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Where Are the Women in IT?


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CompTIA's Nancy Hammervik presents data on the lack of women in information technology and shows how we can add interest more women into an IT career.

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Where Are the Women in IT?

  1. 1. Step Up & Make a Difference Nancy Hammervik , SVP, Industry Relations April 22, 2014
  2. 2. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | Where Are the Women in IT? Open Dialogue Though the IT industry is brewing with opportunity, women are still poorly represented in the field.  What are the barriers preventing female professionals’ entry into IT?  How would you describe a career in the high-tech industry?  What personality traits make for a good employee in IT? 2
  3. 3. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | 3
  4. 4. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | What Makes a Career in IT so Attractive?  Low Unemployment: – 2.9% for IT workers, compared to 6.7% generally  Multitude of Jobs: – 500K core IT job openings in the U.S. in Q1 2014 – 10% of all job openings are IT- related  High Salary: – IT workers earn more than twice the national average yearly salary ($76,000 vs $35,000) 4 2xthe national salary 500K IT job openings 2.9% unemploy -ment
  5. 5. 79% of female IT professionals believe their job provides them with a sense of personal accomplishment 5 report being satisfied with their jobs vs. 84% 74%of men
  6. 6. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | U.S. Labor Force Characteristics  The workforce is split evenly between men and women.  Yet, women only account for 28% of core IT occupations. 6 28 72 IT Workforce Women Men
  7. 7. More than half the students entering US colleges are women but only are graduating with IT degrees THE RESOURCE POOL 7 of graduates with computer & information science degrees are men 18% 82%
  8. 8. How do we advocate change to encourage more women to enter the IT workforce? 8
  9. 9. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | A Plethora of Job Openings By 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates there will be nearly 1.5 million computing- related job openings. At current rates, the U.S. will only be able to fill 30% of those jobs with college graduates. 9
  10. 10. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | 10 Garnering Girls’ Interest in IT Careers Despite 95% of young girls liking or loving technology, only 9% say they’re definitely interested in an IT career.
  11. 11. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | CompTIA’s Solution: the Dream IT Platform  Equip members to go into their communities and schools and speak directly with young women and girls about IT careers  Goal: Create a grassroots movement and reach 10,000 women and girls with information about the value of IT professions  Online resources: – Presentation materials – Speaker bureau outlining processes for community groups/schools to request IT speakers, and for speakers to submit presentation proposals – Career resource center with career stories, tips, links 11
  12. 12. Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  13. 13. 325,000 ENTRY-LEVEL POSITIONS 150,000 MADE IT TO MIDDLE MGMT 7,000 MADE IT TO VP, SVP OR C-SUITE McKinsey study of 60 Fortune 1000 companies 13
  15. 15. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | Female Representation in Management U.S. ranks at the low end of countries with high numbers of women in management positions. At just 22%, we’ve got nothing but room for improvement. Source: Grant Thorton Base: 15 9% 14% 22% 26% 35% 39% 41% 43% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Japan Germany United States Sweden Peru Lithuania Indonesia Russia
  16. 16. Most companies aren't training women for leadership roles. 16 Only 11% with 70% of businesses globally have a program to support and mentor women, of companies not even considering starting such programs.
  17. 17. PRESERVING AND PROTECTING The attrition rate of women in the high-tech sector is twice that of men. 17 of women in tech leave their organizations mid-way through their careers -- a costly loss of talent. 56% Reducing the attrition rate by just would add more than staff to the IT workforce. 25% 200,000
  18. 18. WHAT CAN WE DO Promote from within Offer training and skill development courses Company recognition programs Get involved Keep track of and share accomplishments – internally and externally Volunteer for special projects Bring the NextGen in Encourage each other 18 Get out of your comfort zone – take risks
  19. 19. Copyright (c) 2014 CompTIA Properties, LLC. All Rights Reserved. | Additional Resources  CompTIA IT workforce-related industry research that’s been published: – Women Set on the Path to Success With a Career in IT – IT Industry Outlook 2014 – International Technology Adoption & Workforce Trends – Quarterly IT Business Confidence Index – Generational Research on Technology and its Impact in the Workplace – Youth Opinions of Careers in IT – State of the IT Skills Gap – Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification  National Center for Women and IT’s Girls in IT: The Facts  CompTIA Advancing Women in IT Community  Creating IT Futures Foundation  CompTIA certification and training resources 19