. “We don’t need more content. We need better content.”" @AnnHandley! Content!
  14. On Authority:! Content marketing words to live by according to Ann Handley: We don’t need more content, we need better content. Not ordinary. Not mediocre. Not run-of-the-mill. Not just “good enough” either. That just won’t cut it. But is it impossible to achieve? Nope! You’re made of stronger stuff than you think. Just remember that you’ve got this and have an opportunity to “own it”. Who’s in? Ann Handley! “You can only earn authority from generously helping others.” @AnnHandley @AnnHandley Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs Presentation: Good Content vs. Good Enough Content: A Fight for Sore Eyes Usefulness, Not Popularity Wins the Content Game
  15. On Authority:! Oftentimes, as soon as we get ourselves in front of a keyboard we forget that we are talking to another human being and we start to use words we’d never use in a conversation. What a huge missed opportunity for us to engage with the people we hope to serve. Here are two small things we can do to improve content right away: 1. Speak to one person. Treat your content like a conversation rather than a description or a broadcast. 2. Write like people talk. If you wouldn’t say it don’t type it. “Authority is a privilege we earn to share our values with people who believe in what we believe in.” @BernadetteJiwa @BernadetteJiwa Founder at The Story of Telling Presentation: The Secret to Creating Content People Love Don’t Broadcast, ConversateBernadette Jiwa!
  16. On Authority:! There is a next level of depth to the connection that can be made through a podcast that text simply can't touch. Text is not a real human voice inside of two ears and a head. A podcast is. As a podcaster, you are there in your listener's car as they drive to work. You are there in the kitchen as they do dishes. You are strolling beside them as they walk their dog. And you're talking about subjects you are passionate and knowledgeable about and that they find valuable and interesting. Which is why authenticity is so important -- one of the four pillars of a podcast built to last. “Authority is earned over time through effort, empathy & efficacy to influence thoughts & actions.” @JerodMorris @JerodMorris Vice President of Rainmaker.FM Presentation: The 4-Ingredient Formula for an Addictive Podcast The Addictive Authenticity of Podcasting Jerod Morris!
  17. “To separate your content from the pack, start with an editorial mission statement.”" @JoePulizzi! Traffic!
  18. On Authority:! All media companies create an editorial mission statement to guide their content, but literally no one else does. When searching for that niche that separates you from the rest of the pack, develop a mission statement that defines who your reader is, what you are going to deliver to them, and what you want them to get out of your content (the outcome). Then, share this with all your content creators to help guide your way. Joe Pulizzi ! You can't just have the best product, but the best content today to be the leader. That's authority. @JoePulizzi @JoePulizzi CEO and Founder of Content Marketing Institute Presentation: The 6 Steps to Building a Massive Audience with Content Editorial Mission Statement
  19. On Authority:! Stay focused on providing quality content as a way to survive the always changing space. Try to think about what your mobile visitors needs are as opposed to desktop visitors. Understand that the mobile visitor may have a different mindset and expect a different experience with your landing pages than a desktop user. Maybe that’s too simple, but it’s pretty clear a lot of people aren’t getting it. “Authority is providing original, thoughtful commentary or material on a subject that attracts attention & respect from others.” @DannySullivan @DannySullivan Editor-In-Chief of Search Engine Land & Marketing Land Presentation: The State Of Search: 2015 Focus on the Mobile ExperienceDanny Sullivan !
  20. On Authority:! Sure, you're getting traffic, but is it the right traffic? You should kick off every content marketing program with the ultimate content audit. You need the tools and data collection methods to develop actionable insights to get a complete understanding of what is and is not working across Search and Social Media. Leverage data to decide where to make conversion improvements and understand how your audience views your content. “Authority is the trustworthiness built through a commitment to quality, consistency & thought leadership.” @ipullrank @ipullrank Founder of iPullRank Presentation: Perfect Starts Understand the Data Before You Act Mike King !
  21. “Pricing is really in your mind. " Not only can you charge higher prices, but you’ll get better customers.”" @SeanDSouza ! Conversion!
  22. On Authority:! Renewals and price increases can cause a lot of anxiety for many marketers. Determining how to handle the following questions can be very difficult: What do you do when faced with the prospect of increasing prices? Does an increase in prices mean a loss of customers? How can you increase prices so that the customer themselves choose the higher price? It takes time but once you have a system of pricing in place, you’ll be able to sell less, and make more. Sean D’Souza ! “Authority is "responsibility". Like being a pilot. You can’t get half, you have to get everyone across!” @SeanDSouza @SeanDSouza Owner PsychoTactics Presentation: Sell Less, Make More Position Yourself to Sell Less & Make More
  23. On Authority:! There’s an old-school formula for copywriting called the 4 P’s used by the best of ad copywriters, but the most important P is missing. To write great copy, you have to start with the prospect and their world view. Here are the 5 P’s for brilliant copy that coverts: 1. Premise – What story do prospects need to hear? 2. Promise – What your product will deliver on 3. Picture - Visualize & feel the solution 4. Proof - Facts to back up your claim 5. Push - An offer that inspires action Brian Clark ! “Online authority is about demonstrating expertise instead of merely claiming it.” @BrianClark @BrianClark Founder & CEO of Copyblogger Media Presentation: Customer Experience Versus Conversion Optimization: Which Works Better? The 5 P’s of Copywriting for Conversion
  24. What Marketers Say: Authority Rainmaker! “I came away from the conference inspired with a bunch of new ideas and projects to work on that will significantly improve our marketing and business success.” Tim Mayer, eCommerce Quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers “I was confident I’d gain increased knowledge and things to act upon. What I wasn’t expecting was to leave newly inspired to create things that matter and to produce art. Woah.” Lisa Barone, VP of Strategy at Overit “I made more meaningful connections than I could have ever expected because people came with an open mind, no matter their background, and treated everyone like he or she could be the next Jeff Bezos. Ted Karczewski, Marketing Content Specialist at Skyword
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