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Getting Facebook to work for you - The Resident Evel case study by Angelique Schierz @ All Things Facebook


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Getting Facebook to work for you - The Resident Evel case study by Angelique Schierz @ All Things Facebook

  1. 1. 1 Presented by: Angelique - Head of Digital Marketing - Capcom "Getting Facebook to work for you: The Resident Evil case study” .
  2. 2. About Me! Angelique The Geek! Twitter@AngeliqueSC Facebook/angeliquethegeek
  3. 3. Contents Resident Evil 6 1. Introduction 2. Strategy 3. Digital Overviews 4. Results 5. Learning
  4. 4. Introduction Resident Evil 6
  5. 5. Resident Evil 6 The Launch 5
  6. 6. Introduction Resident Evil 6 Over a year ago we asked ourselves how are we going to bring 15 years of being the “god father of survival horror” to the global digital marketing sphere for Resident Evil 6.
  7. 7. Tag Line + Story Resident Evil 6
  8. 8. Launch Phase +Tag Line Resident Evil 6 Understanding the importance of teasing, influencers and your fan base! ( and a bit of luck!)
  9. 9. The Luck Element! Resident Evil 6
  10. 10. Launch Resident Evil 6 The RE6 Announcement was one of the most successful games launches on the Twitter and Facebook platform. The UK Launch trailer was also one of the most viewed YouTube videos on a mobile in 2012! The tease campaign was widely received by all entertainment PR We grew by 1 Million Fans on facebook within the 1st week!
  11. 11. Resident Evil 6 The Campaign 11
  12. 12. Strategy Resident Evil 6 Alongside our brand centric marketing and communication, we deployed activations designed to bring the No Hope Left theme to life, each applying their own narrative and purpose across an array of platforms
  13. 13. Strategy Creative and Technological Strategy Digital Narrative - what is our story & where does it live? Twitter Facebook YouTube Google + Campaign Site + Brand Site Mobile Trade Shows PR
  14. 14. Strategy – don’t Confuse People!
  15. 15. Marketing - Activation Overview 15 We deployed a set of marketing activations around the central campaign theme ‘No Hope Left’. As creative properties, we aimed to create web product that was market leading in experience and functionality, setting an industry standard.
  16. 16. Strategy Resident Evil 6 Digital Narrative – The World of No Hope Left! Ctwirus – Watch the cvirus spread…. Last Goodbye - Leave your last goodbye to your loved ones! Last Gift - What would your last wish be? Project Eleos – How would you defend the conservation of your DNA? Last Song - What would be your last song? Shared Nightmare - Watch yourself in a world of no hope left?
  17. 17. Marketing - Twitter C-Virus Twitter world map A global visualization of the C- Virus, spread through people logging in with Twitter and having their Tweets ‘infected’ and ‘zombified’. This activation kicked off our campaign, positioned to monitor and promote the spread of the C-Virus (and more importantly the impact of the campaign launch) as it gripped worldwide all over facebook. 17 121k Visits
  18. 18. Marketing -Facebook Last Goodbye A site housing 3 stages of ‘Last Moments’ – Goodbyes, Wishes and Songs. Users uploaded their submission or browed other people’s, both of which were socially shared. This site was designed to reveal those last moments and pursuits in fan’s lives before the C-Virus took grip. 18
  19. 19. Marketing -Facebook Last Goodbye 19
  20. 20. Marketing -Facebook Last Gift 20
  21. 21. Marketing -Facebook Last Song 21
  22. 22. Marketing -Facebook Last Goodbye A site housing 3 stages of ‘Last Moments’ – Goodbyes, Wishes and Songs. Users uploaded their submission or browed other people’s, both of which were socially shared. This site was designed to reveal those last moments and pursuits in fan’s lives before the C-Virus took grip. 22 157k Visits (Combined) 690k Fb Impressions (Timeline, Feed, Ticker) 8.8k Submissions
  23. 23. Marketing - Facebook Shared Nightmare For our final activation we took fans on a personalized final journey amidst the C-Virus outbreak. We put their loved ones at the heart of an interactive Facebook video, allowing them to send a final message to their friend via the Facebook app. 23 133k Visits 1m Fb Impressions 23k Story Shares
  24. 24. Marketing - Facebook Shaker Event For the game’s launch we wanted to give every fan the opportunity the celebrate, no matter where they were. We partnered with Shaker, an online virtual event platform to realise an RE6 event where fans could unite online for the release. 24 3.5k Party goers
  25. 25. Marketing - Facebook Game Hub Facebook App We deployed a ‘game hub’ on Facebook offering trailers, storyline, character overview, pre order information, a Twitter feed and Newsletter sign up. This was updated throughout the campaign to serve as a primary marketing destination on Facebook and localized pre-order referral point. 25
  26. 26. Marketing - Youtube ThisMoment We designed, deployed and managed a global YouTube destination using ThisMoment to serve territory specific content and facilitate spend related marketing requirements. 26
  27. 27. Marketing – Youtube SuperStars 27 The power of the Influencer on the largest gaming platform in the world – YouTube!
  28. 28. Marketing – Trade Shows Gamescom Site We deployed a mobile/tablet responsive Gamescom site for Resident Evil 6, offering exclusive content via entering codes given out at the convention with facebook incentives. 28
  29. 29. PR – Think Social! 29
  30. 30. eCRM eCRM Campaign Content for e-mails have included all major activities pre and post launch, as well as a consistent retail referral in the tone of voice of President Evil #nohopleft – 80% of the subscribers came from facebook 30 40% OR & 21% CTR
  31. 31. Content Strategy • Mixing legacy Resident Evil content to establish points of reference for fans of all eras, then infusing with current title conversation • Listening in and understanding what an international audience wants • Communicating visually to break language barriers • Using a diverse medium to excite fans both through narrative and product assets 31 The RE6 content strategy has centered on creating an entertaining space, which is personal to both brand and fans alike inspiring conversation and audience engagement.
  32. 32. By Highlights Key Results 32 Personalized The first game title to have a socially integrated trailer with user‟s Facebook data Socially Consumed The first gaming marketing website to have a Facebook Timeline social browsing function Globally Relevant The first marketing website to include Tomahawk as a global music streaming solution Responsive The first gaming digital campaign to have all off platform marketing websites responsive to mobile & tablet Fan ‘Liked’ Loved The most relatively engaged gaming title on Facebook at its release week, and 3rd largest growing
  33. 33. Facebook Platform Growth 33  Surpassed 4 million Likes on Facebook  Resident Evil 6 one of the largest gaming pages on Facebook RE6 Release
  34. 34. Facebook Platform Engagement & Reach 34 Engagement Benchmark  18/23 weeks spent above our 3% Page engagement benchmark  34 Million users reached in release week, 208m impressions over month release.  Over 550,000 users actively engaging with Resident Evil on Facebook in release week  900,000+ users engaged with Resident Evil on Facebook from Sep 11th – Oct 9th. (1 Month) RE6 Release
  35. 35. By Numbers Key Results 35 4.2m Likes Since January's announcement, Resident Evil‟s Facebook page has nearly tripled in size from 1.6m to 4.2m 2,900 Weeks Since announcement, users have spent in total 2,900 weeks watching Resident Evil videos on YouTube 435m Facebook Impressions In the month surrounding the Resident Evil 6 launch, content received 436 million impressions 630k Twitter Mentions In the month surrounding launch, there were over 630,000 mentions of „Resident Evil‟ or #RE6 on Twitter 1.4m Visits to From announcement to Nov 1st, and its sub-sites gathered 1.4m Visits, 650k of which from June 1st
  36. 36. What we learnt Key Results 36 Stay Global Fans want to feel united & have a global conversation Youtube & Facebook are #1 Social integration is vital but always know where you rich content is consumed! Mobile Responsive All your content needs to be mobile friendly even ur offline activity! Keep it Simple If you fail at UI you fail completely! Less is also more! Campaign Site Sometimes you don‟t need a campaign site & its okay to switch to the brand site
  37. 37. Thank You & Stay In Touch! 37 Twitter: @AngeliqueSC Facebook/angeliquethegeek