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TrendsSpotting's 2010 Consumer Trends Influencers: Predictions in 140 Characters

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  2. TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year. This year we are adopting a new ―tweet style‖ format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward. More in this series > Technology | Mobile | Videos | e Marketing | Social Media
  3. Findings: Major trends in 2010 Consumer Trends Across many of these predictions, we have identified the following trends suggested to influence consumer behavior: Healthy, Value, Stability, Disclosure, DIY Is the Recession over? 2010 Predictions Suggests Consumers aren’t Buying it
  4. Money, Tech for Poors, Not-Made-in-China.. @geraldcelente GERALD CELENTE Founder/Director The Trend Research Institute The Collapse of 2010: Unemployment stats tell the real story of real money that millions of real people no longer have and can’t get, regardless of rising equity markets. Technology for The Poor: A new class of products and services affordable by millions of newly downscaled Western consumers...... Elegance: Will begin with fashion and spread through all the creative arts, as the need for beauty trumps the thrill of the thuggish. A strong DIY aspect will make up for reduced income, as personal effort provides the means for affordable sophistication. Shape Up: About two-thirds of Americans are Too Big (TB). The ―Shape Up‖ trend will provide a wide array of business opportunities..... Not Made in China : A ―Buy Local/My Country First‖ backlash will be the first sign of becoming a massive, ―circle-the-wagons‖ movement. Consumer crusade that will spread among developed nations, leading to trade wars and protectionism. The next in the Internet Revolution will be TV/cable networks- daytime, primetime, news and opinion-based programming. Source: The Trend Research Institute
  5. Innovation, Healthy Eating, Assortment TOM PIROVANO Director, Industry Insights The Nielsen Company Winning brands will innovate and differentiate. Product Assortment is a Point of Differentiation. Healthy eating = solid measure of consumer confidence. An increase in sales of foods labelled ―organic‖, ―natural‖ and ―high fiber‖ as well as diet aids and reduced calorie/fat. Manufacturers get stingy with trade promotion spending and increases coupon activity /new advertising opportunities such as cell phone apps /in-store TV networks will stretch promotion budgets. Direct to consumer options thrive. Source: Nielsen
  6. Innovation, Restraint, Store Brand, Assortment TODD HALE SVP, Consumer & Shopper Insight The Nielsen Company Restraint remains the new normal. Economic issues continue to be top of mind.. any return to past behavior may take some time—if at all. Value is a top priority. Value messaging must also include differentiation beyond pricing. Businesses that ―drive the recession wave‖ and take an active role in innovation and ad spending are likely to be the big winners. Store brand growth continues. Grocery consolidation intensifies acquisitions and investments. Assortment wars escalate. Source: Nielsen
  7. Less Developed World, Children's .. DOUG ANDERSON SVP, Research & Development The Nielsen Company Growth is found in Less-Developed World - The less-developed regions will grow 31 times faster than the more developed ones. Marketers in the developed world will be locked into share wars while those able to compete in the less-developed world could see substantial growth. Share of households with children decline - fertility rates continue to fall, average family size will also fall, further impacting sales volume. Immigration and ethnic families fuel growth. Older consumers have new needs - Baby Boomers will not spend on the same categories as their parents did. CPG Spending Declines. Source: Nielsen
  8. Resilience, Reviewing & Re-evaluating @mintelnews RICHARD COPE Director of Foresight Mintel Resilience: In 2010, consumers social platformsresilience—an U.S. onlinerecover Surge in enterprise spend for to demonstrate in late 2010. ability to from and adjust to market will grow change brought on by the recession. community softwareany misfortune or 63% in 2010 to $679 million. Resilience: Learning new ways to secure social media activities. They will realize Businesses are looking for skills like cooking, meal planning and DIY repair to cope with the cheaper to purchase this software in the cloud it will be ―New Economy‖. Reviewing enterprise software providers (such to keep reviewing as they 2010) Traditional and re-evaluating: Expect shoppersas Microsoft with Sharepointhunt out the enter this and realise where they can get by on less. will best deals market. Reviewing and re-evaluating: Consumers will purchase more expensive products if they are convinced of the products’ value. More standard ways of measuring social business value . Reviewing and re-evaluating: Brands that engage consumers effectively stand to be successful next year despite price barriers. Source: Mintel
  9. Accountability, Escapism, Ethical Responsibility.. @mintelnews RICHARD COPE Director of Foresight Mintel Prove it – accountability: In 2010 brands will need to pull out all the stops to gain consumers’ trust. Escapism : Consumers will start occasionally breaking free from the tyranny of value in 2010. Escapism will resonate both in and outside the home as consumers splurge on big purchases. Media evolution: Companies must work harder next year to truly engage, attract and interact with consumers, as media quickly evolves. Ethical responsibility: Environmental and ethical issues still attract attention: Businesses to rebuild brands through ethical efforts, ..connect with consumers, giving them an emotional reason to buy. Stability: 2010 will be a year for increasingly seeking balance and readjusting to the ―New Economy‖. Source: Mintel
  10. 10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010 @trendwatching REINIER EVERS Founder Business as unusual: Sustainability, in every possible meaning of the word, is the only way forward. Urbany: Urban culture is the culture. Extreme urbanization.. will lead to more sophisticated and demanding consumers around the world. Real time reviews: 2010 will see ready-to-buy consumers tapping into a live stream of (first-hand) experiences from fellow consumers. (F)luxury: Luxury will be whatever consumers want it to be over the next 12 months. Eco Easy: Corporations and governments will have to forcefully make it 'easy' for consumers to be more green, by restricting the alternatives. Source: Trend Watching
  11. 10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010 @trendwatching REINIER EVERS Founder Mass Mingling: Online lifestyles are fueling and encouraging 'real world' meet-ups, shattering all cliches and predictions about a desk-bound, virtual, isolated future. Tracking and Alerting INFOLUST: More relevant information finding consumers, based on preferences. Embedded Generosity: Giving initiatives that make giving and donating painless, if not automatic. Profile Mining: Social media - the importance of owning and making the most (financially) of personal profiles. From intention-based models to digital afterlife services. Maturalism: More quirkiness, more daring innovations, more risqué communications and conversations, more exotic flavours. Source: Trend Watching
  12. We Are All Media @mariansalzman MARIAN SALZMAN President, N.America,Euro PR Trend Spotter & Author @mariansalzman: We are all media : Every campaign begins with the influence of 1, as seen with J.Crew shoe sales becoming once Obama girls wore them.
  13. Big Ideas For 2010 @iconoculture DAN FRAWLEY CEO Iconoculture The Face of Recovery: Consumers are taking note of what the ―new normal‖ looks like. Some have become forever-savers, some will return to big-spending ways when better times are back again. Social Media Scale-Back: Savvy consumers are now in the process of deciding what degree of personal disclosure and social-net activity they can deal with. Indulgence Offsetting: The Great Recession has rendered over-the-top expressions of luxury gauche. Yet consumers are still rewarding themselves, employing strategies ranging from permissible and rationalized indulgence. Not Gonna Take It: Citizen-consumers are feeling empowered to tap the crowd for power and change. Source: Iconoculture
  14. Big Ideas For 2010 @iconoculture DAN FRAWLEY CEO Iconoculture Multiracial Rising: Second decade of the 21st century, it‘s multiracial America. The growing demographic is enhancing, complicating and changing U.S. Culture. So Healthy Together: A cultural shift is happening as consumers are increasingly forced to accept personal and community responsibility for their own wellbeing. Water We Wasting This For: Water-sustainability savvy is mainstreaming. ―blue gold‖ is one hot topic for consumers. Simplicity Speaks Volumes: In 2010, watch for the rising importance of clutter- clearing on labels without violating a consumer‘s right to know. Source: Iconoculture
  15. Disclosure, BIC, Packaging.. @annmmack ANN MACK Director, Trendspotting JWT Searching for stability. Reading the fine print. Maximum disclosure. The Devil wears packaging - brands will increasingly switch to solutions that reduce, reuse, recycle, remove and renew. It's BIC, and It‘s Bigger than ever- Brazil, India and China are emerging stronger than ever, both economically and politically. Source: JWT
  16. Emerging Markets, Real Time, Location, Visual Fluency @annmmack ANN MACK Director, Trendspotting JWT Trickle-Up Innovation: Products designed for emerging markets - consumers are welcoming them as cheaper and simpler alternatives to existing choices. Retooling for an Aging World. Life in Real Time. Location-based Everything. Visual Fluency: The ongoing shift from words to images will accelerate. Source: JWT
  17. Green Pastures Ahead.. @sheltongroup SUZANNE SHELTON President & CEO Shelton Group ―Waste not, want not‖ messaging will gain strength. 12% of Americans believe ―don’t waste‖ is the strongest message to get them to conserve.. an increase in the number of consumers who haven’t seen the savings they expected from energy-efficient home improvements. We’ll continue to see a decline in folks trying energy-efficiency ―gateway drugs.‖ They‘re not motivated to keep trying due to poor expectation management Comfort and convenience will continue to be the major drivers for consumers making purchases. Do everything you can to show that not only is your product environmentally friendly, but it‘s also simple to use and makes people’s lives better. The number of people willing to punish companies that greenwash will increase. Shoppers don’t know how to define what a green product is. They don’t trust manufacturers to tell them the truth about how green their products are. Source: Shelton Group
  18. Consumer Trendscape Predictions For 2010 @ashbat CHERYL SWANSON Managing Partner Toniq Skin Care -The Next Fast Food: The consumer push-back that began with tobacco and more recently has focused on fast foods will soon be aimed at leading cosmetics companies and faux organic/natural lines. Personal Care Marketers Beware: Once the social networks are mobilized against chemical "baddies", Personal care marketers need to be ready for the consumers' rejections (SOON!) and natural and efficacious alternatives. Lux-O-Vending/Lux-iFacts: A key shift will be the creation of limited edition affordable designer "artifacts" , allowing tired consumers to indulge their need for quality, design, and prestige with small, yet beautiful pieces. Discovery - AstroH2O: Expect a leading brand to align with NASA soon to support the search of off-planet water. Life on Demand ... A Visual Language Imperative: As the blurring of online and offline media accelerates, expect a wave of brand simplification and redesigns to cope with the screen revolution. Source: Media Post
  19. Consumer Trendscape Predictions For 2010 @ashbat CHERYL SWANSON Managing Partner Toniq Tweet-Talk & Language Evolving: Twitter is about to have a tsunami-like force on the English language as its 140-character limit seeps into our consciousness & its info-bit status updates and creative abbreviations permeate the collective conversation. KaBoomers: Many 60 year-olds are healthier then 35 year-olds, so watch this market boom over the next 10 years. KaBoomer wants extend well beyond to categories that leverage their inherent optimism. This trend could challenge AARP to reinvent itself. Fun-Frugality 2010: We won't see a return to luxury as we've known it, but will see smaller, regular indulgences in both mass and premium channels Newbie DIYers: From the affluent to the mainstream, people are doing more for themselves, and they need help. Brands have the opportunity to play a key role in this conversation. Source: Media Post
  20. The 10 TENsions That Will Define 2010 @rossdawson ROSS DAWSON Futurist, Entreprenuer, Author Optimism – Fear: financial crisis still fresh, any optimism is subject to being shattered, resulting in wild swings in confidence. Institutional work – Independent work: The temptations of self-employment can be replaced by desire for a steady pay packet, pulling people both ways. Hyperconnected – Disconnected: The gulf between the hyperconnected and disconnected will increase. Openness – Privacy: There is an inevitable and powerful trend to more openness and sharing. Yet the backlash is strong, with pushing for greater privacy legislation Youth – Experience: Companies will not manage the generational tensions well. Source: Ross Dawson Blog
  21. The 10 TENsions That Will Define 2010 @rossdawson ROSS DAWSON Futurist, Entreprenuer, Author Death of Media – Birth of Media: As traditional media staggers, new business models are opening a new era in which media is at the center of the economy. Immigration – Borders: The tension between immigration, backed by the business community who want to drive growth, and borders, by those fearing social fragmentation and ecological impact, is becoming a key issue. Climate Activists – Climate Doubters :The gulf is widening between those who believe everything we can do to avert disastrous climate change may not be enough, and those who don‘t believe or don‘t care. Innovation – Copying: The faster the pace of copying, the greater the drive to innovation. Me – Everyone: In 2010 people who were born after the creation of the World Wide Web will first join the workforce. Source: Ross Dawson Blog
  22. The New Way To Work @dominicbasulto DOMINIC BASULTO Digital Strategist Electric Artists Organizations will embrace Design Thinking- a stronger form of creativity and innovation focused around achieving specific business goals and objectives. Design thinking will continue to play a key role as a differentiator. Women will play a more important role in re-defining traditional notions of work. Small business owners will become the new stars of economic growth. SBO‘s have often been overshadowed as the traditional media focuses on the empire builders and the titans of industry. Heading into 2010, though, this trend appears to be reversing. "Happiness" will become a way to measure economic prosperity. Traditional measure of national economic activity - Gross National Product (GNP) - would be supplanted by something called Gross National Happiness (GNH). Personal branding will become the buzzword of talented workers around the world. The Internet as a distribution channel for a personal brand is unmatched. Source: Futurelab
  23. Consumer Trend Report @jeremygutsche JEREMY GUTSCHE Founder TrendHunter Next Besting: Instead of purchasing the priciest product and biggest brand, people are trying new products in the pursuit of the ―next best‖ alternative.. DIY Décor: DIY art, furniture and hobbies are the perfect fix for those who are credit-crunched. Never been so affordable… and culturally acceptable. Life-Swapping: Credit-crunched citizens unwilling to compromise their lifestyles are swapping, bartering and trading their way to a better life. Pop-Uptailing: Mobile retail displays, pop-up art studios and shipping container bars; banking on exclusivity and surprise, pop-uptailing is the latest way to generate buzz and quickly place your product in new markets. Nomadabodes: Portable apartments, futuristic houseboats ..the recession in combination with creative architecture have caused an influx of unique temporary housing. Source: TrendHunter
  24. Consumer Trend Report @jeremygutsche JEREMY GUTSCHE Founder TrendHunter Greenpliances: Soapless dishwashers, miniature laundry machines, and dishwashing cabinets not only help the environment, but over time, their increased efficiency will help your wallet too... Ecopolitan: Ecopolitan Developments are quickly becoming a way of life. In addition to revitalizing urban centers with eco-friendly elements, nations are building niche cities specifically to meet ecological goals. Simpletising: Fruit inspired packaging, milk boxes with utters and phonetic alcohol… In a cluttered world, visual clarity actually stands out.Fits well with a desire to pursue lives of simplicity. Emotionology: Emotion-sensitive jewelry, playlists and phones are manifesting your mood physically. Scientists and techies alike are exploring the world of emotion and how it can be applied to technology.. Exposed Vulnerability: Taking social media to the next level of reality, we‘re seeing everything from tweeting during child birth to stars exposing un embarrassing moments. Source: TrendHunter
  25. Consumer Trend Report @jeremygutsche JEREMY GUTSCHE Founder TrendHunter Crowdsourced Campaigns: This year, involving your customer means crowdsourcing. Examples include crowdsourced billboards, window displays and even tv commercials. Nostalgia Marketing: Consumers looking to escape economic woes and seek refuge in the fantasies of their past, sparking an interest in everything from ‗Where the Wild Things Are‘ to ‗Alice in Wonderland‘.. DIY Healthcare: A new era of healthcare with palm-sized physicals, stress-sensing watches and fertility monitor pods. With public health care continuing to be a big issue, consumers are looking for ways to ensure their own physical wellness. Not-So-Tricky Picky: A proliferation of food products that cater to unique needs, like gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets. It‘s no longer tricky, to be picky... Prodependancy: Next generation couples were already more likely to move in together than generations of the past… The credit crunch has accelerated this trend..matching tattoos, co-ed fashion and shared home décor.. Source: TrendHunter
  26. Consumer Trend Report @jeremygutsche JEREMY GUTSCHE Founder TrendHunter Half Formal: Shorts with suit jackets, blazers with jeans and semi suits… Young professionals are classing up business casual by adding a formal twitst to casual style.. Rental Culture: The recession fueled a move towards temporary ownership, fake status and a world of bartering. Rentable luxury, clothing, baby toys, and fine art are just a few examples.. Peacocking: Bright clothing, accessories and cosmetics ..that clashes in the dismal face of the recession. Peacocking celebrates vibrant, bold in-your-face colors that prove you don‘t need designer labels to scream, ―Look at me!‖. Unservice Forward: From nightclubs and pubs where you serve your own beer to self-serve hotels, unservice not only saves you money, it lets customers get a sense of independence and creative control. Tangible Personalization: The credit crunch is accelerating this trend .. shift away from luxury products and a desire for personalized gifts... Source: TrendHunter
  27. New shopping and saving strategies & new values @trendsspotting Dr. TALY WEISS CEO and Head of Research Trends Research @trendsspotting: TrendsSpotting‘s report ―Consumer and Market Trends during Recession: Cross–Industry Research‖ finds that in seven out of nine US industries - consumers are still cutting back expenses. @trendsspotting: Follow online trends: coupons (store, food, fashion), free (games,music, TV), saving (money, time, tips) @trendsspotting: Consumer preferences: local, home made, healthy, reasonable @trendsspotting: Consumer needs: influence (restore self esteem), relief @trendsspotting: Consumer values modesty, balance, independency, ―Familial‖
  28. Green & Environmental Issues @trendsspotting Dr. TALY WEISS CEO and Head of Research Trends Research @trendsspotting: People are now diving into 3 diverse groups: Climate activist, climate aware and climate deniers. @trendsspotting: Expect climate activists to try and balance between energy savings and extra cost. Those will embrace brands who mind the environment. @trendsspotting: Expect almost nothing from climate aware ppl. . @trendsspotting: Expect climate deniers to neglect brands who mind.
  29. ? Did You Know Recent US surveys show sharp fall in the public concern. But, TrendsSpotting has identified a rise of interest in ―global warming‖: Web measures (search trends, blogs discussions, twitter trends) all show a marked increase in internet users interest. Read More On Global Warming Perceptions>>
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