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TrendsSpotting's 2010 Social Media Influencers - Trend Predictions in 140 Characters

"2010 Social Media Influencers" is the first report from the series "2010 Influencers Series: Trend Predictions in 140 Characters".
TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year.
This year we are adopting a new “tweet style” format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward.

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TrendsSpotting's 2010 Social Media Influencers - Trend Predictions in 140 Characters

  1. More in this series > Technology | Mobile | Videos | eMarketing | Consumer Trends
  2. TrendsSpotting Market Research is now running its third annual prediction reports following major trends in six categories. We will be featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year. This year we are adopting a new “tweet style” format, easier for you to focus on, comprehend and forward. More in this series > Technology | Mobile | Videos | eMarketing | Consumer Trends
  3. Findings: Major trends in 2010 SM: Across many of these predictions, we have identified the following trends suggested to influence 2010 Social Media: Mobile, Location, Transparency, Measurement, ROI, Privacy Reflecting on 2009 predictions – not much has changed. We conclude that 2009 did not meet its expectations. How about 2010?
  4. Location, Augmented Reality, Privacy & Social Gaming @petecashmore PETE CASHMORE Founder, CEO Mashable Fueled by the ubiquity of GPS in modern smartphones, location-sharing services .. Surge in enterprise spend for social platforms in late 2010. U.S. online may become the breakout services of the year ... provided they're not crushed by community software market will grow 63% in 2010 to $679 million. the addition of location-based features to Twitter and Facebook. Our whereabouts may optionally secure social media activities. They will realize Businesses are looking for ways to be appended to every Tweet, blog comment, photo be cheaper to purchase this software in the cloud it will or video we post. Augmented reality: The challenge for such services is to prove Sharepoint 2010) Traditional enterprise software providers (such as Microsoft withtheir utility: They have the this factor," will enter"cool market. but can they be truly useful? Social gaming and virtual currencies: virtual buying and selling may be the route to riches for some social media sites. The big players are seizing the mobile payments More standard ways of measuring social business value . opportunity. Expect personal privacy -- or rather its continued erosion -- to be a hot media topic of 2010. Source: CNN
  5. Private SN, Location, Mobile, Scalable, Rewards @armano DAVID ARMANO Senior Partner, Dachis Group Author, Logic and Emotion "Social media begins to look less social .. more "exclusive" - getting value .. while filtering out the clutter”.. Corporations look to scale and uncover cost savings or serve customers more effectively through leveraging social technology .(e.g.: Best Buy's Twelpforce ). Networked activity will be local, mobile, encourage competition and reward participants. Your company will have a social media policy. Mobile becomes a social media lifeline. Sharing no longer means e-mail: Content providers will allow users the ability to distribute content across their own networks (e.g. - NYTimes iPhone app). Source: Harvard Business Review blog
  6. Private SN, Location, Validation @chrisbrogan CHRIS BROGAN President, New Marketing Labs I see velvet rope social networks, where some kind of gating to keep out the commons will occur. I see a thousand specific Twitters popping up for places internally and externally, each using OAuth to validate who we are. Source: ZDNet
  7. Social Business, Ads & Thought Leaders.. @peterkim PETER KIM Managing Director, N.America Dachis Group @peterkim: Companies get serious about social media, elevating their focus to social business. @peterkim: Advertising infiltrates public social sites on a widespread scale, souring experiences for many. @peterkim: A new cadre of bonafide thought leaders emerges, with almost 100% turnover from five years ago.
  8. On Next Big Thing Seth Godin Michael Litman Tamar Weinberg, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur Social Media Strategist Community & Marketing Manager & Agent of change Consolidated PR Mashable Seth Godin: folks that put in the time and energy to build a foundation over the last 2 years online will be rewarded, while the latecomers will merely whine. Seth Godin: A lot of people (who were not investing in an asset) will lose interest in Twitter as the next shiny thing comes along. @litmanlive: I believe that the next "big thing" will be a greater sense of personalization and location-based offerings. We're starting to see this for example in Foursquare. @tamar: Content will be more widely dispersed, especially across mobile platforms as phones are getting smarter. @tamar: A bigger emphasis on Augmented Reality, giving consumers the ability to find and buy products that they are interested in from wherever they are. Source: Junta42
  9. Status Updates Platform @johnbattelle JOHN BATTELLE Founder & Chairman Federated Media @johnbattelle: By the end of the year we'll have a new interface for status updates that looks nothing like a microblog.
  10. Mobmedia, Cyberdisinhibition @mariansalzman MARIAN SALZMAN President, N.America,Euro PR Trend Spotter & Author @mariansalzman: Mobmedia/Virtual Bullies - Social media sites allow for virtual bullies + flash mob gatherings around disputes; heightened by celeb involvement. @mariansalzman: Cyberdisinhibition - Based on #ERWWPR social media study, 43% of Net users feel less inhibited online, behaving in ways they wldn‟t in person.
  11. Real-time Reviews & Business On Social Media @mzkagan MARTA KAGAN Managing Director, US Espresso- Brand Infiltration @mzkagan: Real-time reviews will scare the pants off many a brand & foster a new 'radical-beta' mindset. @mzkagan: “Tracking & alerting" become the new searching. @mzkagan: Business finally admit that social media aint some fad for kids and B- list movie stars.
  12. Augmented Reality, Small Business & Micro Targeting.. @danzarrella DAN ZARRELLA Social & Viral Marketing Scientist HubSpot @danzarrella: IRL: With augmented reality and mobile social media, the real world will be important again. @danzarrella: Small Business Social Media - small business will discover the bang- for-buck accountability of social media marketing. @danzarrella: Micro targeting and personalization - businesses will begin to leverage the wealth of data we share about ourselves to deliver individualized messages.
  13. Mobile, Location, Scalable @emarketer eMARKETER Digital Intelligence @eMarketer Social networking is one of the fastest-growing activities among mobile users and has become a significant driver of Internet usage on mobile devices. Gaining a voice in the conversations taking place across mobile social networks will be challenging for marketers. Most marketers are thinking through key issues, such as internal ownership and scalability of mobile-social programs. Budgeting and definitions of ROI likewise continue to evolve. The biggest near-term opportunities will come from location-aware applications. Search will get more social: real-time content in results, information from social network friends to results, using collective information from other Web users Source:
  14. On Content Marketing @drewmclellan DREW McLELLAN Founder and Author The Marketing Minute The good: As the economy continues to slowly recover, consumers are going to reward those brand marketers who have been sharing content/expertise without any strings attached. The bad: Many just entering the content marketing arena will do so with the old broadcast mentality… they will shout.. and turn off their potential audience. The ugly: Content marketing isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. But many CFOs will prematurely pull the plug on their content marketing efforts because the results are not instantaneous. . Source: Junta42
  15. Secured, Clouds, Measurement CAROLINE DANGSON Digital Marketplace Research Analyst IDC Surge in enterprise spend for social platforms in late 2010. U.S. online community software market will grow 63% in 2010 to $679 million. Businesses are looking for ways to secure social media activities. They will realize it will be cheaper to purchase this software in the cloud. More standard ways of measuring social business value. Source: ZDNet
  16. Conversational Marketing, Content Distribution @jasonfalls JASON FALLS Social Media Strategist Social Media Explorer Conversational marketing will be the prevailing success tactic for brands. . The one-way channels, will continue to be shunned and stagnate. Twitter will see more consistent use from a core base of people and less hype - more of a communications utility. Making content highly portable is the key to engaging an ever-more-mobile audience. More will start to see the power of content distribution and customer engagement through that content. 2009 was about learning SM. 2010 will be about figuring out how to use it well. Source: Junta42, ZDnet
  17. On Social Media & Relationships @charleneli CHARLENE LI Founder Altimeter Group Social media in 2010 will cease being the shiny new object and instead, become part of the everyday lexicon of business. The technology will begin to fade into the background so that people can focus on the relationships that are created because of the technologies, not the technologies themselves. Source: ZDNet
  18. Brand, Communities, Micro Content @gauravonomics GAURAV MISHRA CEO 2020 Social Online communities will come of age in 2010. Brand marketers will create compelling micro-content to seed these communities, then run contests to invite consumers to interpret their brand, create their own content. Brand marketers investing in communities that are built around a bigger social object: a lifestyle, cause or passion. Source: Junta42
  19. Premium, ROI, Experts @marc_meyer MARC MEYER Principal Digital Marketing Response Group @marc_meyer: Twitter will offer a premium level option that'll allow the creation of hosted invite only discussions. . @marc_meyer: Google will flex its muscle in the SM space by creating more "social" tools & apps 2 compete w/ Facebook & Twitter. @marc_meyer: Look for social to become less about the "what is it" and even more about the ROI. @marc_meyer: Expect to see more Fortune 500 and Inc 1000's companies making large scale, visible social media mistakes. @marc_meyer: There will continue 2 be a void in SM leadership as long as ppl continue to dwell on who is & who isn't an expert.
  20. Retailers Grapple with Measuring Social Commerce @emarketer JEFFREY GARU Senior Analyst eMarketer 2010, retailers will become more serious about trying to measure social media‟s impact on sales: how much a large fan base translates into sales or brand loyalty. Source:
  21. Bottom Up Global Changes SUPERNOVA Jimmy Wales Alec Ross Craig Newmark Founder Sr Advisor -Innovation Founder WikiPedia State Department Craigslist @jimmy_wales: the global nature of the internet.. people will come online from India, China, Africa, South America- there's going to be a cultural impact as the different cultures will come and mix and mingle online. @alecjross: The democratized access to the tools of the digital age will be used for economic empowerment and political actions in ways that were not possible five and ten years ago. @CraigNewmark: 2010 will bring the “tipping point” for social media. People will see how easy it is to work with each other. Source: Supernova Hub
  22. On location & Foursquare @scobleizer ROBERT SCOBLE Technical Evangelist Rackspace We‟re going to see an explosion of things that use location. Cool businesses that are hip are already doing Foursquare promotions now, but that will boom in 2010. Foursquare - the „cool kids‟ are on it, it feeds on itself. People are going to use the system all of their friends are on. Source: ZDNet
  23. Transparency, Obsolete Social Media @dmscott DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT Marketing Strategist & Author World Wide Rave @dmscott: The term "social media" wanes as people realize we're just talking about communicating. @dmscott: A huge backlash against "snake oil salesmen" who spam people on Twitter. @dmscott: The fear of marketing on the web experienced by many organizations continues.
  24. Global Tensions @roncallari RON CALLARI Social Media Scientist Global tensions will bubble up over into the social media space in 2010. SNS will become a new battleground for opposing forces around the globe to threaten and harass each other (e.g: Iranian Election Protests) Source: Investorspot
  25. 10 Ways Social Media Would Change.. @ravit_ustrategy RAVIT LICHTENBERG Founder & Chief Strategist SM will become a single, cohesive experience embedded in our activities and technologies. SM innovation will no longer be limited by technology Mobile will take center stage. Enterprises will shape the next generation of what we've called "Social Media" Expect an intense battle as people and companies look to own their own content. ROI will be measured – and it will matter. Augmented reality finally: real, cool and very bizarre online-offline integration Women will rule social media. Social media will move into new domains. Source: Read Write Web
  26. Product Search On SNS @equalman ERIK QUALMAN Author Socialnomics @equalman: Facebook/Twitter will have some form of product search functionality [onsite or via partnership].
  27. Google ,Twitter & Facebook Privacy @pgillin PAUL GILLIN Writer, Author & Social Media Consultant Principal at Paul Gillin Communications @pgillin: Twitter's strategy to monetize its service gives Google the first real run for its money. @pgillin: New Facebook privacy policy sparks member backlash (at least we know ONE of these predictions will be right!).
  28. „Un-friending‟ Brands On Social Media @adambroitman ADAM BROITMAN Partner & Ringleader @adambroitman: Consumers will un-friend all brands that don‟t add value.
  29. Social Media Measurement @cbensen CONNIE BENSEN Director of Social Media & Community Strategy Alterian @cbensen: Social media monitoring will provide insight across all channels, as well as making Social Media an active outbound marketing channel. @cbensen: SM will shift from being experimental to having metrics and the loop will be closed the loop so that SM Monitoring is necessary & actionable.
  30. Transparency, Performance Mike Arauz Nenshad Badoliwalla Strategist Co-author Undercurrent Driven to Performance @mikearauz: We're moving into an age of transparency . @mikearauz: The last decade was all about acquisition. The next one, will be all about retention. @mikearauz: No brand is immune, no matter how big or small. Transparency FTW! @nenshad: Social media projects will need to tie their efforts to concrete performance improvements in order to remain viable Source: Junta42
  31. Integrated Marketing, Monitoring, Brand Advocates @adamcohen ADAM COHEN Partner Rosetta @adamcohen: Social media tactics become integrated tools in the relationship marketing arsenal. @adamcohen: Companies struggle adapting processes for customer interaction in marketing, sales, customer service & PR. @adamcohen: Marketing programs focus more on activating brand advocates than general customers. @adamcohen: Social media monitoring industry consolidates and matures, drawing closer to web analytics.
  32. Social Media In Maslow Hierarchy @danielwaisberg DANIEL WAISBERG Head of Web Analytics Easynet @danielwaisberg: Social Networks got us to step 3 of Maslow hierarchy: Belonging. Next challenge: management Esteem!
  33. Monitoring, Branded Communities & Guidelines @communitygirl ANGELA CONNOR Journalist & Community Strategist Author,18 Rules of Community Engagement @communitygirl: Employees will find themselves facing strict social media guidelines banning FB, YouTube or both. @communitygirl: Online branded communities will outperform Facebook fan pages and gain increased popularity. . @communitygirl: The cost of popular social media monitoring software will decrease as early adopters opt-out and newcomers flood the space.
  34. Less Social, More “Social Aware” @trendsspotting Dr. TALY WEISS CEO and Head of Research Trends Research @trendsspotting: 2010- the year “you‟re being followed”. @trendsspotting: Facebook will soon launch its search. By providing good search capabilities & localization - it will change not only the face of Facebook - it will take social networks to new levels. @trendsspotting: Remember the years consumers felt that internet is not a safe shopping place? 2010 is the year internet users will think about safety with every move they take. @trendsspotting: Blogs will continue to flourish as people realize micro-blogging needs a “home base”.
  35. ? Did You Know New Oxford American Dictionary‟s 2009 Word of The Year is Read More On The “unfriend” Social Cycle >>
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