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Creating Business Value Using Social Media


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Ideas on how to create multiple types of business value using social media, and what types of social projects are suitable to create what types of business value.

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Creating Business Value Using Social Media

  1. 1. Creating Business Value Social Business Strategies P6 Framework
  2. 2. Strategic Profitable Strategic Not Profitable Not Strategic Profitable Not Strategic Not Profitable Types of Value P6 Framework
  3. 3. Flagship Future Fill-gap Free Types of products P6 Framework
  4. 4. Flagship Examples: Lego Toys Godrej’s Interio Suitable Project: Configuration P6 Framework
  5. 5. Fill-gap Examples: iPAD apps DeitY apps P6 Framework Suitable Project: Co-creation
  6. 6. Future Examples: Airbus “Fly Your Ideas” BMW’s Future Mobility P6 Framework Suitable Project: Idea Contests
  7. 7. Free Examples: •Garnier’s Super Human Light •Hall’s Breathe the Change P6 Framework Suitable Project: Movement
  8. 8. Wisdom of crowds P6 Framework
  9. 9. • Idea Contest • Developer Challenge Innovate • Brand Promotions • Campaigns Market Two purposes... P6 Framework
  10. 10. “By 2015 more than 75% of leads will be sourced through inbound channels like Social Media” Social Media Reach P6 Framework
  11. 11. Your ‘hot’ project ideas Internal Priorities External Priorities Co- creation Hot Spots P6 Framework
  12. 12. Starbucks’ BetaCup P6 Framework
  13. 13. External priorities P6 Framework
  14. 14. P6 Framework
  15. 15. P6 Framework
  16. 16. P6 Framework
  17. 17. The key lies in P6 Framework
  18. 18. Paid Listening P6 Framework
  19. 19. Free Listening P6 Framework
  20. 20. Search Listening P6 Framework
  21. 21. P6 Framework Presented at CII Workshops at Ernakulam & Trivandrum (July 11-12, 2013) by Sankar, Managing Partner, Younomy Reach: Mobile: +919790276206 Like: Follow: @younomy Newsletter: