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Digital Women: from geeks to mainstream

Presented at WIFT -International Women Conference for Digital Women, Canada October 25.

In this presentation Dr. Taly Weiss reviews the current state of women in the business world, focusing on digital women.
Taly will present a thesis that connects the new media and the emerging influence of women in developed countries to the rise of women in technology.
The presentation includes practical tips on how women can use Social Media to influence and lead professionally

Digital Women: from geeks to mainstream

  1. Digital Women From geeks to mainstreamPresented by Dr. Taly Weiss,CEO and Head of ResearchTrendsSpotting Trends Research
  2.   The   Few  Women  list   2%   of bosses in largest US firms   5%   of bosses in largest UK firms  Source:  
  3. 15  FORTUNE  500  companies  are  run  by  women,  15   and  a  total  of  28  FORTUNE  1000  companies  have   women  in  top  roles.    
  4. 45  female  CFO  among  Fortune  500.  Thats  just  1   45   more  than  in  2010  and  2009,  at  only  9%.  Source:  CFO  Magazine,  June  2011  
  5. A  study  found  that  companys  stocks  drop  aOer  the   announcement  of  a  female  CEO,  but  not  aOer  that  of  a   male  CEO    Source:  Strategic  Management  Journal  
  6. Talking  about  stocks..  Yahoo fires chief executive Carol Bartz ascompany’s ad share falls to Google & Facebook
  7. 1.5%   among  the  2000  world’s  top  performing   companies  were  managed  by  women  (=29)  Source:  HBR  
  8. Women  CEOs  were  nearly  2x  as  likely  as  men  to  be   appointed  to  the  job  from  outside  the  company.    Women  are  less  likely  to  emerge  as  winners  in  their  own   companies  internal  CEO  tournament.    Source:  Harvard  Business  Review  Research  
  9. What  About  Digital  Women?
  10. Digital  Women Women  senior  execuZves  are  sZll  more  likely  to  be  concentrated   in  consumer  goods  &  media  Source:  HBR  
  11. Women  hold  less  than  25%  of  posiZons  in  STEM.     25%   This  is  despite  the  fact  that  women  in  STEM  jobs  earn   33%  more  than  those  in  other  fields.  Source:    US  Department  of  Commerce,  Aug,  2011  
  12. 25%   Women  held  25%  of  compuZng-­‐related   occupaZons  in  2009,  down  from  30%  in  2000.   30%  Source:  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  
  13. 18%   Computer  informaZon  systems  degrees  is   at  18%  down  from  28%  in  2001-­‐02.   28%  Source:  Kauffman  FoundaZon  
  14. vs 16%   Fewer  women  (16%)  than  men  (26%)  in  tech  jobs   say  they  always  aspire  to  be  in  top  management.   26%  Source:  McKinsey & Co. survey
  15. 19%   In  2004  19%  of  firms  founded  owned  by  women.     Only  3%  of  tech  firms  founded  by  women.   3%  Source:  Kauffman  FoundaZon  
  16. 5%   Women  hold  less  than  5%  of  all  IT  patents,   contribute  less  than  1.2%  of  open-­‐source  soOware   1.2%  Lucinda  Sanders,,CEO,  NaZonal  Center  for  Women  &  InformaZon  Technology  Images:  unwired  view  
  17. Among  execuLve  teams  of  Valley’s  tech  firms  you  won’t   find  any  women  CTOs.    
  18. Among  execuLve  teams  of  Valley’s  tech  firms  you  won’t   find  any  women  CTOs.    
  19. Recent  News   Meg    Whitman   CEO,  HP  
  20. Not  to  forget   Cher  Wang   Founder,  HTC   .  Ursula  M.  Burns   Sophie  Vandebroek  CEO,  Xerox   CTO,  Xerox  
  21. Not  to  forget  Google executives:Susan Wojcicki, Jen Fitzpatrick and Marissa Mayer
  22. Not  to  forget  Sheryl Sandberg, Katie J StantonCOO VP Strategy Rashmi Sinha, CEO
  23. Among  management  teams  of  companies  as  Apple  
  24. Among  management  teams  of  companies  as  Apple  
  25. Among  management  teams  of  companies  as  Apple  
  26. Look  at  VC  firms  –  all  male  dominated..  Source:  
  27. Women  CFO  in  High  Tech  Companies?  Source:  CFO  Magazine,  June  2011  
  28.  OpportuniZes  
  29.  50%   Women  take  more  than  50%  of  American  workforce   Achievements: According  to  the  Bureau  of  Labor  StaZsZcs,   women  now  hold  51.4%  of  managerial  and   professional  jobs  (up  from  26%  in  1980).    
  30. Women  now  earn  60%  of  master’s  degrees,  about  60%   half  of  all  law  and  medical  degrees,  42%  of  all   Achievements: M.B.A.s.  +60  percent  of  all  bachelor’s  degrees  
  31. Working  women  contributes  42.2%  of  the  42%   Achievements: family  income  (up  from  2-­‐6  %  in  1970)  
  32. More  best  selling  books  on  women  leadership  in  business  Source:  HBR  
  33. Technology as a key driver   Access to technology is perceived as a key for successSource:  Nielsen, Women of Tomorrow, 2011  
  34. Technology as a key driver   As  the  adopZon  rates  of  media  technology  conZnue  to  rise  these   tools  are  making  an  important  impact  on  women’s  live  Source:  Nielsen, Women of Tomorrow, 2011  
  35. Women  Are  AcLve  Internet  Users     In February 2010, for example, they accounted for 49.8 percent of the U.S. online population, but made up 57.9 percent of all non-travel buyers, made 61.1 percent of online purchases and accounted for 58.2 percent of online dollars.Source:  comScore,  April  2010  
  36. Women  dominate  Social  Networks  comScore  April  2010:  Globally,  women  spent  an  average  of  16.3  percent  of  their  online  Zme  on  social  networks  in  compared  to  only  11.7  percent  for  the  men.  
  37. Women  Spend  More  Time  CommunicaLng  Source:  comScore,  April  2011  
  38. Women  Outnumber  Men  in  S.  Networks   USA   Source:  PEW  Internet  Research,  June  2011   comScore  April  2010:  56%  of  adult  women  say  they  use  the  Internet  to   stay  in  touch  with  people,  compared  to  46%  of  adult  men.    
  39. Women  Spend  More  Time  S.  Networking   Europe  Source:  comScore,  April  2011  
  40. Women  Are  Heavy  Game  Users  According to a July 2011 survey by Doritos, women play video games nearlyas much as men, and "enjoy" gaming more than they enjoy other activities.Recent research by Flurry: 53% of social gamers usingmobile devices are women
  41. OpportuniLes:  “Everything  Digital”:      Women  of  today  are  no  different  than  men   No  more  tech  gaps     On  the  contrary:  Women  dominate  the   digital  domain!  
  42. OpportuniLes:  “Everything  Digital”:       Technology  is  no  longer  about     engineering  and  programming  
  43. OpportuniLes:  “Everything  Digital”:       Its  about  understanding  what     technology  does  and  can  do  
  44. OpportuniLes:  New  digital  sectors:       Media   Content  plaborms   Games  plaborms   Media  planning  /  buying,     AdverLsing,     Research  
  45. How  Digital  Women  Can  Enjoy                            Digital   Plaborms?. How Digital Women Can Enjoy Digital Platforms?Image  Source:  Corbis  
  46. Lead  based  on  what  you  know  best  
  47. Lead  based  on  what  you  know  best   Learn  from  Social  Media  ConversaZons  on  the  needs  of  your  clients,  the  soluZons  your  compeZtors  provide,  to   create  new  technologies.  
  48. Lead  based  on  what  you  know  best   Encourage  inside   networks     (company s  web)  
  49. Lead  based  on  what  you  know  best   Share  your  professional     Encourage  inside   experiences  on    the   networks  company’s  blog,  s  ocial  hubs   (company s web)    If  there’s  none  –  iniZate!  
  50. Lead  based  on  what  you  know  best  Create  and  manage     online  groups  of   professionals   in  your  field  
  51. Why  Digital  Plamorms?  The  future  is  now  -­‐  Women  may  understand  less  about  soOware   (today)  but  know  more  about  digital   plamorms  and  its  business  potenZal  -­‐  Women  are  dominant  digital  users  –  they   breath  and  live  digital.    
  52. Why  Digital  Plamorms?  -­‐ This  is  a  “work  around”  -­‐  Your  company  needs  you:  they  need  inside  employees  to  take  part  in  the  new  media    -­‐  Women  have  stronger  social  skills  
  53. Why  Digital  Plamorms?  -­‐ Your  contribuZon  is  important  for  markeZng.  -­‐ Your  contribuZon  is  vital  for  the  leadership  of    your  company.  -­‐  Your  contribuZon  improves  development  and  service    
  54. You  get  a  stage  to  differenZate,     lead  and  influence  Change!  
  55. Research  review    by  a  digital  woman:   Dr.  Taly  Weiss.     TrendsSpotting CEO and Head of Research Social Psychologist, Trends Market Researcher. Experience: 16 years in marketing research & strategy for top companies. Specialization: NPD Research: Tech and consumer products. Academic work: Behavioral Economics. People s willingness to join groups and share resources.            @trendsspotting