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The New Entrepreneur: Research Review presents a comprehensive research review (research by TrendsSpotting) on entrepreneurs:

We provide facts about entrepreneurs: profiles, inspirations, home based statistics, incomes and revenues.

We explore the influence of the recession on new jobs, profits, and the establishment of new businesses.

We look at the future and suggest a lookout on the main trends influencing entrepreneurs' activity in 2010 and beyond.

The New Entrepreneur: Research Review

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  2. “We're seeing the beginnings of the entrepreneurial economy a system built on nimble, low‐overhead,  oftentimes small companies” Jason Daley, Entrepreneur Magazine
  3. But first, f some FACTS some FACTS about entrepreneurs Image Source: Corbis
  4. 55‐ 55‐64 the age group showing  the age group showing the highest rate of  entrepreneurial activity.  Surprisingly, the 20‐34  Surprisingly the 20 34 age bracket has the  lowest rate Dane  Stangler, Senior analyst at the Kauffman Foundation
  5. average age of U.S. born tech  average age of U.S. born tech entrepreneurs when they  founded their companies Dane  Stangler, Senior analyst at the Kauffman Foundation
  6. of entrepreneurs claim  they were inspired by  they were inspired by innate desire, not  education or training Northeastern University's School of Technological Entrepreneurship Survey
  7. 50% 50%of all U.S.  businesses  businesses are home‐based Image Source: lifestylecareers Emergent Research
  8. 13  13 Million p p people are employed by home businesses p y y Emergent Research
  9. 6.6 Million 6  home  businesses  businesses contribute at  least 50% of  their total  household  income Emergent Research
  10. 8% of home businesses have revenues of $500,000 or more  35% 35% have revenues of  $125,000 or more $125,000 or more Emergent Research
  11. Remember the recession? b h i ?
  12. 8% of American entrepreneurs added  employees over the past year employees over the past year Carl Schramm, President & CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Image Source: Times Online
  13. 66% of American entrepreneurs have seen their sales and profitability decrease sales and profitability decrease Carl Schramm, President & CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  14. 71% of entrepreneurs don’t expect  to add any new jobs in 2010 to add any new jobs in 2010 Carl Schramm, President & CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Image Source: flickr/brianjmatis
  15. 61% of entrepreneurs think the economy is on the wrong track economy is on the wrong track Carl Schramm, President & CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Image Source: flickr
  16. 50% of entrepreneurs worldwide said it was more difficult to start a new business in 2009 than in 2008 to start a new business in 2009 than in 2008 GEM – Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2009 Survey
  17. 50% of innovation‐driven countries,  including the U.S., show a decrease in startups including the U.S., show a decrease in startups GEM – Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2009 Survey Image Source: Photobucket
  18. But there’s hope… h ’ h Image Source: moddb
  19. “More than half of the largest and fastest‐growing companies in the country were formed during economic tough times” y g g Dane Stangler, Senior analyst at the Kauffman Foundation
  20. 69% more unemployed American workers started  a business in 2009 than in 2008 a business in 2009 than in 2008 Challenger Job Market Index 2009, Challenger, Gray & Christmas Image Source: flickr/ rizalgeo
  21. New and young firms have been the primary source of new  jobs in the United States over the past three decades jobs in the United States over the past three decades Carl Schramm, President & CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  22. 2010 and beyond
  23. 1.19 or 35% of global workforce  will be mobile by 2013 will be mobile by 2013 Billion Sean Ryan, Research Analyst at the IDC’s Mobile Enterprise
  24. of entrepreneurs said Twitter delivers "great value"  41% to their company while 84% expect their use of  Twitter to grow over the next 6 months Marketingprofs
  25. 25% of entrepreneurs say they will commit more resources to social media commit more resources to social media Ad‐ology 2009 Survey Image Source:
  26. “At some point in 2010, all search results will consist of  real‐time information real time information, scores, reviews, tweets tweets  and all, right there and up to the minute”  Image Source: Washington Post TimeSpace John Jantsch, Marketing & Digital Technology Coach
  27. Your location, or that of your customers and prospects,  will become another data point in the marketing mix will become another data point in the marketing mix John Jantsch, Marketing & Digital Technology Coach Image Source:
  28. Find Your Inner Entrepreneur Find Your Inner Entrepreneur Start a side business while you're still employed: The risk is lower, security is much higher,  and your current job can open the doors that you need  doors that you need Rohit Bhargava, Award winning author “Personality Not Included” Image Source:
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