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6 ways to shake up social in your app infographic


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Many apps add social as a mechanism to spread the word but this doesn't always fly too well with the users as it's regarded as shameless promotion. However, there are social additions that have boosted apps enormously by providing convenience, interaction or expression. It all boils down to creating value for the users, Here's how...

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6 ways to shake up social in your app infographic

  1. 1. MANY APPS ADD SOCIAL AS A MECHANISM TO SPREAD THE WORD BUT THIS DOESN’T ALWAYS FLY TOO WELL WITH THE USERS AS IT'S REGARDED AS SHAMELESS PROMOTION. HOWEVER, THERE ARE SOCIAL ADDITIONS THAT HAVE BOOSTED APPS ENORMOUSLY BY PROVIDING CONVENIENCE, INTERACTION OR EXPRESSION. IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO CREATING VALUE FOR THE USERS. HERE'S HOW... GOLDEN GEKKO IS A LEADING MOBILE SOLUTION PROVIDER OF NATIVE APPS, HTML5, MOBILE WEB AND BACKEND PLATFORMS. OUR 150+ CLIENTS INCLUDE BUDWEISER, TELEFONICA, SAMSUNG, JAGUAR, HEATHROW AIRPORT, VODAFONE, UNILEVER, P&G AND H&M. WWW.GOLDENGEKKO.COM SOURCES: Mashable, Benedict Evans, CNN International Edition, The Washington Post, Fast Co.Create, Wave.5, Mobithinking and ways to shake up social in your app6 of the top 15 apps had some sort of social or local dynamic. 80% 1 4 3 6 One of the main benefits of social integration into mobile applications is the on-the-go information provided. Yelp! saved you from a bad restaurant. Sunrise lets you connect your calendar with different social networks to display event invites. Waze has 50 million users, including your Facebook friends, sharing real-time road travel information. COMPLEMENT THE USER JOURNEY MOTIVATE OR ENCOURAGE DON’T MAKE IT TOO INTRUSIVE The new surge of mobile fitness apps are good examples of mobile communities where app users encourage and motivate each other to get Nike+ Running uses social interaction as motivation to exercise, turning every like into sounds of a cheering audience. CodyFitocracy 2 Create friendly competition, bragging rights or mutual benefits for users through socializing. SOCIAL INTERACTION WITH A CLEAR PURPOSE 500million plays per day in Hong Kong are playing Need to cooperate with their Facebook friends to improve their score in the game. Candy Crush Saga 5 Let the users get acquainted with your app first. When the users realize the app is awesome it will make more sense to create an account or link the app with a social network. app 63% recommended others to join 66% felt more loyal to the brand 72% thought more positively of the brand as a result Of the people that join a brand community... Allow users to manifest their thoughts into existence. Social media can be a channel for your users to express their feelings, preferences and make recommendations to their friends. PROVIDE AN OUTLET FOR USERS TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES + + Facebook Spotify A study by shows that if social elements in digital platforms provide feelings of human interaction users will feel more emotionally satisfied. comments stream weekly poll reviews section like or rating button GIVE USERS A SENSE OF INVOLVEMENT 6 million paying subscribers and a total of 24 million users (25% of users pay) $ $ $ $ $ +1billion shares on Facebook 40million 110million each day of app users express concern over personal data collection73%