Are Your Brand's Ads Seen On Facebook? Here's How To Ensure They Will Be.


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Ari Brandt, CEO & Co-founder, Mediabrix

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  • Hi, My name is Ari Brandt, the CEO and Co-founder of MediaBrix. We’re Social and Mobile in-app ad platform focused on creating immersive brand opportunities.
  • We saw a massive opportunity. Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare were great user platforms but advertising was an afterthought. I don’t care what people say about native advertising such as sponsored stories or promoted tweets – these were retrofitted and are ineffective. I believe advertising has to take advantage of the medium and user flow but that doesn’t mean we need to create the equivalent of an advertorial.
  • Depending on the research, 4 out of 5 FB users aren’t even aware of the advertising
  • There’s about 100 stories like this in the past year, but the bottom line is digital advertising is broken.
  • Thelast time advertising worked was the ’50s. Captive audience, no DVRs, no below the fold, one ad that was part of the experience. Media consumption has shifted, and now the only place you can find a truly captive audience is via gaming. Gaming is the new golden era of captive, engaged users.---In a year there will be more people playing games than watching TV.Modern family - this is what a captive audience looks like today. today, media consumption is fragmented our captive audience is fragmented. and the most engaged audience can be found in game---so where is your captive audience?
  • This audience isn’t just big. They’re the most engaged users on Facebook.
  • Engagement
  • But how do you engage with a 140 characters or a 100x100 pixel image? It’s an auction based, CPC, arbitrage ecosystem – not brand centric.
  • The beautiful part about advertising in app is you are 100% viewable, 100% share of voice, there are multiple ways to seamlessly integrate into the natural flow of game play. And most importantly it works.
  • Think about Social Gaming on Facebook and Mobile as a way to reach the most lean-forward, engaged audience in social.
  • Are Your Brand's Ads Seen On Facebook? Here's How To Ensure They Will Be.

    1. 1. Are your ads seen on social media? Here’s How to Ensure They Will Be. Presented by: Ari Brandt, CEO, MediaBrix
    2. 2. How may people are even aware of Facebook advertising?2
    3. 3. Not many.3
    4. 4. Social advertising needs innovation!4
    5. 5. Today, consumers are actively We need to rethink social advertising to put brands front social media. engaging with and center again5
    6. 6. But how are they engaging with social media?6
    7. 7. People are using social apps and games • 235M people are playing social games on FB • 33% of Facebook users have used an app on Facebook in the past 12 months Facebook app sampling7 Source: eMarketer
    8. 8. Social games offer brand marketers a massive and engaged audience 407,000,000 hours spent playing social games every month 75% amount of social networking time spent playing games 47% amount of time spent playing games on mobile devices 100,000,000 Number of mobile gamers who will be playing regularly by 20158 Source: eMarketer; SocialTimes; TechCrunch
    9. 9. Brands can also reach this massive, captive audience cross-platform + +9
    10. 10. What do brands really want from social advertising?10
    11. 11. Engagement is the top business objective for social media11
    12. 12. But Facebook’s display ads are patterned after direct response tactics12
    13. 13. WSJ Poll: Do Facebook ads work? 85.6% NO Poll: Do Facebook Ads Work? 1647 Votes 14.4% YES 277 Votes YES NO13
    14. 14. Here’s how brands engage this audience engagement rate: 30%+ completion rate: 94% brand interactions: 22 million The majority of consumers want immersive and integrated ads in social apps and games.14 Source: Harris Interactive & MediaBrix Study, 2012
    15. 15. Summary I. Social advertising is broken II. Social apps and games offer marketers massive reach and an engaged audience III. MediaBrix offers the best brand social advertising opportunities cross-platform15
    16. 16. Questions?16
    17. 17. Thank you!Ari Brandt, CEO, MediaBrix,